The Hunger Games Movie Makeup Inspired Series: CINNA

A new twist on an old lood!!  One of my favourite aspects of Katniss and Cinna’s interactions is that Katniss picks up on Cinna’s lack of Capitol excessiveness.  Among other things… Cinna is very discrete in his own look- only sporting Gold eyeliner rounding out his top lid in the series.  So, for my Cinna look- I decided to spin the old “POP OF COLOUR” eyeliner trick into something with a twist.  The lining on Cinna’s spinoff is a winged black eyeliner with a shimmering gold flying off the tip of the wing & then a gold line bellow the waterline! Pictures didn’t do this look justice- but man is it simplistically spectacular!

Products Used By London:

-MAC Studio Fix C4

-MAC Superslick Liquid Eyeliner “PURE SHOW”

-NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder “BLONDE”

-NYX Mosaic Powder “DARE”

-MAYBELLINE Liquid Liner

-MAYBELLINE Falsies Volume Express Mascara

This is part six of the Hunger Games Series. Up next…. Tracker Jacker Venom!

14 thoughts on “The Hunger Games Movie Makeup Inspired Series: CINNA

  1. sorry to say this, but you CAN’T put on make up! I’ve seen all these hunger games inspired make up photos and.. Even though you have a good idea, you execute them very poorly. In some photos you make one of your eyebrows much thicker than the other?! WHY? and in this series, the “Cinna” look, your eyeliner is not straight!! Eyeliners should be a fine, superstraight line but yours is all bumpy and looks like it’s made from a 12 year old girl, putting on her first eyeliner. The same goes with the mascara, on ALL photos the mascara is all bumpy and makes your lashes stick together. Not fresh, not beautiful. Not good with the make up, even though you know how to mix colors

    • You’re welcome! Maybe you could be more careful the next time. Always fun to help another girl, since i’m so good with details. And now you know what you need to praktisk on, thanks to me! 😀 ❤

      • Lorna-for being “so good with details” you might want to do a spell check on the word “praktisk”. No worries, girl I’ll help you out, it’s “practice”.

  2. Well I really like what you do with your eye make up and personally think it looks great. Haters are gonna hate, keep up the gorgeous looks girl. I love them all AND that they look real, not faked and Photoshopped like in magazines.

      • Really? Never thought I said it was but thanks for pointing out more errors. You really are the salt of the earth, God bless you dear.

  3. Hey London! I really like your ideas, color combos, application of makeup, and tips! Great job!!!!!

  4. Lorna, you are really unkind. Who are you? Who do you think you are? Why don’t you go verbally poop on someone else’s page? If you are trying to genuinely point out some things she could work on, then you could say it with a lot more humility and better grammar!

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