Blue Morpho-Butterfly Nail Tutorial: Inspire a Change in Destiny!!

Blue Morpho-Butterfly Nail Tutorial- inspired by my tattoo’s anniversary!

Morning Rant….

Well, my morning started off all wrong…  I workout every Tue/Thurs/Sat morning [with my AMAZING all ladies workout group!!], but this morning I woke up- got dressed- had my green tea with a pre-workout energy powder- then walked out to my car to find that it was dead!!  And I live in an apartment building so naturally cars were along side of me, so even if I did wake my hubby up to come jumpstart me- he couldn’t because there was no way to get his hood next to mine!! So, since there is no chance of me sleeping this morning due to me being ready and excited for my workout which will not happen till Saturday… I decided to do a nail tutorial for you all!!

Morpho Legend and Symbolism….

This tutorial is inspired by my back piece that I have now had for 2 years!!! Wow time flies….  I have 5 Morpho-Butterflies that fly up my back, one for each of the women in my family [grandma, mother, sister, sister, and myself].  The legend of the Morpho-Butterfly is that- if you are lucky enough to see one, your destiny will be changed!!  I decided to make my butterflies Morpho because all the women in my family are fiercely independent, ridiculously opinionated [sometimes shamefully so…], and some of the strongest women I know…  My life is completely shaped by them,and they have all changed my destiny.  I hope that I will be a Morpho is someone’s life too.

Supplies You’ll Need:

-Nail Growth Miracle [WalMart]

-Jesse’s Girl JulieG Collection [RiteAid]

-Migi Nail Art Pens [MigiNailArt]

-Revlon Acrylic Nail Hard Top Coat [Target]

STEP 1: Put on your base coat- the Nail Growth Miracle strengthener.  This will no only act as a base coat, holding all of your nail art in place, but will also increase the health of your nails.  Keep them firm and growing!

STEP 2: Put on a layer of Jesse’s Girl blue nail polish.  This nail polish is called “Girls Night Out” and it is from the JulieG Collection!!  Julie has a great line of nail polish colours out and the quality is great- especially for such a great price!  You can find these items at Rite-Aid.

STEP 3: With your black Migi pen draw a diagonal line on the tips of all of your finger nails, and fill it in.  I find that it is best to look at a picture of the end product so that you know what each step is aiming to be!!

STEP 4: Now from the base of the LEFT of your nail draw a curving line up till about a quarter the way up the other side of your nail, like so…

STEP 5: Draw 3 lines from the bottom line to the top diagonal, then round out the edges so the negative space looks more oval-like.

STEP 6: Let everything dry for about 15 minutes and then come back to put the finishing touches on.  Take your white Migi pen and create dots in random order on the top diagonal.

STEP 7: Let your masterpiece set for another 20 minutes- just to be safe- and then proceed with your top coat!!

I hope you will be inspired by your Blue Morpho nails to positively change the destiny of someone you today- or even just your own!!

2 thoughts on “Blue Morpho-Butterfly Nail Tutorial: Inspire a Change in Destiny!!

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