Perfect Complexion in 1 Minute!!

All through bloody high school I needed a makeup fix that would hide any blemishes I had, or take care of the redness that took over my face after PE…  Of course, now is when I find the number one cover up that literally makes ANYTHING disappear in moments… Now that I have it- I use it all the time and don’t ever leave the house without it!!

Trust me- any woman of any age can become addicted to this cover up.  I have tried zillions of products, but no other cosmetic cover up [foundation, powder, or a combination of both] can do what this MAC Studio Fix does!!

The gorgeous MAC Studio Fix!

If you head to MAC they will match you to your perfect shade!!

I obviously use mine all the time…

It comes with a sponge inside, however I recomend using a brush

because if you use the sponge- the oil on your face transfers onto the powder

creating a hard surface on the powder… Always better to BRUSH!!

The brush I use to put on my Studio Fix is from Bobbi Brown Face Brush-

it is perfect for pressed powders, like the Studio Fix

This is me before I used the Studio Fix- I have no makeup on whatsoever!!

haha, if it wasn’t completely apparent …

This is me WITH my Studio Fix!!  Has evened out my skin tone- got rid of the redness on my chest and face, and covered the blemishes on the sides of my cheeks!! 

oOOh ooh IT’S MAAAAGIC– you knoooow!!

Here is my challenge for you!! Go and get matched at your local MAC store and just see how you like it when the artists does a preview for you!! If you like it- you will be addicted for life & if you don’t… comment and let me know what your thoughts are about it!! Looooove London!!

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