A “Mr. Saxobeat” Makeup Tutorial- Alexandra Stan’s SEXY Moonlit Eye Makeup!!

Alexandra Stan’s Me. Saxobeat Music Video Makeup Tutorial

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Finding Alexandra Stan’s Mr. Saxo Beat:

I was writing my fitness blog yesterday and I did 5 songs to get you through your workout [called: GIRLS ONLY Club: TOP 5 Rockin’ Workout Songs for Women’s Workout Routines], and I did Alexandra Stan’s global hit “Mr. Saxo Beat” for our chest workouts- incline presses to be exact.  Anyhow- I put the video of the song along with each exercise and description, and when I went to go get the Saxo Beat video from YouTube, I realized I had never seen the music video for Alexandra Stan’s hit before!!

How I Got to My “How To”:

I watched it in awe!! I mean, it is a wee bit provocative [what music video isn’t these days….]- but I couldn’t stop staring at her magnificent eyes!! They looked so gorgeous in every scene!!  So, last night [when I made the videos] I was going out dancing with girlfriends, and there usually is no better time to do a makeup tutorial than right before you head out to an event!!  So, I based my look off of Ms. Stan’s Saxobeat viedo.

Makeup Tutorial Disclaimer:

Usually makeup [even if coped exactly] looks different on people with different skin tones, hair colour, and eye colour.  I realized that mine looks a lot more purpley-soft-blue, and that is because my eyes are either: blue, green, or somewhere in between- like a turquoise.  Alexandra Stan has gorgeous eyes of deep rich brown- which almost look charcoal black in the video.  SO- if you have lighter eyes, like me & want the same look as her… Then LOAD UP on Jesse’s Girl “Blackstar Blue” Pigment & lay off any purple!!  I love the colours that came out of my look- but they are a more colourful array than those on Ms. Stan’s eyes.  So, know what you want- AND GO FOR IT!!

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Saxobeat Makeup Tutorial Video:

Alexandra Stan in her M.r Saxobeat Music Video

List of Makeup Products:

NYX Cosmetics:

TS6 Purple/Deep Purple/Prune Trio Eyeshadows

Eyeshadow Base

Black Bean Jumo Pencil

Jesse’s Girl:

Mardi Grad Pigment Eyeshadow

Blackstar Blue Pigment Eyeshadow

9 Pan Eyeshadow Compact “The Eyes Have It”

9 Pan Eyeshadow Compact “Behind Blue Eyes”

Glitter Liner “Bourbon Street”

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