Dia de los Muertos Inspired Wedding- for you lovers of all things colourful & cultural!!

Celebrity Wedding Competition: Reese Witherspoon’s Wedding, Kim Kardashian’s Wedding, and the MOTHER WEDDING of them all: Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding:

Seriously…  With American’s lives revolving so much around pop culture, celebrities, and reality TV shows- wedding madness is taken to a whole new level!!  Your wedding day is suppose to stand out in your mind- it is suppose to be this day that [in your head…] NO ONE ELSE ON PLANET EARTH has had a wedding to compare it with!!  But competition is steep now thanks to the internet, which showcases beautiful wedding after beautiful wedding… AND THEN- to top it off, you are now also competing with CELEBRITY WEDDINGS…

Everyone is scrambling to see Reese Witherspoon in her wedding dress, which she spent boat loads on- you know!!  So how is a bride suppose to survive in creating a gorgeous “never-been-done-before” wedding when she is getting married even within 5 years of 2011’s Royal Wedding?!  I mean people are STILL talking about Diana’s wedding for crying out loud….

If You Can’t Beat Them-  Join Them: 2011 Wedding Trends and the new Wedding Colours of 2012

The wedding trends of 2011 were whimsically vintage…  Lace and mason jars are over flowing the blog pages of weddings in 2011.  The eclectic vintage feel was no doubt brought on by the Royals and UK inspiration off of tea’s and cottages off in the British countryside.  But now that this year is almost over, and the ideas of 2012 wedding colours are reaching most wedding coordinators minds——- where will 2012 take us?

Well- there is no sense in trying to outdo a celebrity wedding…  Especially the Royal Wedding!!  So where does that leave us; still stuck in 2011 creating spin offs of Kate & William?


No whether the holiday season is still set in my mind or not… I am fall quite head over heels for the COMPLETE and TOTAL opposite direction of 2011!!  2011 wedding colours [all vintage inspired] are soft tones with a light gray and white hue… So what is the opposite of that?! BRIGHT & BOLD COLOURS!! A celebration of colour!!

FALL 2012 Dia de los Muertos Inspired Weddings:

Absolutely gorgeous wedding inspiration; thanks to Green Wedding Shoes for sharing!!  Perhaps not EVERY WEDDING of 2012 will be this extravagant in vivid colours and decor- but I’d like to see wedding trends inching their way back to BOLD whimsical!!

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