Rihanna’s Fiery Eye Makeup

There’s A Fire In Her Eyes!!

There is no doubt that imitation is the BIGGEST form of flattery!!  And makeup is the church of copycats!!  Rihanna’s GORGEOUS yellow, orange, red, and black makeup is beyond inspirational, and makeup artists around the world have either redone this look exactly OR done a spin off.  These colours together are beyond spectacular!!  Check out the work of the artists!!

Kassie from unique-desire

and Tanya from Rose-Shock

 est c’est fin

Workout Routine from Britney Spears’ in her PRIME

How to get Britney Spears Body from 2001

There is no denying that when the WHOLE world is watching you- you HAVE to be in the best shape possible.  Try going on stage in front of thousands of people after you’ve eaten a bowl of ice cream and been sitting on the couch all day…

Now, most of us aren’t watched by the whole world [although sometimes we THINK we are…], but the matter remains- you’re health, body image, and fitness play a MAJOR role in your self esteem.  It is not about looking good for everyone else!!  It is about LOOKING GOOD FOR YOURSELF!!

It doesn’t matter what you do- AS LONG AS it works for you!!

I’m going to be posting the Britney Spears PRIME workout, and if you are interested DEFINITELY give it a shot!!  But if you try it and you find yourself not being motivated to go do it each day [or whatever excuse you tell yourself]- DON’T GIVE UP!! Just try something different.

I know that for me personally- I just CANNOT workout alone…

If I do [and like I did for years…] I would just stop if I got in the least bit tired, and I never felt any stronger throughout the years.  BUUT when I tried working out in a group [RIPPED BODY BOOT CAMP in San Diego, Ca] THAT is when things really started working for me!! Don’t get me wrong… I still get really tired and I am known for trying to cheat in the circuits we do, ha but I have 10 other people there who will yell at me for it :] and get me back to where it burns- AND where it is doing some good.

Sooooo… Find out what works for you and just DON’T give anymore excuses.  Even this past week my Facebook status was:

Just let the excuses go and JUST SHOW UP as my RIPPED BODY BOOT CAMP trainers say :]

Even Britney Will Tell Ya…

The Britney Spears Workout Plan…

[4 days a week]

Warm up: 10 minutes on cardiovascular machine (treadmill, stationary bike, etc) at a medium pace.

Abs: 50 crunches, 50 bicycle twists, 50 hip raises

Strength Circuit: Use weights to work on arms, chest, back, and lower body. Bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, and fly exercises and presses.

Abs: 50 crunches, 50 bicycle twists, 50 hip raises

Strength Circuit: Use weights to work on arms, chest, back, and lower body. Bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, and fly exercises and presses.

Abs: 50 crunches, 50 bicycle twists, 50 hip raises

Strength Circuit: Use weights to work on arms, chest, back, and lower body. Bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, and fly exercises and presses.

Abs: 50 crunches, 50 bicycle twists, 50 hip raises

Back to Cardio & Abs: 30 minutes of jogging on treadmill or elliptical machine

Abs: 150 crunches, 150 bicycle twists, 150 hip raises (Do each 3 times)

Yup that’s a total of 1950 ab exercises…how else do you think Britney looked so hot?!?!?!

Last but not least…STRETCH! And maybe take a yoga or pilates class on one of your off days.

You can even watch her doing these exercises in her MTV Diary episode [it’s towards the end]

Just remember.. It’s not about the number- it is about how YOU feel in your own skin!!  If you are FIT HEALTHY AND HAPPY then you are doing it right!!  You don’t need to look like Miss Spears to be GORGEOUS… you just need to look like a healthy YOU :]

IF you live in SAN DIEGO – here is the BEST WORKOUT PLAN [in my opinion 🙂 ha]

Solana Beach Personal Training from Diana Gordon on Vimeo.

[and that’s me on the front picture in the orange shirt haha chatting away as usual]

And I just saw this and thought it was hilarious— so here’s to humor and a GREAT point:

Et c’est fin!!

London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special: And on CHRISTMAS DAY- Nothing but JOY

London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special: And on CHRISTMAS DAY- Nothing but JOY

London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special:

…And on Christmas Day…

JOY!!  Ann Lamott said “The BEST makeup is joy” and I have to say that I fully heartedly agree!!  Christmas is a time for family and friends; a time to put all grudges and anger aside; to consider what this holiday truly means to YOU.  And as a makeup artist, I have to say: if it is about looking your best and picking out the right outfit and perfect makeup- then you need to revaluate!!

I chose my inspiration below based off of natural beauty- people or pictures that fully embody joy and natural beauty,being comfortable in ones own skin.  Remember being kids and running to the tree in your pj’s with your hair completely a mess?! BUT you were so happy that Christmas had finally arrived that nothing about how you looked even crossed your mind…

Well this Christmas, try and get joy and natural beauty to be your only holiday makeup :]

The Inspiration:

The Look:

Et c’est fin!!

3 Minute Makeup: A Makeup How To for Selena Gomez 2011 Music Video “Love Song”

How to Do Easy & Quick Makeup like Selena Gomez Love you Like a Love Song:

“LOVE SONG” by Selena Gomez is not only one of the catchiest songs I’ve heard since Alexandra Stan’s “Mr.Saxobeat”-BUT she also has incredibly catching  eye makeup that ca be seen in the Selena Gomez pictures I have posted.  I rarely advise anyone to do a “Duo-Salm” [where you make BOTH your lips and eyes pop], I am more of the “Salm-One” type [majorly highlighting one feature].  HOWEVER Ms. Gomez pulls off the Duo-Slam  very well, and not only does she look stunning, but how to do the makeup is sublimely easy!!

A Makeup “How to” in 3 Minutes

Selena Gomez 2011 “Love Song” Music Video

Products Used by London:

-NYX Eyeshadow Base

-NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder “BLONDE” [not shown]

-NYX Trio Colour Palette “TS6” [3 shades of purple]

-NYX 10 Colour Palette “SMOKEY EYES”

-NYX Mosaic Powder “DARE”

-MAC Studio Fix “C4”

-MAC Bronzer “GOLDEN”

-MAC Lipstick “VEGAS VOLT”

-MAC Lipstick “RUBY WOO”

-MAYBELLINE Liquid Liner

Ty-Ty Announced ANTM Cycle 17 Winner…. The NEXT Top Model Info & The Scandal of Angelea Preston’s DISQUALIFICATION After She HAD Won…

ANTM Cycle 17 Run-Through:

I have been such a Top Model fan for endless years now.  Always loving Ty-Ty and her wacko ideas for photoshoots & all of their crazy and fun locations…  But this season, Top Model 2011 Cycle 17, Ty-Ty has wacked-OUT!!  The show just finished it’s 16th cycle with Brittani Kline as it’s winner- and Tyra decided that the gimmicks were just not CRAZY ENOUGH… Here are some recaps of the girls shoots from ANTM cycle 17 “All Stars” [previous models from the show come back- whether for good reasons OR bad….]:

Oh yes… There was “Snooky”/ “Nene” impressions, music videos with the ALL TIME LOW “Pot Ledom- that’s ‘Top Model’ backwards” phrase, Greek Salads with olive oil, cliche shoots from their location in Greece (Goddess Olympians), and shoving hot dogs in their mouths….

I actually really like some of their shoots- like with the stilts in pairs!!  But then there were also the runway shows… One on a Carousel, practically an obstacle course, and the final runway- which did not look like a runway at all.  Just more gimmicks- swimming to their position [which Lisa totally screws up by the way…], flying as a Goddess, and then no REAL runway- more like a dance off WITH their songs they wrote earlier in the cycle PLAYING!! Oh my gosh… It sounds ridiculous in writing- it looked even more ridiculous on screen…

Speaking of the music videos….  “Pot Ledom” had the be the lowest point of the season… of the series really.

Allison- “Underwater”

Dominique- “Tooch Ya Booty” [no I’m not kidding….]

Angelea Preston- “I Aint Goin No Where”

Alexandria Everett- “Go, Go, Go”

Lisa D’Amato- “I Be Like Woah”

Ty-Ty You Picked WHO As Your Top Three?!

You know… I haven’t ALWAYS agreed with Ty-Ty & team about who should be in the top 3 or win, but I could always understand WHY that specific girl won… Like Eva from cycle 3.  I thought she was beautiful, but rude- and as always “Eva the Diva”.  And “Diva” isn’t really a great thing in my book…  But in the end I could see why she won even though I was routing for her contender….


ANTM Cycle 17 had a final three that SHOCKED ME… And probably the rest of America as well…  Allison Harvard [who I personally ADORE!!], Angelea Preston [who WON but then was DISQUALIFIED for breaching contract….], and Lisa D’Amato [who is a recovering alcoholic that can be crazier than Ty-Ty herself, hmmmm].

Top Model: Allison Harvard

Allison takes KILLER pictures and has the “MODEL” look… Hello, ANT MODEL… Anyway, she has that- she’s sooo weird looking in the most beautiful way that is shocks you!!  She was runner up in her cycle, and then in ANTM cycle 17 she was in 3rd when Angelea was “winner”, and then took 2nd once Angelea was disqualified… yeah, we’ll get to that LATER…  Poor Allison… You should have won girl.  Tyra’s heads in “Modelland” so try and forgive her…

Top Model: Angelea Preston [DISQUALIFIED]

Angelea is a beautiful girl- but certainly a frustrating one to watch….  She didn’t really take strong pictures, she had a horrible attitude some of the times [a loose cannon- not that Lisa wasn’t…], and she always said “They judge me because of WHERE I’M FROM“.  Oh-my-word… She said it probably at least once or twice each episode….  And all I kept thinking is, who sits there in a judging panel and says “I love this girl, I love her work, but she’s from the hood… So, PASS!”….  Ummm no one!! The only thing that was holding her back the whole time was herself.

AND THEN out of the blue, we find out that in final panel it’s only Lisa & Allison. The two girls are back in LA [not in Greece where they were suppose to be], and that this is the SECOND, FINAL JUDGING… What?! Yeah… Tyra explains that Angelea BROKE HER CONTRACT by posting on her Facebook that she was the winner- therefore breaching her contract and forfeiting the title that she thought she’d never get because OTHER people were going to judge her because of where she’s from…   Jeez… Fianlly got where she wanted to be- without judgement might I ad, and she screws it up by doing a status update on her Facebook…  Seriously, Angelea?!

Lisa D’Amato… Wins?! Shut Up….

Lisa dressing crazy and telling everyone to “CAALM DOOWN

Lisa drunk talking to “Cousin It

Is this really a cover girl?  And HOW did none of the judges ever comment on what she wore to judging OR the fact that the girl is ORANGE…. AND she photographs older…  There are just so many issues with cycle 17 of antm that I just don’t feel like I could watch ANY MORE of America’s Next Top Model.  Sorry Ty-Ty… If you  come out with another cycle- I just don’t think I could trust your judgment anymore.

P.S. Ty-Ty’s MODEL-LAND Ridiculousness

Part 1

Part 2


Yeah… Tyra has to be on acid or something…