loyalty versus integrity

I am the youngest of 6 sisters and 1 brother- so, consider this:

How much make up have you had in your lifetime? Consider all the Smackers lip glosses, Claire’s roll-on-sparkle eye shimmers, and all the Jane’s loose shadows you had no clue what to do with.  Then… add that on to all of your collection you are holding now! That is a ridiculous amount of cosmetics.  So I had- not so much the average amount of makeup growing up- but I had 5 sisters to ease my lipgloss and eyeshimmer needs! And between all 5 of them, and their friends I was constantly covered in something ridiculously 90’s looking!!  It was phenomenal…

So, after being all of my sister’s doll for years I was finally able to develop my own lustrous style and create a real collection of my own [with only a few hand-me-down items].  When it comes to makeup- I am all about the enduring type of products & the price has to match it!!  I’ll be going through my collection- doing product reviews, how-tos, palets for different colouring, and ways to get the best results out of your collection.

While I value loyalty in puppies, friends, and birth control- I am afraid when it comes to cosmetics my loyalties lie with YOU!!  We ladies [and those gents of you out there- rock on by the way] have got to stick together and tell it like it is; that way our days of buying cheapy product that bleed under your waterline or smear off in 10 minutes are over!!

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