European Wax Center: “Hair Waxing”- Does Waxing Hurt?!


Hair Waxing Extent:

The European Waxing Center is popping up every which way I look!! This July I got married [the 31st on INTERNATIONAL DANCE DAY annnnd Harry Potter’s birthday!!], and I decided that I might get my legs waxed.  The extent of hair waxing that has ever occurred to my body has only ever been eyebrow waxing…  I am very protective of my body- I see it as my own form of self expression, which I chose to decorate with piercings and tattoos.  However, when it comes to things like new beauty secrets and revelations- I have always been skeptical to say the least…  Marketing agencies are SHEER BRILLIANT!!  That means that they could try and sell you your own clothes and you’d probably pay for them again once they were done talking and showing you up!!

So when in 5th grade the “revelation” of the best waxing kit or even better home waxing kit… came to be in the hands of my group of friends- I would watch them attempt to put hot wax on themselves, put that horrid strip over the wax, and then bend over backwards trying to yank the thing off… Ummm- no thanks!  They’d also end up with angry bumps after waxing… just not pretty….

The Wax:

So, in being very cautious about wax [thanks to my dumb-dumb 5th-grade-friends memory], I looked into what products they use at the European Wax Center.  As it turns out- their wax is in a system called “Comfort Wax System” that does have the capacity to harm your skin as much as all other types of wax.  This is because the melting pot that the wax sits in is not at a boiling hot temperature- it is at room temp!!  Their wax also only catchs the hair follicle- which is ingenious because so often the wax will adhere to skin and by default- when you rip out the hair follicle, you also rip off a layer [or more] of skin cells- PRECIOUS skin cells!!



I booked my appointment for a bikini wax, under arm wax, as well as eyebrows.  Once I arrived at The European Wax Center I saw how gorgeously french it all looked [which is where the wax was reinvented].  The atmosphere was gentle and relaxed, almost like a spa- but instead of a nice tissue massage, you were in for a nice stinging body waxing…  However, my esthetician took me into my room and got me started!


Bikini Waxing:

I laid down to do my free bikini wax [not Brazilian wax, mind you] and I saw the wax was purple!!  When the esthetician put the wax on my skin , it felt warm and cozy [not what most waxes feel like]!!  And she did huge strips- when she was doing my legs she did one from my ankle to my knee cap!! I had seen waxing done before, and anyone who had major sections done at once always ended up in pain and with bumps after waxing….  BUT all the wax was stripped on in a matter of seconds- and she finished up.


The Lasting-ish Effects of Waxing (?):

I went back a couple times to get my legs and bikini waxing done before the wedding.  I was told it was, as stated int he brochure above, suppose to make the hair grow back finer and softer…  Perhaps it was finer, but I saw no difference in that case, and they encourage you to not shave in between  appointments because you either wax or shave- you shouldn’t do both!!  Well, my hair started growing back 2-3 days later… and by the time my 4 weeks were up to have another appointment, my hair might have been softer like the brochure stated but it certainly seemed very thick.  Plus, since I didn’t shave in between I felt like a Wooly Mammoth…

Waxing Salon:

European Wax Center is definitely the most progressive waxing salon I have seen in quite sometime!!  However, most body waxing is just not my cup of tea…  I prefer to shave- and for anything that is way too much of a hassle, there is always laser hair removal!!

Nonetheless, if I were to make waxing a priority I would certainly go to European Wax Center, not only because of their progressive wax system but also because of their promos and money-saving plans.  If the waxing salon does one thing just as well as they do waxing- it would be marketing!!  But not in a scary way because what they are selling is actually quality product!!  These are the four way for a customer to save money:


European Wax Center also has a FIRST TIME FREEBIE PASSmeaning the first time you enter a salon, you get a free under arm, eyebrow, or bikini line done!!

If you have not been t o European Wax Center- than it is at least worth checking out for a free waxing of some kind!!  

So, leave comments and let us know any of the following:

  •  If you have been to European Wax Center!!
  • What did you think of the waxing salon?
  • How has your hair growth been since your last visit?
  • Are you seeing improvement?
  • Will you go back for more?
  • Would you recommend them to our reads?

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