Chella “BROW BEAUTY TOOLS” a Brow Tool Kit like NONE OTHER!! 100% LM Recommended

Chella “BROW BEAUTY TOOLS” a Brow Tool Kit like NONE OTHER!!

Okay … because first off, on a completely irrelevant note… who doesn’t like to be greeted by the slogan: “hello beautiful”?!

Take Care of Your Brows Ladies…

So I was JUST thinking the other day how important it is to maintain your eyebrows & I was going to just mention it in one of the tutorials… BUT instead I’m going to you what I have grown to love and solely rely on for all my brow needs!!

Eyebrows are the frames to the beautiful pictures that are your eyes! A messy frame distracts from an otherwise beautiful picture…

Chella “Brow  Beauty Tools” is a brow tool kit that comes with the 3 items you see below:

Tweezers: but not just any tweezers…. I have about 4 sets of tweezers [the standard silver ones], and I always rotate between them because some have thicker ends [to get multipul hairs], others slimmer [to get specific hairs], and then some with “easy grips” because they’ll just slid right out of my fingers…  Four sets of tweezers is ridiculous– and that is why I was able to toss them all OUT when I started using my Chella tweezers!!

These tweezers have an angled tip [so you can flip it around to get either a patch of hairs or specific hairs] as well as the the oval hole, which is at a perfect gripping location.  The orange plastic (?… not sure what it is made of) is a softer material which your skin kind of adheres to- not in a sticky way, but just a non-slip type of material!

Razor w/ Brush & Comb: Okay, this MIRACLE WORKER is in total disguise….  I have always been one to question WHY it is that I need a particular product- for example, for a long time I didn’t see the point in investing in a Kabuki brush [for my Studio Fix coverup powder] when the Studio Fix came with a sponge!!  But as soon as I found out WHY that brush was so wonderful- it is now a staple of mine!!  This little tool here is the same deal!!

When I first saw it in the package I thought… well, yeah it’s got a brush & comb, which is cool, but really I already have a brush/comb tool in my makeup brush set.  So I kind of just cast it aside for a while…  But then one day when I was shaping my brows, I grabbed the tool and dropped it on the floor on accident.  I reached down to get it and found that the brush/comb plastic top had popped off and THERE WAS A RAZOR UNDERNEATH!!  Oh my gosh- I was so excited!! It was like an old toy was given a new life!!  It is perfect for creating straight lines- like towards the front of your brow, if you just want to create a curved edge [and not pluck individuals- which can sometimes be tricky because you can pluck too much] then this razor tool will be your savior!!

I absolutely LOVE this tool!!!

Scissors:  The scissors are more of an occasional use tool- but might handy when needed!!  They were created for the purpose of cutting longer hairs; a lot of the time when you are plucking a patch of hairs- some can pull up the roots [the ideal] and then others can break off right at the skin creating uneven hair growth.  So these scissors are a wonderful solution to those occasions- and they do crop up more than you’d think.

Impulse Item:  The “Beautiful Brow Stencil” kit looks AWESOME!! This product I do not personally own- so I cannot give testimony as to how it work or how effective it is.  However, it looks like an awesome product because I hear all the time from friends, clients, and subscribers that when they do take the time to do their eyebrows themselves, that things can get a little… out of hand… to say the least.

So, again, I do not own this product but hopefully I can purchase it to try it out and let you all know if it is worth you hard earned quid!!

Et c’est fin!!

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