Workout Routine from Britney Spears’ in her PRIME

How to get Britney Spears Body from 2001

There is no denying that when the WHOLE world is watching you- you HAVE to be in the best shape possible.  Try going on stage in front of thousands of people after you’ve eaten a bowl of ice cream and been sitting on the couch all day…

Now, most of us aren’t watched by the whole world [although sometimes we THINK we are…], but the matter remains- you’re health, body image, and fitness play a MAJOR role in your self esteem.  It is not about looking good for everyone else!!  It is about LOOKING GOOD FOR YOURSELF!!

It doesn’t matter what you do- AS LONG AS it works for you!!

I’m going to be posting the Britney Spears PRIME workout, and if you are interested DEFINITELY give it a shot!!  But if you try it and you find yourself not being motivated to go do it each day [or whatever excuse you tell yourself]- DON’T GIVE UP!! Just try something different.

I know that for me personally- I just CANNOT workout alone…

If I do [and like I did for years…] I would just stop if I got in the least bit tired, and I never felt any stronger throughout the years.  BUUT when I tried working out in a group [RIPPED BODY BOOT CAMP in San Diego, Ca] THAT is when things really started working for me!! Don’t get me wrong… I still get really tired and I am known for trying to cheat in the circuits we do, ha but I have 10 other people there who will yell at me for it :] and get me back to where it burns- AND where it is doing some good.

Sooooo… Find out what works for you and just DON’T give anymore excuses.  Even this past week my Facebook status was:

Just let the excuses go and JUST SHOW UP as my RIPPED BODY BOOT CAMP trainers say :]

Even Britney Will Tell Ya…

The Britney Spears Workout Plan…

[4 days a week]

Warm up: 10 minutes on cardiovascular machine (treadmill, stationary bike, etc) at a medium pace.

Abs: 50 crunches, 50 bicycle twists, 50 hip raises

Strength Circuit: Use weights to work on arms, chest, back, and lower body. Bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, and fly exercises and presses.

Abs: 50 crunches, 50 bicycle twists, 50 hip raises

Strength Circuit: Use weights to work on arms, chest, back, and lower body. Bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, and fly exercises and presses.

Abs: 50 crunches, 50 bicycle twists, 50 hip raises

Strength Circuit: Use weights to work on arms, chest, back, and lower body. Bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, and fly exercises and presses.

Abs: 50 crunches, 50 bicycle twists, 50 hip raises

Back to Cardio & Abs: 30 minutes of jogging on treadmill or elliptical machine

Abs: 150 crunches, 150 bicycle twists, 150 hip raises (Do each 3 times)

Yup that’s a total of 1950 ab exercises…how else do you think Britney looked so hot?!?!?!

Last but not least…STRETCH! And maybe take a yoga or pilates class on one of your off days.

You can even watch her doing these exercises in her MTV Diary episode [it’s towards the end]

Just remember.. It’s not about the number- it is about how YOU feel in your own skin!!  If you are FIT HEALTHY AND HAPPY then you are doing it right!!  You don’t need to look like Miss Spears to be GORGEOUS… you just need to look like a healthy YOU :]

IF you live in SAN DIEGO – here is the BEST WORKOUT PLAN [in my opinion :) ha]

Solana Beach Personal Training from Diana Gordon on Vimeo.

[and that’s me on the front picture in the orange shirt haha chatting away as usual]

And I just saw this and thought it was hilarious— so here’s to humor and a GREAT point:

Et c’est fin!!

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11 thoughts on “Workout Routine from Britney Spears’ in her PRIME

  1. Rachael Anne says:

    How many reps are you supposed to do for the strength circuit? Is it sort of a 3 sets of 10 reps deal? Thanks!

    • London Moore says:

      Hey Rachael- The circuits can be custom for where you are in your training. If you are just starting out 3 sets of 10 reps is a great goal, if you are in the mid-range 3 sets of 15, and advanced 3-4 sets of 20!!

      Good luck dear ;)

      • kayceekacer says:

        this plan when originally released back in her slave for you days also added in a day of yoga/pilates. also keep in mind that she never worked out her legs because she danced so often so you may want to incorporate some leg exercises as well aside from the cardio. Also, the original article also said to do 2 sets of 20 but i don’t see why it matters if you follow it to a T since every body is different and their bodies will therefore respond differently depending on where you already are fitness wise. Good luck!

  2. Delmer Cashman says:

    he biceps curl is a traditional exercise targeting the bicep muscles. By using dumbbells, you can work both arms independently, which is a great way to work on any weaknesses you may have in your non-dominant arm. ”

    Find out about our personal blog page as well

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  7. […] Here’s the plan London Moore provided on her website; she suggests doing this routine four times a week and participating in a yoga/pilates class on your off day(s). […]

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    this website is really amazing.

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