Thanksgiving Day 2011 Fashion Update- What Did YOU Wear?!

Inspired by “PARADE” & “FESTIVITIES”

Searching through my wardrobe this morning I was thinking back to my inspiration boards [Holiday Outfit Inspirations] and I was COMPLETELY inspired by “Parade” & “Festivities”!!  So…. Job well done inspiration boards!!  You worked perfectly.  As I said, my fam is casual on Thanksgiving and so dressy skirts & dresses don’t exactly make the cut on Turkey Day… So inspired by “Parades” casual/cosy pictures mixed with “Festivities” fun and playful Fall colours I decided upon this outfit….. :]

Ensemble Pieces:

1.) Mustard yellow coat with 4″ ruffle bottom [Burlington Coat Factory]

2.) Skinny Jeans [Charlotte’s Russe]

3.) Taupe Ankle Boots [Pink Zone]

4.) White 3/4 length mid-button-up top [Forever 21]

5.) Peach & burnt orange 3 layered floral top [Pink Zone]

6.) Shades of Gray Scarf [unknown… sorry!]

Products Use:

MAC Eyeshadow “Coppering”

MAC Eyeshadow “Golden Rod”

MAC Eyeshadow “Embark”

MAC Prolong-wear “To The Future” 

MAC Superslick Liquid Eyeliner “Pure Show”

NYX Eyeshadow “Golden Orange”

NYX Mosaic Powder Blush “Dare”

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder “Blonde”


And this is my makeup- which lasted throughout the long day of celebrations at two different households!!  We started at 12:00pm and this picture was taken when we got home around 7:00pm!!  Talk about long lasting…  Not exactly in it’s prime, but just as good as any other 4 hour wear makeup- except this lasted LONGER!!

The Rest of Turkey Day!!

and my hubby with his beautiful mama… and his “are we done yet, love?” smile.

Thanksgiving Day 2011 Holiday Outfit Inspiration Boards- 5 Noteworthy Genres of Ensembles

Thanksgiving 2011 Dress Code Ideas

I love dressing for the holidays, especially Thanksgiving day and Christmas!!  Those holidays are the FALL holidays and I can wear coats, scarves, boots, and whatever else SCREAMS United Kingdom weather-wear!!  As I am residing in California… the opportunity for those kinds of outfits are slim… to none.  However, a lady can dream- and so I have dreamt up Thanksgiving Day genres and filled them with adorable outfits!! COME!! Get inspiration from the cutest “Thanksgiving-y” ensembles.


Inspired by the sweet and innocent colours of cream, taupe, champagne, and ivory.  Although history has been seriously mislead to our younger generations [thinking that Puritans and Natives all sat down from an innocent Thanksgiving together where they all said grace and ate turkey], when in all actuality Small Pox blankets were involved as well as cannibalism… This look is in lieu of how blissful innocence can be… :] ha.


This board was put together with the serious love all of the different colours of jeans.  Thanksgiving 2011 will be marked by the denim that had a loud splash of colour!!  I am seeing these jeans sold everywhere, and I have to say that the burnt orange ones have to be one of my favourites!!  However all colours represent Fall and the gorgeous colours of harvest.


“Parade” was inspired by the casual Thanksgiving-er.  I have certainly attended Thanksgiving dinners where everyone is required to be dressed in formal wear, but that is not the case in my family.  We like to be cosy & casual as we sit and watch the Parade!!


Well you can hardly go wrong with DARKS, especially Black & Navy!!  Wether it be dressy or casual, blacks and navy’s hold a certain “strength” in their colour and so of course these shades never go out of style…  Simplicity has always been part of tradition and therefore- so has “the DARKS”.  Ha, think modern Pilgram if you will….


Browns, oranges, and whatever hues fall in between always give me the feeling of Thanksgiving time!!  Especially if they have patterns on them, like the floor length skirt in the lower LEFT hand corner…  All of these outfits in “Festivities” remind me of outfits for Thanksgiving carnivals or primary school plays where everything Thanksgiving-y is taken so literally: turkey’s everywhere… kids dressed up as “Indians”…  and corn, squash, and cornucopias are hanging everywhere.  It’s more the cheesy side of the holiday- but that is why you can put a “FASHION SPIN” on it and make it look chic!!

Gilmore Girl’s Thoughts on What To Be Thankful For…

Fall Fashion 2011 Brings Back A Trend… Stock Up on Your SOCKS Ladies!!

The 80’s/ Spice Girls of 2011

Hello, hello, hello ladies!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  We are staring off our week with a ridiculously daring look!!  Really… you need confidence to pull this off [and confidence is just the flip of a switch- anyone can have it if they just say I AM!!].

The Ankle Socks & Knee Highs-  

Oh man… I look back at pictures of the 80’s and think…. what ON EARTH were they thinking?!  Maybe it was the neon, or the huge hair, or maybe it WAS the ankle socks that just made me think, as far are REAL STREET FASHION goes, those looks should STAY in the 80’s…  But oh, are they coming back with more force than EVER!! While I was living in London in Fall 2010, London’s Fashion Week was going on and the buzz of style was in the air!!  Now… I have always had a passion for knee high socks… In fact, my elementary school friends remember me walking in the first day of 4th grade [when I came to my new school] because I had on my knee highs!!  And while I was living in London, it was cold!! So, out came my knee high socks…  And as it happened, Fashion Weeks all over the world sported designers like Prada, Christian Dior and Armani that incorporated socks matched with heels in their runways!!  

Now to this day I have been searching for a picture that someone took of me while I was walking out of London University towards my tube stop.  This lady saw me and asked if she could take a picture of me for LONDON’S STREET FASHION Website; I was wearing my knee high socks and very Top Shop ankle boots.  So I said yes, and all she asked me was my name- and spotting my accent, where I was from… And till this day I cannot find that picture!! Damn internet… what with being so frickin’ huge and all…

Fall Fashion of 2011 Has Trends Coming Back a Vengeance

I suppose since I have always been impartial towards knee highs, you’ll just have to see for yourself…. However, I have always been opposed towards ankle socks!!  SO you can take my word on that one!!  In fact, a couple months ago I was out shopping with a friend [us both being broke newly weds… we probably shouldn’t have been, ha] and I told her I wanted to buy some socks.  She started handing me socks from a bin that had patterns and frills on them, and I said that I was looking for a very specific look… She of course asked me why, and I told her I wanted to wear them with my heels and boots.  Haha, she looked so skeptical!!

And maybe you are too… Hey, this look doesn’t have to be for everyone- I’m just sharing my insights with you!! Socks are and will on goingly be the hot commodity for Fall/Winter/ and even Spring of 2011, the new in style look.  So, if you are having trouble visualizing this new trend… check out the photos below, they should help inspire you no matter what your look is- there is a style for EVERY genre!!

Whimsical Preppy- Fall Fashion 2011

Boho Babydoll- Fall Fashion 2011

Trendy Hippy– Fall Fashion 2011

Nautical Romance– Fall Fashion 2011

Mother Earth Chic– Fall Fashion 2011

Punk Victorian– Fall Fashion 2011

Fairytale Gaga– Fall Fashion 2011

A Polo Tea– Fall Fashion 2011

Grandpa’s Little Girl– Fall Fashion 2011

University Chic– Fall Fashion 2011

Mod Twist- Fall Fashion 2011

Z. Deschanel Copy Cat– Fall Fashion 2011

Tres Chic Wood Nymph– Fall Fashion 2011

Mod Grunge – Fall Fashion 2011

Scottish Reverence- Fall Fashion 2011

Sweet Innocence- Fall Fashion 2011

Le Parisian Elegance- Fall Fashion 2011

Bohemian Sophistication- Fall Fashion 2011

Californian Prepster- Fall Fashion 2011

NYC Classic- Fall Fashion 2011

LONDON Chic– Fall Fashion of 2010

This is me in Britain in Fall of 2010 sporting the knee highs!! Not such great pictures of me… Ha, but give me a break!! I had been walking around the city all day AFTER school!!!

And this is me in Fall 2011… STILL sporting the knee highs!! IF you are daring enough- have the confidence to try out this look!! You might be the only one sporting the socks, but that just means the rest of the world HAS NOT CAUGHT UP WITH YOU YET!!

DIY Bows & Petals Shoe Clips- Reinvent Your Old Heels!!

Inventing a Wardrobe versus Reinventing One!!

There are certainly times in life where I can go INTO my closet [yes in our teeny-tiny 600 square foot flat we do have the luxury of a walk-in….], and feel as if I am looking at a bunch of rags…  Feeling like my colourful rags don’t inspire me at all…  We also have the wonderfully-cursed luxury of being newly weds!!  Which means we are rich in passion and broke in finances…  So, it is either time to become a nudist and leave the closet door shut for a while; only entering back into it once I have forgotten about all of the lovely pieces hanging in there, which will no longer be called “rags” in my mind, but “splendid garments”… OR it is time to get creative!!

Pregnant in Heels- When you still want sexy, just minus the pain….

My girlfriend watches Bravo all the time, and Pregnant in Heels with Rosie Pope happens to be a favourite show of hers.  Now- reinventing clothes is one thing… you can cut, stich, pin, dye, add on, take off, ect…  But Pregnant in Heels got me thinking about… well,  HIGH HEELS!!  When you get knocked up [or for the more PC crowd… “given the gift of life”] your body expands from every angle, or so I’ve observed… Never actually going through the process myself.  But this means going out and buying all new clothes [obviously], AND shoes because your feet get HUGE!!  And I may not know about “the gift of life”… but I do know about life’s other gifts- SHOES AND ACCESSORIES!!  And Jimmy Choo’s don’t look so cute in a size 11….  Plus, you’re already forking out so much money on your new baby [the kid, not the shoes] that you wouldn’t be able to afford Choo’s anyways!! Which makes us come full circle to most women being linked by the longing for better/newer high heels, but with no means of purchasing them…  

So my gift to you ladies, which was gift to me by Green Wedding Shoes- yet again, is the DIY instructions for reinventing boring shoes into a brand new pair of heels that are JUST what you wanted!!




Step 1:  First you will need to cut the ribbon. You will need the following:
• Two strips: 8 inches, Two strips: 7 inches, Two strips: 4 ¼ inches, Two strips: 2 ½ inches

Step 2: Put the 4 ¼ inch and 2 ½ inch strip to the side for now.

Step 3: Hot glue the two ends of each 8 inch and 7 inch strip together, so that you have four hoops. Stand each hoop up, so you can look through it. Put a dot of hot glue on the inside middle of each hoop, and push the top and bottom together so it makes a symmetrical eight shape.

Step 4: Take the 4 ¼ inch strips and cut small triangles out of all four ends.

Step 5: Make two stacks. Each stack should have the 4 ¼ inch flat ribbon at the bottom, with a larger hoop in the middle and the smaller hoop on top. Put a small glue dot in the middle of the ribbons to keep them together.

Step 6: Wrap your 2 ½ in ribbon around the middle of your stack and glue it together at the bottom to make a really easy and pretty bow.

Step 7: Cut two nickel sized circles out of felt, and hot glue the felt circles onto the flat tops of the shoe clips. Apply glue to the bottom of the bow and glue your bow to the felt on the shoe clip.

Tada! Now you are done, and you can clip your shoe clip to the front, side or heel of any flats or heel!

Or perhaps you are a women who prefers the trills and frills of a “petally” flower, giving your heels some cute dimension!!


Step 1: Print the template provided and trace the outline of the template on your fabric until you have 20 traced flowers. Cut out your flowers.

Step 2: Divide the 20 petals into two stacks of 10. Intentionally stagger each flower on top of one another in it’s stack.

Step 3: Thread your needle and stitch an ‘X’ in the center of one of your stacks of flowers.

Step 4: Fold your stack in half from top to bottom, and put in a few stitches around the fold so the fold will hold. Fold your stack again, so that it is now ¼ of it’s original size. Stitch 4-6 stitches along the open fold, so it securely remains folded. Once your done with this step you can kind of manipulate the way the petals lay and fold out by hand. Repeat these instructions for the second flower.

Step 5: Cut two nickel sized circles out of felt, and hot glue the felt circles onto the flat tops of the shoe clips. Apply glue to the bottom of the fabric flower and glue your flower to the felt on the shoe clip. Your flower probably has a pretty pointy corner from where you’ve folded it twice, so you’ll want to push the flower down very hard on the felt. This will help it open up, look more full and lay flatter.

You are done and can clip your shoe clip to the front, side or heel of any flats or high heels!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Have fun reinventing your shoe collection ladies- and this is a good trick to keep in mind for brides as well!!  If you are looking for some places to cut costs, designing your own heels is not only more meaningful and spot on for what you would want your heels [or flats] to look like, but you can go to Ross or Marshals and pick out a cute cut, but more or less pain-jane heel and dress it up all for under $30!!  Most brides spend over $100 on heels, so and extra $70 in another part of the budget would look pretty nice!!

P.S. And for all of you who say the DIY Rope Words post, here is my sweet little welcome sign in our front door way underneath our chalkboard :] sweet and simple- just what I wanted!!