Workout Routine from Britney Spears’ in her PRIME

How to get Britney Spears Body from 2001

There is no denying that when the WHOLE world is watching you- you HAVE to be in the best shape possible.  Try going on stage in front of thousands of people after you’ve eaten a bowl of ice cream and been sitting on the couch all day…

Now, most of us aren’t watched by the whole world [although sometimes we THINK we are…], but the matter remains- you’re health, body image, and fitness play a MAJOR role in your self esteem.  It is not about looking good for everyone else!!  It is about LOOKING GOOD FOR YOURSELF!!

It doesn’t matter what you do- AS LONG AS it works for you!!

I’m going to be posting the Britney Spears PRIME workout, and if you are interested DEFINITELY give it a shot!!  But if you try it and you find yourself not being motivated to go do it each day [or whatever excuse you tell yourself]- DON’T GIVE UP!! Just try something different.

I know that for me personally- I just CANNOT workout alone…

If I do [and like I did for years…] I would just stop if I got in the least bit tired, and I never felt any stronger throughout the years.  BUUT when I tried working out in a group [RIPPED BODY BOOT CAMP in San Diego, Ca] THAT is when things really started working for me!! Don’t get me wrong… I still get really tired and I am known for trying to cheat in the circuits we do, ha but I have 10 other people there who will yell at me for it :] and get me back to where it burns- AND where it is doing some good.

Sooooo… Find out what works for you and just DON’T give anymore excuses.  Even this past week my Facebook status was:

Just let the excuses go and JUST SHOW UP as my RIPPED BODY BOOT CAMP trainers say :]

Even Britney Will Tell Ya…

The Britney Spears Workout Plan…

[4 days a week]

Warm up: 10 minutes on cardiovascular machine (treadmill, stationary bike, etc) at a medium pace.

Abs: 50 crunches, 50 bicycle twists, 50 hip raises

Strength Circuit: Use weights to work on arms, chest, back, and lower body. Bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, and fly exercises and presses.

Abs: 50 crunches, 50 bicycle twists, 50 hip raises

Strength Circuit: Use weights to work on arms, chest, back, and lower body. Bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, and fly exercises and presses.

Abs: 50 crunches, 50 bicycle twists, 50 hip raises

Strength Circuit: Use weights to work on arms, chest, back, and lower body. Bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, and fly exercises and presses.

Abs: 50 crunches, 50 bicycle twists, 50 hip raises

Back to Cardio & Abs: 30 minutes of jogging on treadmill or elliptical machine

Abs: 150 crunches, 150 bicycle twists, 150 hip raises (Do each 3 times)

Yup that’s a total of 1950 ab exercises…how else do you think Britney looked so hot?!?!?!

Last but not least…STRETCH! And maybe take a yoga or pilates class on one of your off days.

You can even watch her doing these exercises in her MTV Diary episode [it’s towards the end]

Just remember.. It’s not about the number- it is about how YOU feel in your own skin!!  If you are FIT HEALTHY AND HAPPY then you are doing it right!!  You don’t need to look like Miss Spears to be GORGEOUS… you just need to look like a healthy YOU :]

IF you live in SAN DIEGO – here is the BEST WORKOUT PLAN [in my opinion 🙂 ha]

Solana Beach Personal Training from Diana Gordon on Vimeo.

[and that’s me on the front picture in the orange shirt haha chatting away as usual]

And I just saw this and thought it was hilarious— so here’s to humor and a GREAT point:

Et c’est fin!!

What Every Well-Thought-Of Lady Should Keep in Her Purse AT ALL TIMES!!

What Every Well Thought of Lady Should Keep in Her Purse At All Times

Ohhh purses are so pretty!!! Clutches, handbags, over the shoulders, Mary Poppins bags, ect…  So many styles, sizes, colours, and functions!!  But as gorgeous as they can be [accessory-wise] they end up looking like black holes on the inside!!

A bottomless pit that either has a bunch of crap inside of it… OR it has all the things you COULD need- but there is SO much in there that you can’t find one single thing…

So whether you carry a nice large purse or a smaller clutch- make sure these 10 items can be found in your bag!!!

1.) MINTS– Minty fresh breath is not just important for date nights or interviews… You never know who you are going to run into at the grocery store, or how close you’ll get to someone when going over project plans at work…  Always be prepared with a stash of gum or mints to avoid coffee breath or any other sort of breath that isn’t… well, minty-fresh!!

[click HERE for Skip to my Lou’s recipe for Cream Cheese mints- sounds yummy and interesting!!]

[click HERE for a recipe by Kitchen Trial & Error on creamy mints]

2.)  COMPACT MIRROR–  Nothing is worse than being told you have something in your teeth and NOT having a mirror on hand so you can see where it is & GET IT OUT!!  Or try putting lipgloss on with no mirror in front of you– a bit tricky and even the pros can screw it up!!  Always keep a mirror…. To spare your pride.

[click HERE for an adorable compact from an Etsy store]

[click HERE for an adorable compact from an Etsy store]

3.) LIPGLOSS/ LIPSTICK/ LIP BALM–  Keeping your lips plum, soft, moisturized, and coloured is a top priority for many women.  If you wear lipstick- it is so important to keep your lips smooth so that the lipstick doesn’t clump up on your lip.  And having an array or colours and types of glosses and sticks is always a plus!!

[MAC glosses & sticks are always a staple in my purse!!]

[to make your own lip balm flavors click HERE for the tutorial]

4.)  HAIR PINS/ HAIR GRIPS/ BOBBY PINS–  Hair is always so unpredictable- as is the weather… I never take my hair-pin-box out of my purse because I always am in need of bobby pins!!  This would definitely make my TOP 5 list… 

[it’s always a bonus to get hair grips that MATCH your hair colour- these are BLONDE for my hair colour]

[in my hair-pin box I have regular hair grips as well as fancy ones for fun occasions- it’s always nice to have options]

5.)  PENS OR WRITING UTENSILS–  Regular pens as well as a few coloured pens or highlighters/Sharpies always seem to be used in my everyday life…  It’s ridiculous to be stranded without anything to write with… so just don’t let it happen to you!!

[click HERE for cute flower pens from an Etsy shop]

6.)  CHARGERS–  Whatever devices you keep in your purse- make sure to always have a charger on hand as well- whether an ipod or phone, it never feels good to be on your last bars of life when you know you have hours more of work to be doing.  It’s horrible when you are waiting for something, you’re listening to your iPod, it’s about to die, and you know once it does… you’re screwed!! You’re left with another 45 minutes of pure silence due to your lack of a charger!!

[click HERE for a tutorial on how to MAKE this holder]

[click HERE for the tutorial on how to make the iPod holder]

7.) FEMMININE PRODUCTS– Never ever want to be caught off guard without one of these on hand when you really need them…  The times that I have, oh yeah, I had to create a make-shift pad with toilet paper that I just wrapped around my underwear….  Maybe a T.M.I. but lets just say- hopefully that’ll stick with you and you’ll ALWAYS remember to have these on hand.  You will end up being your own hero- or if not you, then a hero to your fellow sister in need…

8.)  MEDICINE–  Go through your medicine cabinet and pull out samples of the basics!!  I have a mini flower shaped purse that I always keep in my bag which is for emergencies; it has 4-5 samples of Advil, Sudafed, Head-On, Excedrin, and Tums.  This way, when you are stuck in class or work and you can’t leave, but you feel like crap… just grab your medicine bag from your purse and you’re all set!!

[click HERE to check out A Bowl Full of Lemons blog that’ll show you a great way to organize your medicine cabinet!!]

9.)  EMERGENCY CASH–  Look, women need to make sure that they are always covered, safety-wise!!  You never want to be stranded with your cards MAXED OUT or no card at all, and in need in gas stuck out in the desert on your way to an all girls weekend.  Hey, it could happen to me- it could happen to you!!

10.)  EMERGENCY SNACK–  I’m one to have my blood sugar drop and everyone runs for cover… I’m not so pleasant to be around when I am hungry and food is no where in sight.  Having a small ziplock bag of almonds in your purse makes it so that you are not only being fed even when you can’t find food elsewhere- but you’re also being healthy!!  A win, win!!

Et c’est fin!!

Easy & Quick Prep Cinnamon Ornaments to Make Your Home This Christmas 2011 Smell DIVINE!! Great for Families!!

Christmas Crafts That Bring the SMELL of Christmas:

STEP 1:  Turn oven on to 200 F and mix in a bowl:

  • 1 cup ground cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon ground nutmeg
  • 3/4 cup applesauce
  • 2 tablespoons glue [IF needed… if your mixture isn’t hard enough]

It SHOULD look like my dough [pictured above]

STEP 2:  Take your dough out and roll it over with a rolling pin

STEP 3: Then proceed to cookie-cutter pieces out OR if your are on the thriftier side as I am– then cutting them out free hand is always an option, and in my opinion it gives them more character.

STEP 4: After you’ve cut them out and laid them on your parchment paper [on your cookie sheet] then use a straw to get a hole in them- this is SUPER important because after they are dry it will be IMPOSSIBLE…

STEP 5: Lay all of your pieces out [with holes poked through them] and put them in the oven for 2.5 hours.

Once they are out they hold EXTREMELY well and can be used for future Christmas’ as well!!

STEP 6:  Put a string or ribbon through the hole/holes and voila, c’est fin!!

I love this because when I walk into my home now it smells deliciously of pine [tree], peppermint [candy-cane advent calendar], and NOW cinnamon :] all WONDERFUL holiday scents!!

Merry Holidays Everyone!! My Families Holiday Card & a PHENOMENAL Place to Get Yours!!

London’s Holiday Card:

Hey everyone!! This holiday season, say “Happy Holiday’s” is a different way!!  I love vintage prints that still say “Christmas”.  I decided this year to go with red, cream, and gray!!  It is our first Christmas as a “married couple” and so naturally we are too broke to send out cards…  BUT thanks to the social network- friends,  family, and readers get the point by just a digital image.

I created this card based off of a card I spotted on a website- I’m semi handy with Photoshop, so luckily I could make it happen.  HOWEVER…

If you are not handy with Photoshop or Quirk, I know one of the BEST places to get a unique looking Christmas card- without all the cheese-factor!!


I actually thought about creating holiday cards, birthday invites, bridal shower cards, birth announcements, ect… and posting them to!!  Etsy has BEAUTIFUL Christmas Cards for you to pick from!!  The way it works is that you pay anywhere from $2 to $12 for a card to insert your picture into or even just a holiday card without a picture of your family if that’s the way you wish it to be- you pay the one time fee, and then they send you that image which you then have the rights to! Your picture is inserted into the card- and then you send it to whatever printing company you prefer.  There are many to choose from: Costco, Snapfish, Shutterfly, ect…

Just a Few Inspirational Ideas-

all of which can be found on :]