Anthropologie Style Decorating, Decorating: the DIY Hanging Light Bulb Vase

Anthropologie Love

I have said this over and over again…  Walking into an Anthropologie store is like walking into a unique Wonderland, except YOU are Alice and instead of having tea with a door mouse and crazy ol’ hatter you are encouraged to buy simply chic over priced items.  Now… I love Anthropologie- but if we are honest, most of you would have to admit that the reason you are tempted to buy all of their items is because the atmosphere of “Anthro-land” is intoxicating!!  What mostly draws me in, are all the things that are not for sale.  I always want to buy their teacup installation, or mason jar light fixtures…  The beautiful setting of the store leaves you feeling like if you buy this $298 light fixture of basic light bulbs dangling off it’s brass base- then you will have a home just as divine as Anthroplogie.

Decorating, Decorating:

for the DIY Home & a DIY Wedding

What I love about DIY projects [Do It Yourself] is that you can create a similar gorgeous item without paying for the Anrtho-land prices.  This projects is WONDERFUL for a DIY wedding, hanging in front of a window, out on the porch next to the garden, ect… The ideas are limitless when it comes to this inspirational GREEN do it yourself craft!


The DIY Hanging Light Bulb Vase

What you need: A light bulb (any shape or size will work!), pliers and gardening wire.

Step One: First you need to remove the little silver layer on the bottom of the light bulb.  Work the pliers under the layer to create a little lip, and then you should be able to peel it right off with the pliers.

Step Two: Now you have to remove the black cap from the bottom of the light bulb. This was the most difficult part for me – you DEFINITELY want to wear safety goggles and be extremely careful, as it is glass.  Some sites suggest using a hammer to crack the black glass but this didn’t work for me – with some time, I was able to work the pliers into the hole left after you remove the silver cap, and snap the glass.  I used the pliers to tap the rest of the black glass off the bulb.  Do this outdoors or over a hard surface so you can sweep up the bits of glass.

Step Three: Once the black glass was removed it was really easy to get the little glass tube and wiring on the inside of the bulb out – I simply tapped it with the pliers and it broke right off.

And now you have your empty lightbulb! I didn’t like how the metal part looked so you can cover it with a little piece of fabric

Step Four: Add flowers and water, and hang with the gardening wire!

So this is a really simple craft to do that gives an Anthropologie-unique feel to any room in a house, any back yard setting, or any gorgeous DIY wedding :]  This would look especially sweet hanging off chairs that go down the aisle or a row of these vases hanging in different lengths over or behind the cake/dessert table!  Be creative with it, and take pride in the fact that you are making life beautiful!!


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