The “Busy Mom” OR “Lazy Day” Make-Up Tutorial

[preview of the “BUSY MOM” and “LAZY DAY” look, but in the LAZY NIGHT version]

Everyone has days where, for moms- you are so busy that putting make-up on takes waaay more time that it is worth, BUT you’ve got places you’ve have to and, well, just mascara and combing through your hair just wont be enough… OR a lazy day where you roll out of bed with 15 minutes till you  have to look presentable in some function you had to attend…

Doing your makeup isn’t alway fun; however it should never be a chore!!

This makeup tutorial is THE makeup tutorial that EVERY WOMAN should have in their back pocket!!  Without exception!!

The “BUSY MOM” or “LAZY DAY” Makeup look can be whatever you make it!!  A daytime look for a PTA meeting or an early morning first period class.  It can be useful for a profession look; perfect interviewing makeup or just everyday office look.  With some alterations- the look can transform into beautiful a beautiful night look! [If you want to see the LAZY NIGHT look, than either leave a comment or subscribe!!  If we get enough of either than we’ll post it!!]

.:the audio cuts out at the end, but I’m pretty much just wrapping it up & telling you to comment back once you try it and let me know how it goes ;D silly technology:.

Wishing everyone luck on their trials of the BUSY MOM or LAZY DAY makeup!!  Once you try it out- come back and let me know how it went!! Or if you need help with anything- blending can be tricky ;D

PRODUCTS USED: [use for best and long lasting results]

Foundation Powder:

MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix

[London’s STUDIO FIX product review]


MAC Cosmetics Golden Bronzing Powder

Eyebrow Colour [Mink Brown]:

NYX Trio Eye Shadow- Aloha/Mink Brown/ Deep Bronze

First Eye Shadow Colour [Light Brown]:

NYX 5-Colour Eye Shadow Palette Caribbean Collection- I Dream of St. Kitt

Middle Eye Shadow Colour [Pigment]:

MAC Cosmetics Copper Shimmer Pigment

Outer Eye Shadow Colour:

MAC Cosmetics Embark Eye Shadow

Lip Gloss [Peachy-Gold Colour]:

Lancome Juicy Tubes Ultra Shinny Lipgloss- Simmer

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