Make a WISH this 2012: A New Years Dandelion Nail Design

MAKE A WISH: Dandelion Nail Design

The Inspiration & The Look:

Dandelion Nail Art Tutorial:

Start by painting your fingers whatever background colour you want!! I used JESSE’S GIRL nail polish from the JulieG collection called “GIRLS NIGHT OUT“.  It’s a gorgeous blue that you’ll never get tired of!!  Plus, this colour allowed the nail polish colours of the dandelion to really POP!!

From there take a green nail polish [a lighter green preferably] & start from the corner of your nail & create a curved line upwards.  Then draw a small rounded-edge-triangle on top [see picture for reiteration].

Now for the dandelion’s white fly-away pieces- you can use a toothpick, pencil tip, or the best product for this task: Migi Nail Art pens [which is what I use]!!  All you have to do is create dashes coming from the green triangle you drew!  The messier it looks the better… so don’t worry- you can’t screw it up :]

Then create the little dashes throughout the rest of your fingernails.  You can either recreate this on your other hand OR just do only dashes.  Make it so that some nails have fewer dashes and other nails have clusters of them!!

This look is really simple & darling!! Good luck and let me know how it goes 😀

Et c’est fin!!

Products Used By London:

-JESSE’S GIRL Julie G Collection Nail Polish “GIRLS NIGHT OUT”


-REVLON Nail Polish “TOP COAT”

New Years Eve LONDON STYLE: A Big Ben Fireworks Inspired Makeup Tutorial

New Years Eve LONDON STYLE: A Big Ben Fireworks Inspired Makeup Tutorial

The Inspiration:

I lived in England during Fall and the beginning of Winter- I completely missed out on the New Year and seeing all the AMAZING fireworks at Westminster!!  So this New Year I am completely missing England and Big Ben :] so I decided to recreate the nights colours…

New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial:

As always folks… we’re using NYX Eyeshadow Base BUUUUT this time, as you can see, I’m not using a brush and that is because we’re concentrating the base on the lower half of the lid [all the way till your crease & then just blend it in…]

Using a loose glitter [with a purple/bluish tint- I used a loose glitter from Temptressgently press it to the NYX base; make sure it’s all over the bottom half of the lid. To help prevent the glitter from falling UNDER your eyes onto your cheeks just hold a piece of tissue on your cheek directly under your eye.

Now using any sort of creme-based eyeliner or eyeshadow that is black [I’m using the NYX Jumbo Pencil “BLACK BEAN”] as well as a thin eyeliner brush- and you are going to create a line from the outer corner of your eye ALMOST all the way over, but stop right before you start to curve downward.  From there, place a piece of tape like shown above & begin to blend out the black creme.  Make sure to only blend out the top of the line & keep the bottom a straight and perfect line.

From there take a black eyeshadow [mine is from JESSE’S GIRL 9 Pan Palette “BEHIND BLUE EYES“] and pop it right on top of the black line you’ve blended.  Then take a medium purple shade [I used NYX Trio Eyeshadow Palette PURPLE] and blend that colour into the top half of the black as well as above it!!  this will create a nice blended look.

Now using a white shimmer powder [I used a random one I bought in Camden Town…] pop it onto the inner corner of your eye, right by your tear-duct, as well as 1/4 of the way below your waterline.  You can also take your tape off now!!

Using a blue eyeliner [mine is NYX “SAPHIRE”] fill in your lower lash line.  Then using a purple eyeliner [mine is JESSE’S GIRL “BOURBON STREET” which is a phenomenal glitter liner!!!] pop it into your waterline.

Again, using the same purple eyeshadow you used up top, you’re going to pop it under your waterline on the remaining 3/4, until it meets the white shimmer.

Using the same white shimmer- pop it under your brow bone as a highlighter!

Grab your liquid liner [mine is MAYBELLINE‘s liquid liner or MAC’s Fluidline “BLACKTRACK” pot works wonderfully too] and pop on your top lids eyeliner.  Wing it out on the end as well- just follow the line where the tape was!

For the lips: I used NYX lipliner “ROSE” which is a gorgeous ballerina pink colour and then  I jumped straight into my lipgloss!!  I used LACOME’s Juicy Tubes which are really pigmented glosses- so in this case lipstick is really just an unnecessary layer…  This tube is called “TICKLED PINK“.

For the cheeks: I used MAC‘s blush “DAME” which is a gorgeous pink which more blue tones than red- so it is perfect for this look!!

Et c’est fin!!

Products Used by London:

-NYX Eyeshadow Base

-NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder “BLONDE”

-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil “BLACK BEAN”

-NYX Trio Palette “PUPLES”

-NYX Eyeliner “SAPHIRE”

-NYX Lipliner “ROSE”

-MAYBELLINE Liquid Liner

-MAC Studio Fix “C4″

-MAC Blush “DAME”




-Any white shimmer :]



A Bazillion of Colours in Hair: to DYE or not to DYE?! And WHERE is There a Day Dye?!

Coloured Hair:

to dye or not to dye?!

I know people have been dying their hair for years now and it really isn’t out of the norm, but I just never hopped on that particular bandwagon…  See, I know dying your hair totally wrecks and damages your actual hair pieces [or what’s left of them…] so I wish I could just find a day use dye that looks legit!!

Some Temporary Hair Dye, PLEASE…

You know… Monday, I’m feeling all hippie & flower child- so I want to dye my hair pink and put a flower wreath in my hair!!  And on Tuesday, I’m thinking rocker/ biker chick look so black, blues, and purples!!  But most temporary hair dyes [for 1 day uses] usually look ridiculous- like your hair hardens up.  So you’re trying to style this piece of cardboardish-feeling hair.  So, I will be on the lookout for these “day-dyes”.  But in the meantime- GET INSPIRED!!

gosh… I just love the progression from FLAMING to pale pink!!

am sooooo in love with these GORGEOUS pastel colours!!  just in love!!

Et c’est fin!!




Chella “BROW BEAUTY TOOLS” a Brow Tool Kit like NONE OTHER!! 100% LM Recommended

Chella “BROW BEAUTY TOOLS” a Brow Tool Kit like NONE OTHER!!

Okay … because first off, on a completely irrelevant note… who doesn’t like to be greeted by the slogan: “hello beautiful”?!

Take Care of Your Brows Ladies…

So I was JUST thinking the other day how important it is to maintain your eyebrows & I was going to just mention it in one of the tutorials… BUT instead I’m going to you what I have grown to love and solely rely on for all my brow needs!!

Eyebrows are the frames to the beautiful pictures that are your eyes! A messy frame distracts from an otherwise beautiful picture…

Chella “Brow  Beauty Tools” is a brow tool kit that comes with the 3 items you see below:

Tweezers: but not just any tweezers…. I have about 4 sets of tweezers [the standard silver ones], and I always rotate between them because some have thicker ends [to get multipul hairs], others slimmer [to get specific hairs], and then some with “easy grips” because they’ll just slid right out of my fingers…  Four sets of tweezers is ridiculous– and that is why I was able to toss them all OUT when I started using my Chella tweezers!!

These tweezers have an angled tip [so you can flip it around to get either a patch of hairs or specific hairs] as well as the the oval hole, which is at a perfect gripping location.  The orange plastic (?… not sure what it is made of) is a softer material which your skin kind of adheres to- not in a sticky way, but just a non-slip type of material!

Razor w/ Brush & Comb: Okay, this MIRACLE WORKER is in total disguise….  I have always been one to question WHY it is that I need a particular product- for example, for a long time I didn’t see the point in investing in a Kabuki brush [for my Studio Fix coverup powder] when the Studio Fix came with a sponge!!  But as soon as I found out WHY that brush was so wonderful- it is now a staple of mine!!  This little tool here is the same deal!!

When I first saw it in the package I thought… well, yeah it’s got a brush & comb, which is cool, but really I already have a brush/comb tool in my makeup brush set.  So I kind of just cast it aside for a while…  But then one day when I was shaping my brows, I grabbed the tool and dropped it on the floor on accident.  I reached down to get it and found that the brush/comb plastic top had popped off and THERE WAS A RAZOR UNDERNEATH!!  Oh my gosh- I was so excited!! It was like an old toy was given a new life!!  It is perfect for creating straight lines- like towards the front of your brow, if you just want to create a curved edge [and not pluck individuals- which can sometimes be tricky because you can pluck too much] then this razor tool will be your savior!!

I absolutely LOVE this tool!!!

Scissors:  The scissors are more of an occasional use tool- but might handy when needed!!  They were created for the purpose of cutting longer hairs; a lot of the time when you are plucking a patch of hairs- some can pull up the roots [the ideal] and then others can break off right at the skin creating uneven hair growth.  So these scissors are a wonderful solution to those occasions- and they do crop up more than you’d think.

Impulse Item:  The “Beautiful Brow Stencil” kit looks AWESOME!! This product I do not personally own- so I cannot give testimony as to how it work or how effective it is.  However, it looks like an awesome product because I hear all the time from friends, clients, and subscribers that when they do take the time to do their eyebrows themselves, that things can get a little… out of hand… to say the least.

So, again, I do not own this product but hopefully I can purchase it to try it out and let you all know if it is worth you hard earned quid!!

Et c’est fin!!

London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special: And on CHRISTMAS DAY- Nothing but JOY

London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special: And on CHRISTMAS DAY- Nothing but JOY

London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special:

…And on Christmas Day…

JOY!!  Ann Lamott said “The BEST makeup is joy” and I have to say that I fully heartedly agree!!  Christmas is a time for family and friends; a time to put all grudges and anger aside; to consider what this holiday truly means to YOU.  And as a makeup artist, I have to say: if it is about looking your best and picking out the right outfit and perfect makeup- then you need to revaluate!!

I chose my inspiration below based off of natural beauty- people or pictures that fully embody joy and natural beauty,being comfortable in ones own skin.  Remember being kids and running to the tree in your pj’s with your hair completely a mess?! BUT you were so happy that Christmas had finally arrived that nothing about how you looked even crossed your mind…

Well this Christmas, try and get joy and natural beauty to be your only holiday makeup :]

The Inspiration:

The Look:

Et c’est fin!!