The Easy & Fast “Glow on the Go” Makeup Tutorial

Glow on the Go Look :]

This morning I woke up late for church and so rushed out of bed- threw on the outfit I wore last night to make sure things didn’t get complicated… and I definitely needed some simple makeup that was fast and easy!!

“Glow on the Go” is perfect for a quick fix makeup look that keeps your skin looking not only flawless, but also perfectly healthy and glowing throughout the entire day!!  I’ve been told I was “glowing” 3 times in my entire life… Once the day after my husband purposed to me, then when I looked out from my flat in London [although that could have been a fluke- I was wearing my Coconut Virgin Oil and looking out into the sunrise…], and lastly: today!! That is when I realized I needed to put this look into my makeup-look-repertoire :]

bah… I forgot to ad ELF Cosmetics Under-Eye Highlighter & Concealer

This look is FOOL PROOF because it only requires 8 SIMPLE steps!!  I was going to do a video tutorial… but it would be about 5 seconds long- I believe in you guys to get this on your frist attempt!!  Trust me :] it’s not hard!!

1.)  Put on your Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil- this moisturizer gives your skin such a healthy natural glow!!  Honestly if you only wore this moisturizer you’d get complimented purely based off of your skins glow.  Buuut we’re going to take it a couple steps further :]

2.)  Then put on your Studio Fix to help any blemishes and/or discolouration DISAPPEAR!!

3.)  Use your ELF Highlighter & Concealer, but ONLY USE your Highlighter [the White colour];  start at the corner of your eye [under it of course…] and sweep all the way to your hairline- and use your MAC 190 brush to blend it in.  And then set it down :] yeah… we’re not covering it with the concealer :] just make sure it is blended in enough so that it doesn’t LOOK white, but it is a nice highlighted shine :]

4.) Then you can put your NYX Mosaic Blush on the apples of your cheeks and brush it all the way up to your hairline again, but under the highlighter.

5.) Use your MAC 211 liner brush and tap it into your MAC Shadow “Goldenrod”.  Then just pop it under your waterline- easy peasy!!

6.)And lastly put on Vegas Volt lipstick from MAC.  This lipstick is a perfect bright peachy orange colour.  You can make it a soft peach colour or a brilliant orange!!  and then of course finish it up with eyeliner and mascara : ]

This look is beyond EASY and absolutely stunning!! 

You can pick whether you want a soft subtle lip colour or bright and brilliant!

Soft & Subtle:

Bright & Brilliant:

Keep this look in your makeup repertoire for the next time you need to rush out the door or do your makeup in your car [while you’re NOT driving of course… :D]

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