Halloween Nail Art Designs without Nail Salon Prices

Seasonal Spike in Nail Art Demand-

Nail salons apparently have booking business around Prom & Formal season, Wedding season, and… who knew- but Halloween!!  I was completely shocked to find out that ladies & girls go in for Halloween nail art designs!!  Buuut I suppose  a Mother-Daughter day should consist of some fun seasonal girl-time.

So- instead of going and paying nail salon prices, and being temped with acrylic and gel nails [which tare up your nail beds for weeks, if not months!!]- stick at home and have some thriftier fun!!

Supplies Needed:


If you don’t have these, here ya go:

Criss-Cross Nail Platelet M57

2 Sided Nail Stamp

Migi Nail Art Set #101

NYX Matte Nail Polish “White”

Jesse’s Girl Nail Polish JulieG Collection “Mermaids Lagoon”

Nail Design Tutorial:

1.) Paint a Base Coat & primary nail polish colour evenly on all nails

2.) Use your KONAD Nail stamp & platelet to create a crisscross pattern on your ring finger- mine is obviously messy & that is okay!!

3.)  Take your BLACK Migi Nail Art Pen and test it on a piece of paper before you use it on your nails!!  Make sure it doesn’t shoot out unexpectedly

4.)  With your Migi Nail Art Pen create a black circle on the lower half of your nail

5.)  Draw 4 legs on each side of the circle all curving downward

6.)  Draw a straight line from the center of your spider up to the top of the nail [this would be a good time to cover up any mistakes you made with the nail stamp, as best you can anyway- it doesn’t make much of a difference!!]

7.) Take your WHITE Migi Nail Art pen & put two white dots, as close as you can to each other without making them connect

8.) Lastly, Use your BLACK Migi Nail Art pen to create 2 black specs- one in each eye!!

and VOILA… Scary Nails!!

Perfect for any family or friend girl time!!

4 thoughts on “Halloween Nail Art Designs without Nail Salon Prices

  1. Very cute!!! So since you’re doin Halloween stuff…Maybe you could help me with my make-up…Im gonna be a cheetah for Halloween (random I know)…I’m not all into putting a nose and whiskers on my face so maybe you can help with lepoard print makeup on the face in a cute and cheap way?! Any ideas will help!! 🙂

  2. Sexy and fun! I’m just not really into having things on my face ya know? Lol so maybe an eye or side of the face kind of thing

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