Broken-Down Doll Look Makeup Tutorial

All Hallows Eve, eve:

Happy All Hallows Eve, eve!!  The night before Halloween is NOW, and if you don’t have a costume planned yet… 1.) shame on you!! Halloween is a sacred time of year, special to the hearts of all those who love dress up, and 2.) you are the MASTER of procrastination, and for that I tip my hat towards you.  Not all can pull it off…

Makeup Tutorial Request:

One of our lovely subscribers Krystal requested a Doll makeup look for Halloween, and I was so excited to create DOLL EYES!!  I love challenges, and it is always a challenge when you need to alter your features for a look…  I wanted to create BIGGER eyes and PUFFY/ POUTY lips- so check out my tutorial to see how I did this!!

How to Cover Your EYEBROWS:

This look does require that you cover your eyebrows!!  In order to make your feature look bigger, your eye brow is raised about half an inch- and unless surgery is involved, the easiest way is to cover with so easy-to-find house hold items!!  SEE HOW TO DO THIS IN MY VIDEO; this video is a perk for subscribers only– if you wish to subscribe, then do so and you will receive the password for this video :]
Click HERE for video and plug in the password :]

Here are some shots of what the FINISHED look is like…

And here is the tutorial::

Thank you Krystal for the request!!

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