The KEY To SEXY Lips Part 2

Creating Fuller, Sexier, Luscious Lips- WITHOUT The Plastic Surgery!

Ladies, ladies, ladies….  The majority of the world doesn’t talk about inner beauty because it doesn’t matter [SARCASM!!!]!!  You need to have the goods INSIDE inorder to make ANY outside look beautiful; and most of the time, if you have the confidence and inner beauty- YOU KNOW you do NOT need to take drastic measures with your outer beauty…  I understand that not everyone is born with Angelia Jolie lips- but you can see in pictures towards the end of the post that makeup artists use this same technique that I show you for runway, magazine ads, television, ect…

So- this can all be accomplished by MAKEUP!! HOORAY!!  Trust me girls- if they can make Jim Carry really look like the Grinch- then we can easily make our lips look FULLER!

I have a easy and simple step-by-step tutorial that will show you the theory behind the look and then you can take it and make it your own!!  When I say “make it your own” that is because you need to do the contouring on your own lips…  They might not be the same shape as mine, and therefore your strategy can vary :] here’s a simple guide:

Ladies with THIN lips:

You will want to accentuate BOTH your upper and lower lips [this is the example I give in the video], so just follow suit :]

Ladies with SMALLER UPPER lips:

You will want to accentuate your upper lip EVEN MORE than you did your bottom.  So you can do one of two things depending on how it suits your lips:

you can…

1.) mark your bottom lip how I do in the tutorial, and then when doing your upper lip, take the liner a bit farther than the ridge the tutorial talks about—- however, unless you have a certain colouration this tactic can be very noticeable, so I would go with option TWO

2.)mark your bottom lip on your NORMAL lip line, as if you are just normally putting your liner on, and then when you do your upper lip- take the liner up on the ridge.

This will give you a nice CLEAN look WHILE creating and illusion of fuller, more balanced lips!

The KEY To SEXY Lips Part 1

Just in case you missed Part 1 of the series :] here ya go! Click on the Pic.

Makeup Tutorial by London Moore:

They might not be Angelia Jolie NATURAL but they sure REAL:

Here we have a PRIME example of how a makeup artist will work with what he or she’s got!!  They were just given models and regardless of their actual lip size- the artist needed to make them have sexy, full, red lips!!  So on the LEFT is the model with naturally full lips- and you can tell because there is no manipulating  going on with darker/lighter colours.  She has on the same colour throughout her lips because she NATURALLY gives a pouty lip.  Now, the model on the RIGHT has smaller/thinner lips.  Look at her lips and how they start our Ruby Red and transition INTO a Poison Apple Red!!  For my readers who went through the tutorial- YOU KNOW WHY ;D

Wow… So today was NOT a photogenic day for me :] ha, don’t judge!!

Burnt Orange and Adobe Red Colour Mix

Soft Pink and Dusty Rose Colour Mix

Thanks everyone for checking it out!!  Just remember that you are only as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside- no matter how much makeup manipulation you do.  So smile! Be confident! And know that there is no one QUITE like you!!

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