Travel Rant- Living in Another Country is the BEST Inspiration Life Can Give

Traveling Abroad:

I have always been in love with traveling.  When I was 8 I flew to Canada by myself to meet up with some family friends who owned a lake house up there for 3 weeks of the summer.  That was my FIRST time experiencing the world on my own.  Now, I know many of you mom’s would think it is down right crazy to let an 8 year old fly to Canada and back alone… and you might be right :] my mom was a wreck I found out years later.  BUT it taught me a valuable lesson I’m pretty sure most 8 year olds never think about…

Then at 14 my youth group leader from church moved to Germany with her husband and said that if I ever wanted to come out to Germany, she’d take us [anyone who came] out backpacking around the country.  So, this time I raised half the money it was going to cost for me to go- and my mom once again put me on a plane bound for another country, but this time accompanied by a friend who was 15… Not that that gave my mom any comfort, I don’t think… :] Sorry Tina.

University of London- Studying Abroad will INSPIRE the Rest of Your Life:

And just one year ago I was living in England…  It was my last year of college, and I had waited 4 years to go and live in the city of London.  Look– if you are able to study abroad…  Don’t even consider NOT doing it.  Not going ans studying in another country while the opportunity is open to you is one of the TOP 5 regrets most college grads experience!!  There is NOTHING like going to live in another country- even if it is only for a few months.  Honestly, there are few things I miss more in this world than England.  And I am a born and raise Californian girl…  Up until before London- if it was gloomy out and even a HINT of rain… I wouldn’t even consider going outside!! Rain and fog made my mood tank!!  And noooow…. if it is EVEN CLOSE to rain, I get so excited because it is “London Weather”.

I was actually just talking with a sweet couple tonight that were asking me what I wanted to do, career-wise.  I told them that ever since I was young I wanted to be a high school counselor, which is still true…. But while I am talking with my Juniors and Seniors about which colleges they want to go to- I’m also going to use my “authoritative persuasiveness” to get them thinking what other countries and cultures they would want to experience!!  … I think a big problem with recent parenting fads is that parents try and protect their kids and caudal them so much that they never go out and experience things…  And then parents wonder why their kids can’t make it in the “real world”.  Or kids grow up think America is the best place in the world [not dissing on our country or anything…..] BUT they have no clue what other countries, other cultures think of “AMERICA”…

All I am saying is… GET SOME CULTURE!! GET SOME LIFE!! 


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