Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Tutorial

October is the month of Breast Cancer Awarness.  Ring a bell?…


As much of a cute slogan that is…  breast cancer awareness is incredibly important- and way beyond a “trend”.  I have seen a handful of people sporting the pink ribbon without actually knowing about breast cancer and the process…  I’m sure EVERYONE in the United States knows someone who can had to deal with breast cancer- either personally, or with a friend or family member.  It is important to be truly aware of the disease- if affects physically and emotionally, as well its lasting affects & possible cures.

Of course not everyone will be an expert on the matter- but at least know something.  That way, when people see you sporting the pink ribbon, if they have any questions you will have answers!!

Visit here to learn about Breast Cancer 

So– onto our makeup tutorial.  Well, actual nail tutorial- which I have been doing a lot of recently so I promise to switch it back to cosmetics soon!

However, in order to show people that you not only care about women and our fight in the battle of breast cancer, but you also know a thing or two about the cause- WE WEAR THE RIBBON!!

OPI Nail Lacquer came out with a Breast Cancer Awareness nail polish that is called “Pink of Hearts”.  The colour is a soft pink & sits smoothly on the nails with a silky finish.  The bottle is the same as all other OPI nail polishes expect that it has pink breast cancer ribbons all over top of the handle.

The Breast Cancer Ribbon nails I created are adorable, simple, easy to do, and take very little time- just my kind of nails!  I created this look with The OPI Nail Lacquer as the bottom colour as well as Migi Nail Art Set #101 that contains 8 colours in 4 pens [matte].

The pends have an easy art pen on one side that allows you to do intricate designs, and the reverse side has a regular polish brush.


Pain all nails with OPI “Pink of Hearts” nail lacquer- about 2 coats should do the trick!  Wait till nails harden and dry!  Then take the White/Pink Migi Nail Art pen and use to pink side to create a cursive “L” [the ribbon shape] at a slanted angle on your ring finger.  Then flip pen over and use the white to give a 3D depth- SEE PICTURE.

Then on all other 4 nails, with the pen- paint a white line horizontally across your nails.  Then repeat the same thing with the pink pen, and draw the same line a centemeter UNDER the pink- leaving a small gap where the OPI breast cancer colour is shown.

What you get in the end is a pink and white  blast of Breast Cancer Awareness PRIDE!!

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