Tea for Two… or FIVE: Tea Party Inspiration and Ideas

Tea for Two… or FIVE!!

Today was my photo-shoot with MTran Photography [a brilliant woman who takes even more brilliant photographs!!] and my 4 flatmates from England!!!  We created a vintage whimsical tea party at Mt. Woodson Castle and the photos will be out as soon as I get them!! I can’t wait to showcase them.  In the meantime however, check out our inspiration.  We took bits and pieces of sets that we admired and, in my opinion created the best of them all :]


Et c’est fin!!

NYX Matte Nail Polish Haul- Swatches & Review

NYX Matte Nail Polish Haul

I love NYX makeup and so I thought I’d give some of their polishes a shot!!  I chose to try out the “Matte” polish because it isn’t very common & I loved the colours NYX offered.  Sephora & OPI have some matte polishes, but they tend to be a bit more pricey- whereas NYX is usually always more affordable!!

Colour Swatches

NYX Matte Orange $4.00

NYX Matte White $4.00

NYX Matte Taupe $4.00

NYX Matte Black $4.00


NYX Matte nail polish comes in a 10 milliliter jar with a black pastic top.  I personally prefer this type of top because the brush on the inside is built into the plastic top.  It’s definitely a point knocker when the brush can be separated from the lid because eventually over time, the brush can and will just pop out…

The brush itself is pretty thick, but moves smoothly across the nail and the thickness doesn’t make doing your toes impossible!!  The bursh also has an angle to it- so you can flip it back and forth depending on where you need to create a curve or edge!!

The polish itself comes in gorgeous colours!! I chose Black, White, Orange, and Taupe- all of which can be viewed up top.  The polish is thick enough that you could be fine with 1 coat, but 2 really seals the deal.  The thing with this polish is that you don’t want to use a top coat!!  Top coats gives a sleek and glossy sheen to your nails and that is the whole point of a matte polish- to NOT have that gloss.  Therefore, without a top coat [like most matte polishes] the NYX Matte can also chip easier than polishes WITH top coats.

Another major bonus with NYX Matte polish is that they are affordable!!  All polishes are $4.00 and can be purchased HERE.  In the “order comments” box at the bottom of your check out, just let them know that LondonMooreBeauty sent ya!!

Overall… I am a big fan of NYX and their polishes.

Et c’est fin!!

What Every Well-Thought-Of Lady Should Keep in Her Purse AT ALL TIMES!!

What Every Well Thought of Lady Should Keep in Her Purse At All Times

Ohhh purses are so pretty!!! Clutches, handbags, over the shoulders, Mary Poppins bags, ect…  So many styles, sizes, colours, and functions!!  But as gorgeous as they can be [accessory-wise] they end up looking like black holes on the inside!!

A bottomless pit that either has a bunch of crap inside of it… OR it has all the things you COULD need- but there is SO much in there that you can’t find one single thing…

So whether you carry a nice large purse or a smaller clutch- make sure these 10 items can be found in your bag!!!

1.) MINTS– Minty fresh breath is not just important for date nights or interviews… You never know who you are going to run into at the grocery store, or how close you’ll get to someone when going over project plans at work…  Always be prepared with a stash of gum or mints to avoid coffee breath or any other sort of breath that isn’t… well, minty-fresh!!

[click HERE for Skip to my Lou’s recipe for Cream Cheese mints- sounds yummy and interesting!!]

[click HERE for a recipe by Kitchen Trial & Error on creamy mints]

2.)  COMPACT MIRROR–  Nothing is worse than being told you have something in your teeth and NOT having a mirror on hand so you can see where it is & GET IT OUT!!  Or try putting lipgloss on with no mirror in front of you– a bit tricky and even the pros can screw it up!!  Always keep a mirror…. To spare your pride.

[click HERE for an adorable compact from an Etsy store]

[click HERE for an adorable compact from an Etsy store]

3.) LIPGLOSS/ LIPSTICK/ LIP BALM–  Keeping your lips plum, soft, moisturized, and coloured is a top priority for many women.  If you wear lipstick- it is so important to keep your lips smooth so that the lipstick doesn’t clump up on your lip.  And having an array or colours and types of glosses and sticks is always a plus!!

[MAC glosses & sticks are always a staple in my purse!!]

[to make your own lip balm flavors click HERE for the tutorial]

4.)  HAIR PINS/ HAIR GRIPS/ BOBBY PINS–  Hair is always so unpredictable- as is the weather… I never take my hair-pin-box out of my purse because I always am in need of bobby pins!!  This would definitely make my TOP 5 list… 

[it’s always a bonus to get hair grips that MATCH your hair colour- these are BLONDE for my hair colour]

[in my hair-pin box I have regular hair grips as well as fancy ones for fun occasions- it’s always nice to have options]

5.)  PENS OR WRITING UTENSILS–  Regular pens as well as a few coloured pens or highlighters/Sharpies always seem to be used in my everyday life…  It’s ridiculous to be stranded without anything to write with… so just don’t let it happen to you!!

[click HERE for cute flower pens from an Etsy shop]

6.)  CHARGERS–  Whatever devices you keep in your purse- make sure to always have a charger on hand as well- whether an ipod or phone, it never feels good to be on your last bars of life when you know you have hours more of work to be doing.  It’s horrible when you are waiting for something, you’re listening to your iPod, it’s about to die, and you know once it does… you’re screwed!! You’re left with another 45 minutes of pure silence due to your lack of a charger!!

[click HERE for a tutorial on how to MAKE this holder]

[click HERE for the tutorial on how to make the iPod holder]

7.) FEMMININE PRODUCTS– Never ever want to be caught off guard without one of these on hand when you really need them…  The times that I have, oh yeah, I had to create a make-shift pad with toilet paper that I just wrapped around my underwear….  Maybe a T.M.I. but lets just say- hopefully that’ll stick with you and you’ll ALWAYS remember to have these on hand.  You will end up being your own hero- or if not you, then a hero to your fellow sister in need…

8.)  MEDICINE–  Go through your medicine cabinet and pull out samples of the basics!!  I have a mini flower shaped purse that I always keep in my bag which is for emergencies; it has 4-5 samples of Advil, Sudafed, Head-On, Excedrin, and Tums.  This way, when you are stuck in class or work and you can’t leave, but you feel like crap… just grab your medicine bag from your purse and you’re all set!!

[click HERE to check out A Bowl Full of Lemons blog that’ll show you a great way to organize your medicine cabinet!!]

9.)  EMERGENCY CASH–  Look, women need to make sure that they are always covered, safety-wise!!  You never want to be stranded with your cards MAXED OUT or no card at all, and in need in gas stuck out in the desert on your way to an all girls weekend.  Hey, it could happen to me- it could happen to you!!

10.)  EMERGENCY SNACK–  I’m one to have my blood sugar drop and everyone runs for cover… I’m not so pleasant to be around when I am hungry and food is no where in sight.  Having a small ziplock bag of almonds in your purse makes it so that you are not only being fed even when you can’t find food elsewhere- but you’re also being healthy!!  A win, win!!

Et c’est fin!!

London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special: And on the 4th Day of Christmas- AN OPEN FIRE [Yellow, Oranges, Brown, & Red] Inspired Makeup Tutorial

London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special: And on the 4th Day of Christmas- AN OPEN FIRE [Yellow, Oranges, Brown, & Red] Inspired Makeup Tutorial

London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special:

…And on the 4th Day of Christmas…

Chestnut roasted on an OPEN FIRE!  My hubby was singing that song out last night, and I thought colours of a nice Christmas fire place would be perfect for my tutorial today.  I love this look because although it is very bold and brilliant- it is also wearable if paired with the right outfit.  A nice red cocktail dress for a party, or jean and a white wife-beater [i hate that name…] tank.  Dress it up or down, but you’ll always be complimented on it!!

The Inspiration:

The Look:

On The 4th Day of Christmas [Picture] Tutorial:

Cover your lid in NYX Eyeshadow base [as usual].  If you are new to LMB- the reason why we use this product in our daily makeup is because the base not only holds eyeshadow on your lid longer but it makes your eyeshadow colours pop.  This is will be very evident in our look today!!

Use the matte yellow colour from ELF’s 144 palette and start in the inner corner of your eye- then keep padding it out 3/4 of the way across your lid.  Then repeat this with MAC’s GOLDENROD- just popping it right on top on the matte yellow.  Keep he colour UNDER your crease line.  We’re doing a rainbow technique, which means we’re building UP rather than out.

Now, using your GOLDEN ORANGE from NYX, build your rainbow technique on top of the yellow colours.

Take NYX eyeshadow AFRICA and start on the outter corner of your eye [on the side] and blend the red up and out around the orange.

Now in a small triangle [where the blended yellows & orange meet the red] pop in MAC’s COPPERING eyeshadow- then blend.

it is difficult to see in this shot- buuuut take MAC’s EMBARK and from the end of your outer eye [where you would wing your eyeliner] make a small wing of the deep brown eyeshadow- lightly.

Then blend it seamlessly into the red & copper colour.

Now working bellow your waterline- start from the inner corner of your eye and put on the colours in this order:  GOLDENROD, GOLDEN ORANGE, AFRICA [red], and lastly EMBARK [deep brown].  Just do little lines and then blend them all together.

Then pop in “VANILLA SHIMMER” as your brow bone highlighter.


The lips have COLORESCIENCE PRO as the lipliner in “NUDE”, NYX lipstick in yummi “PUMPKIN PIE”, and on the center of your lips [for some extra pout] use LANCOMES juicy tube “SIMMER”.

Est c’est fin!

Products Used by London:

-ELF Cosmetics 144 Palette- Matte Yellow 

[5th yellow from the top]

-NYX Eyeshadow Base

-NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder “BLONDE”



-NYX Mosaic Powder “DARE”


-LANCOME Juiccy Tubes Lipgloss “SIMMER”

-MAYBELLINE Liquid Liner

-MAC Prolongwear Lip Creme “OVERTIME”

-MAC Studio Fix “C4″


London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special: And on the 7th Day of Christmas- A Holly Coloured Lip [the PERFECT Red Lipstick]

London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special: And on the 7th Day of Christmas- A Holly Coloured Lip [the PERFECT Red Lipstick]

London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special:

…And on the 7th Day of Christmas…

A Holly coloured lipstcik!!  Holly actually hurts like hell… Ha.  I made the fatal mistake one year of thinking Holly was beautiful accessory to wear in your hair [like putting a pretty flower in your hair….], but as it turns out- it sucks.  The leaves are all pokey and throny…  However, speaking in theory here, holly berries are a beautiful bright red  that [in my imagination] when you burst open the berries a flowing gorgeous red gloss comes out. Ha.  Soooo, My favourite red lipstick is from MAC and it is called “Ruby Woo”.

I love this lipstick so much that when I thought I had lost it in my flat in London- not only did I leave my dinner on the stovetop in order to search for it, but I also recruited all of my flatemates to help me in my search!!  Plus… I burned my dinner.  However, it was totally worth it to find my lipstick!!

The Inspiration:

On The 7th Day of Christmas: