Makeup Tips of 2011: How to Keep Your Lipstick Long Lasting

My Red MAC Lipstick Beauty Supply:

At work this weekend I wore a really cute black romper with black flats and a black loose cardigan.  My hair was my normal down & messy lion’s mane, and I had simple eyes, strong eyeliner, and RED RED LIPSTICK [“Ruby Woo”, matte MAC lipstick].  I loved my outfit!!  Having to wear black all the time can make you blend in with objets, backdrops, ect… So you have to find someway to dress it up and make it fun!!   And as we all know lipstick doesn’t stay on all day [except MAC’s pro long-wear lipsticks, those do really well], but in most cases not so much… So I brought my little lipstick bag to work.

I have a little mermaid purse that holds my favourite lip beauty supplies, and I touched up my lips about halfway through work…  Well, I set the mermaid purse on the counter and went back to work.  It was extremely hot that day and when I came back after a couple hours to touch up again [red is the hardest to maintain- “Kool-Aid mouth” everywhere if you’re not careful] and the my mermaid purse was warm… I open it and grab my Ruby Woo and it isn’t melted to where it collapsed and didn’t keep it’s shape- but it was looking really dewy!!  This was pretty much the same for most of my beauty supplies in the makeup set.  Even the long lasting lipsticks seemed to have heated up a tad.

Tips for Makeup When the Beauty Supplies Seem to Have Melted:

1.) DON’T use them if they have seemed to melt AT ALL!! Even those ones that don’t seem too bad.. Don’t use them or they will lose their shape, melt even more with the heat from for your lips, or the stick will be loose in it’s container and any pushing movement on it might knock it out.

2.) Move them from the heated location… A pretty “Duh” concept :]

3.) Depending on how melted they are, you can either put them in the refrigerator or the freezer.  If they are PRETTY melted- then go ahead and stick your version of your mermaid purse in the freezer.  Come back and check on it after 30 minutes to see if they have hardened up- and then gauge if they need mor time from there [we just don’t want them to be COMPLETELY frozen… they won’t work well if frozen solid].  Same with the refrigerator, but you don’t have to check up on them as much because they don’t have the possibility of freezing in there!



4.) When they are done, take them out and inspect each one.  Look at the shape of the stick, the texture, and it’s ability to go up and down in the tube.  If all these things check out- it’ll be safe to try a sample swipe on your wrist- you’re looking to make sure it has retained it’s colour.  IF the colour looks duller than normal, then it just needs to come back to room temp…  No biggy!

Checking on my “Vegas Volt” lipstick from MAC

Checking on my “To The Future” long lasting lipstick [PRO LONG WEAR] from MAC

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