Workout Routine from Britney Spears’ in her PRIME

How to get Britney Spears Body from 2001

There is no denying that when the WHOLE world is watching you- you HAVE to be in the best shape possible.  Try going on stage in front of thousands of people after you’ve eaten a bowl of ice cream and been sitting on the couch all day…

Now, most of us aren’t watched by the whole world [although sometimes we THINK we are…], but the matter remains- you’re health, body image, and fitness play a MAJOR role in your self esteem.  It is not about looking good for everyone else!!  It is about LOOKING GOOD FOR YOURSELF!!

It doesn’t matter what you do- AS LONG AS it works for you!!

I’m going to be posting the Britney Spears PRIME workout, and if you are interested DEFINITELY give it a shot!!  But if you try it and you find yourself not being motivated to go do it each day [or whatever excuse you tell yourself]- DON’T GIVE UP!! Just try something different.

I know that for me personally- I just CANNOT workout alone…

If I do [and like I did for years…] I would just stop if I got in the least bit tired, and I never felt any stronger throughout the years.  BUUT when I tried working out in a group [RIPPED BODY BOOT CAMP in San Diego, Ca] THAT is when things really started working for me!! Don’t get me wrong… I still get really tired and I am known for trying to cheat in the circuits we do, ha but I have 10 other people there who will yell at me for it :] and get me back to where it burns- AND where it is doing some good.

Sooooo… Find out what works for you and just DON’T give anymore excuses.  Even this past week my Facebook status was:

Just let the excuses go and JUST SHOW UP as my RIPPED BODY BOOT CAMP trainers say :]

Even Britney Will Tell Ya…

The Britney Spears Workout Plan…

[4 days a week]

Warm up: 10 minutes on cardiovascular machine (treadmill, stationary bike, etc) at a medium pace.

Abs: 50 crunches, 50 bicycle twists, 50 hip raises

Strength Circuit: Use weights to work on arms, chest, back, and lower body. Bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, and fly exercises and presses.

Abs: 50 crunches, 50 bicycle twists, 50 hip raises

Strength Circuit: Use weights to work on arms, chest, back, and lower body. Bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, and fly exercises and presses.

Abs: 50 crunches, 50 bicycle twists, 50 hip raises

Strength Circuit: Use weights to work on arms, chest, back, and lower body. Bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, and fly exercises and presses.

Abs: 50 crunches, 50 bicycle twists, 50 hip raises

Back to Cardio & Abs: 30 minutes of jogging on treadmill or elliptical machine

Abs: 150 crunches, 150 bicycle twists, 150 hip raises (Do each 3 times)

Yup that’s a total of 1950 ab exercises…how else do you think Britney looked so hot?!?!?!

Last but not least…STRETCH! And maybe take a yoga or pilates class on one of your off days.

You can even watch her doing these exercises in her MTV Diary episode [it’s towards the end]

Just remember.. It’s not about the number- it is about how YOU feel in your own skin!!  If you are FIT HEALTHY AND HAPPY then you are doing it right!!  You don’t need to look like Miss Spears to be GORGEOUS… you just need to look like a healthy YOU :]

IF you live in SAN DIEGO – here is the BEST WORKOUT PLAN [in my opinion 🙂 ha]

Solana Beach Personal Training from Diana Gordon on Vimeo.

[and that’s me on the front picture in the orange shirt haha chatting away as usual]

And I just saw this and thought it was hilarious— so here’s to humor and a GREAT point:

Et c’est fin!!

4 Ways to JUMP START Your Weight-Loss Transformation- Modeled After 34yr old Mom Who Got Her Hot Bikini Body Back!!

Where do your measurements BEST match?

One of my good friends just got married, and for a year before that she had decided to get into shape.  She worked out hardcore for 6 months straight and lost a bunch of weight!!  She looks amazing now, not that she didn’t before- but as a friend, you don’t tend to notice things like that until there is a dramatic difference.  Now, she still monitors her eating habits to maintain her healthy lifestyle & at times when I want to get us ice cream for the night she turns it down and I tell her, “Come on!! You’re not working out like a mad man anymore!!”  She just replies with something along the lines of wanting to keep the weight off [commendable!!] and how easy it is to slip back to what she calls the “Fat & Happy Stage”.

Fat & Happy or Fat & Depressed?

To even find out if you do fall in the range of being over weight- you can take your BMI [Body Mass Index] and find out your Body Fat percentage.  It depends on age, sex, ect…  BUT if you do fall into the “Over Weight” or “Obese” categories- then which are you?  Fat & Happy or Fat & Depressed?  Brandi [who is shown above] was Fat & Depressed… Her life was busy with a new baby, a husband who she didn’t have time for, her own business, friends who she was losing touch with, ect… You know, LIFE!!  So, 3 years after she had her son- she just looked into the mirror it really hit her that she needed to get back into shape.  Well, naturally a busy mother looks for the least time consuming path, which for Brandi meant home workout videos [that she never touched] or diets [that she never stuck to].

Once Brandi saw a friend of hers go through her workout “transformation”, she was desperate to find time in her busy life to go workout with the personal trainer that her friend did!! But as Brandi says, she just had to STOP with all of her “excuses, excuses, excuses”!!  My friend- the fat & happy one :] said that she just never really realized she wasn’t completely happy with her body until her wedding day was approaching because she was having a great time in life: a loving boyfriend, a great group of friends, accomplishing her school work, ect…  She was having such a great time in life that she was blind-sighted to her body changing in a way that she, now with new nuptial perspective, wanted to change!

How Can Your Weight-loss Transformation Be Like Brandi’s:

Reading through the article on Brandi, there are key factors that were crucial to her weight-loss transformation!

1.)  She Dropped the Excuses & Made Time!! [Women in San Diego who are starting on this transformation journey- I attend a personal training women’s workout group every tue/thurs/sat mornings at 6am and saturdays at 7am.  This leaves plenty of time to get ready for work and have girl time in the morning!!]

2.) She Became Inspired!!  For Brandi, seeing a friend go through the transformation was enough to motivate her to leave the excuses behind…  So what is your inspiration?  Do you miss your pre-pregnancy jeans?  Is this next summer the summer you travel to foreign countries hoping to find a foreign love?  Have you watched a friend or family member lose control of their weight & you don’t want that for yourself?  Whatever your motivation/inspiration- make sure it is strong enough to push you through those mornings where you have to fight to get out of bed in order to go continue on in your transformation!!

3.) She Was Comfortable With Her Trainer!!  Brandi talks of Micah as a “dear friend” after 6 months of constantly seeing him.  It is important that you feel like you can sweat, grunt, cry, and even yak if need be in front of your trainer and/or group!!  What I personally love about our Busy Mom’s Fitness group [or Ripped Body Boot Camp] is that the couple leading us women along in our workout journey are the best part of our workout!!  Both so down to earth and caring people that you make friend right away!! Sames goes with all the women in our group, and that is what keeps you coming back for more- is that these women are counting on you to be there!!

4.) She Showed Up!!  This is the MOST important step of all!!  Step 1-3 will get you to this point- but once you are HERE, you are ON YOUR WAY to your weight loss transformation IF you can just follow through with this goal each and every week!!  Showing up IS half the battle, but if you do- you will see result like Brandi!!  There is no doubt about the power of consistency when it comes to fitness!!

I myself am going through this transformation!!  You are certainly NOT alone!!  However, if you feel like you have steps 1-2 down, but are looking for a place to work out and a trainer and/or group to start getting comfortable with- then try out the workout group I am going through in order to look like Brandi :]  If you live in the San Diego area, then our workouts are located in Del Mar!!  Contact me if you are wanting help with step 3!!  It would be my pleasure to see others choosing to do this transformation with me!!

Comment, Subscribe, or Follow in order to witness my transformation, as well as receive helpful tips and ideas along the way!!

GIRLS ONLY Club: TOP 5 Rockin’ Workout Songs for Women’s Workout Routines

Work Out Routines Need Some Spicing Up- Que WORKOUT MUSIC!!

Amid your workouts you start to feel that burn that feels as if you just ignited your bones…  Ughhhh… it hurts so…. good?  Hmmm.  Not always….  In fact, it mostly sucks until afterwards when you feel like you can now take on the world with your boost of energy and satisfaction that you just kicked that workouts a%*.  But workout routines can be just plain dull, and you most likely wont commit to finishing all your reps or go the whole time you planned to bang-it-out UNLESS you have AMAZING workout music!!  In the workout world- your choices of what to listen to are limited; it is either: trainer chanting instructions to you, quite with your own thoughts [can be seriously dangerous], or music of your choosing.  Now since OUR team is targeted towards women’s workout routines- I have 5 WORKOUT SONGS that will pump you through whatever exercise you are attempting to push through till the end!!

Weight Workout Routines:

WORKOUT SONG: “Rolling In The Deep”- Adele

EXERCISE MOVE: Reach & Squeeze

Bend elbow and bring weight to shoulder as you lift top leg as high as you can.  This exercise works your back, obliques, and butt!!  It is a slower paced movement [not going for speed- in the workout world you want a nice form so it works all the right spots], which means having a fast beat is a no-no!!  However you will feel a fire start to buuurn- so we have none-other-than Ms. Adele!!

Chest Workouts:

WORKOUT SONG:  “Mr. Saxo Beat”- Alexandra Stan

EXERCISE MOVE: Incline Press [with weights]

The Incline Press exercises your pectorals, deltoids, and triceps by strengthening them, and if enough reps are done- will increase mass as well.  When you do Incline presses, what gets you through them is burst of ENERGY!!  So when you hands are in position A- make sure your shoulder blades and then BURST your energy and push them straight up to the top like position B.  This means our music needs are calling for a beat that is repetitive and has a punching back-beat that get us through out BURSTS to the top…  What else besides Alexandra Stan’s Mr. Saxo Beat?!

Ab Workouts:

WORKOUT SONG: “Moves like Jagger”- Maroon 5 Ft. Christian Aguilera


What The bird dog exercise strengthens your abs and lower back and butt muscles while improving balance. [Opposite arm & leg full extension- then switch & repeat!!]  Bird-Dog [seriously… who thought this name up?!] is a slow paced move that helps you coordinate your balance while your tighten your abs.  “Moves Like Jagger” is a classic Maroon 5 song- 1.) slow paced beat to begin with 2.) bumps it up a notch and then 3.) has some catchy rhythm you can’t get out of your head [in this case: whistling… “do do DOO do DOO do DOO dOOooo” Moves Like Jagger! – and that is JUST how it goes!! You know…].  So Maroon brings it to the floor mats when they released this- because it is in perfect swing for a balancing act- you can WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK!!

Effective Workout Routines:

WORKOUT SONG:  “The Lazy Song”- Bruno Mars


Stretching is how every workout routine should start!!  You’ll feel it when you don’t stretch before and after!!  Okay, now that your lecture is done about the importance of stretch [tres importante!!]- it IS the first thing you do when you get to our women’s workout routine, and it is early in the moooorning!!  The first thing you want IS NOT some hard core rock or rap… You are just waking up for crying out loud!! Plus, stretching is not fast paced nor does it require explosions of energy to complete the tasks at hand.  You are mostly just sitting or standing- pulling, pushing, or bending.  SO of course- “The Lazy Song” has a great beat for early morning “GET HAPPY” time, again- a whistling tune to go along with while you work, and Bruno will just make you laugh at his lyrics!!  Laughing and happiness is what you need to get you in the right zone for working out- fo sho!!!!

Gym Workouts:

WORKOUT SONG:  “Somebody to Love”- Justin Bieber Ft. Usher

EXERCISE MOVE: Cardio Relay Races

If your workout group is awesomely fun like me- then there are fun ways to go about getting cardio done!! Our women’s workout routines sometime throw in a relay race to mix things up a bit! And since it is a large group of women- when we hear this teeny-bopper 13 year old [or 17.. whatever] singing about love and buying diamond rings it just makes us giggle!!  Plus, those brave enough confess their Bieber-Fever while others fake vomit!!  Hey- in group gym workouts you have the fortune of camaraderie- which means you can take advantage of laughing, playing, and having fun!! After all- isn’t that what workouts should be about?!  Who is going to make the effort if it isn’t fun- and nothing says “FUN” like mocking your Bieber-Fever!!

So I have given you plenty of ideas for workout music while you are doing your home workout routines, gym routines, or IN OUR CASE: women’s workout routines!!  Our Busy Mom Fitness group OR Ripped Body Boot Camp clan all put in our ipods to play what songs motivate us, and they are sometimes completely different tastes!!  So what are YOUR top 5 workout songs?!  Someone played the Adele “Rolling in the Deep” in our circuits today, and I had never thought of playing Adele for a pump-up work out… But HEY it landed on my TOP 5 Rockin’ Workout Songs for Women’s Workout Routines because someone suggested it to me.  SO lets hear it!! Top 5 favourite workout songs….

This Thanksgiving 2011 Know EXACTLY How to Eat, Be Healthy, AND Maintain a Healthy Weight!!

Have Healthy Weight Loss Over The Holidays Instead of  Gaining the Mass of an Entire Turkey This Thanksgiving Day!!

Healthy families, or EVEN BETTER- families aiming to be healthy, need to be looking into 1.) what to eat and 2.) how to be healthy over the holidays.  Everyone talks about “HOLIDAY WEIGHT” as if it is a given…  As if the Turkey Fairy [oh my… that would be an awesome job], Pie-Godmother, and any other sort of festive-food-elf came over every American and sprinkled Holiday-Weight-Dust in our eyes every single year…  As if  we have no control over the matter!!  Well, I will retract all of my previous and future statements if I ever come across a Pie-Gotmother…  But until then, matters are FORTUNATELY in your own hands!!

Thanksgiving 2011 for Healthy Families [or for ASPIRING healthy families]

When it comes to “what to eat” that REALLY is up to you… There is just the matter of what goals do you have in mind.

For example: 

If you want to gain wait… Take on the “Average American” plate.  This is where the majority of your meal is junk to your body and since it is not in moderation, it will increasingly move towards your goal of gaining weight!!

If you want to experience healthy weight loss…  Take on the “Healthy Lifestyle” plate.  This plate will increasingly help you reach your goal of getting fit in a VERY HEALTHY mannor- no tricks, no gimmicks, just pure motivation & results!  The secret to healthy living is 60% nutrition and 40% fitness.  So really, this is the easy way out!! Instead of sweating bults, you just eat more veggies than anything else and you are set!  However, the balance is very important- so make sure you have your lean protein and legumes/grains for fiber!

And finally….

If you want to have a healthy and balanced Thanksgiving 2011 Meal…  Take on “YOUR Thanksgiving” plate!  This plate leaves a WIDE variety of choices for foods to fill each of those slots…  This way you can have your sweet potato pie and eat it too!!… just keep in mind that the percentage should fit the diagram here, so you should balance it out with your mama’s yummy cheesy cauliflower, green-bean casserole, and turkey!

A Final Tip to Promote Thanksgiving 2011 Healthy Weight:

…Eat something before the big meal!!  Don’t starve yourself all day in anticipation for the dinner…  That is when the bad decisions start to come out!!    One of the tricks to losing weight has always been to keep eating throughout the day so that you don’y overload all in one sitting- which is essentially what Thanksgiving dinner is ALL ABOUT!!  So, and hour before dinner- drink LOTS of water and snack on carrots and grapes… Or whatever you find helpful!!  Just make sure you are semi filled so you are not DIVING IN TO THE PIE :]

Joey’s “Thanksgiving Pants”… Believe Me- You Don’t Want This To Be You!!

Although hopefully it is a friend or someone because it is down right HILARIOUS!!!!