Perfect Complexion in 1 Minute!!

All through bloody high school I needed a makeup fix that would hide any blemishes I had, or take care of the redness that took over my face after PE…  Of course, now is when I find the number one cover up that literally makes ANYTHING disappear in moments… Now that I have it- I use it all the time and don’t ever leave the house without it!!

Trust me- any woman of any age can become addicted to this cover up.  I have tried zillions of products, but no other cosmetic cover up [foundation, powder, or a combination of both] can do what this MAC Studio Fix does!!

The gorgeous MAC Studio Fix!

If you head to MAC they will match you to your perfect shade!!

I obviously use mine all the time…

It comes with a sponge inside, however I recomend using a brush

because if you use the sponge- the oil on your face transfers onto the powder

creating a hard surface on the powder… Always better to BRUSH!!

The brush I use to put on my Studio Fix is from Bobbi Brown Face Brush-

it is perfect for pressed powders, like the Studio Fix

This is me before I used the Studio Fix- I have no makeup on whatsoever!!

haha, if it wasn’t completely apparent …

This is me WITH my Studio Fix!!  Has evened out my skin tone- got rid of the redness on my chest and face, and covered the blemishes on the sides of my cheeks!! 

oOOh ooh IT’S MAAAAGIC– you knoooow!!

Here is my challenge for you!! Go and get matched at your local MAC store and just see how you like it when the artists does a preview for you!! If you like it- you will be addicted for life & if you don’t… comment and let me know what your thoughts are about it!! Looooove London!!

Leopard Print Nails- KONAD Animal Print Nail Stamp

Last review I did on MAC Lip Balm I had on Leopard nails!  I received multiple e-mails asking me how to get that look!  So today I break down how easy and amazing this product is that I use: It is a nail stamp from!

The brand is called KONAD and I have links at the bottom for you.  Check out the videos to see my review of the product & the how-to on painting leopard nails!!

Leopard Platelet [M57 KONAD]

French Nail Platelet [M19 KONAD]

Two Sided Stamp & Scrapper

The KEY to SEXY Lips

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is sexier than full and plump lips!  Lips that make you want to bite your own or  make sure that yours are just as phenomenal!!  Almost all lips can look sexy with colour…  Pop on some liner, lipstick, and gloss and your lips are ready to rock the town!!  The secret to ultimate lips is to have them be the hottest on the block without colour!!

THE KEY: Conditioner! Moisturizer! The way to make lips plump and smooth is to make sure that #1 they are taken care of!  Crack lips are always noticeable!!  Trust me.  I would have cracking lips all the time, and putting on lipstick was like running pastels over concrete- you could see the chunks where the lipstick hit the crack.  Not a beautiful image, huh?  Well… This is all fixable!!  It was for me, and it can be for you as well!!

There are many, many “lip conditioners” and “spa treatment sticks” available.  The way to go about smoothing out this crackily issue is to put your faith and lips in

something that is worth your money and time!  M.A.C. Cosmetics came out with aCare Line where they have a tube, balm, and conditioner stick that has SPF 15 as well as “light weight conditioning formula”.  The SPF in a lip moisturizer is CRUCIAL!!  As an old surf instructor, I can tell you the horrors of having sunburnt lips [yes it can happen & aloe wont help].

I use the Lip Conditioner SPF 15 Balm[no colour- they offer one with a pink tint].  It works absolutely beautiful!!  I use it almost everyday for half a year now and I still have 3/4 of the balm left!!  Talk about worth your money since it is only $15 [or £11.00].  I can spend more on a pair of panties… and not everyone can see those like they do my lips!!




loyalty versus integrity

I am the youngest of 6 sisters and 1 brother- so, consider this:

How much make up have you had in your lifetime? Consider all the Smackers lip glosses, Claire’s roll-on-sparkle eye shimmers, and all the Jane’s loose shadows you had no clue what to do with.  Then… add that on to all of your collection you are holding now! That is a ridiculous amount of cosmetics.  So I had- not so much the average amount of makeup growing up- but I had 5 sisters to ease my lipgloss and eyeshimmer needs! And between all 5 of them, and their friends I was constantly covered in something ridiculously 90’s looking!!  It was phenomenal…

So, after being all of my sister’s doll for years I was finally able to develop my own lustrous style and create a real collection of my own [with only a few hand-me-down items].  When it comes to makeup- I am all about the enduring type of products & the price has to match it!!  I’ll be going through my collection- doing product reviews, how-tos, palets for different colouring, and ways to get the best results out of your collection.

While I value loyalty in puppies, friends, and birth control- I am afraid when it comes to cosmetics my loyalties lie with YOU!!  We ladies [and those gents of you out there- rock on by the way] have got to stick together and tell it like it is; that way our days of buying cheapy product that bleed under your waterline or smear off in 10 minutes are over!!