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Travel Rant- Living in Another Country is the BEST Inspiration Life Can Give

Traveling Abroad:

I have always been in love with traveling.  When I was 8 I flew to Canada by myself to meet up with some family friends who owned a lake house up there for 3 weeks of the summer.  That was my FIRST time experiencing the world on my own.  Now, I know many of you mom’s would think it is down right crazy to let an 8 year old fly to Canada and back alone… and you might be right :] my mom was a wreck I found out years later.  BUT it taught me a valuable lesson I’m pretty sure most 8 year olds never think about…

Then at 14 my youth group leader from church moved to Germany with her husband and said that if I ever wanted to come out to Germany, she’d take us [anyone who came] out backpacking around the country.  So, this time I raised half the money it was going to cost for me to go- and my mom once again put me on a plane bound for another country, but this time accompanied by a friend who was 15… Not that that gave my mom any comfort, I don’t think… :] Sorry Tina.

University of London- Studying Abroad will INSPIRE the Rest of Your Life:

And just one year ago I was living in England…  It was my last year of college, and I had waited 4 years to go and live in the city of London.  Look– if you are able to study abroad…  Don’t even consider NOT doing it.  Not going ans studying in another country while the opportunity is open to you is one of the TOP 5 regrets most college grads experience!!  There is NOTHING like going to live in another country- even if it is only for a few months.  Honestly, there are few things I miss more in this world than England.  And I am a born and raise Californian girl…  Up until before London- if it was gloomy out and even a HINT of rain… I wouldn’t even consider going outside!! Rain and fog made my mood tank!!  And noooow…. if it is EVEN CLOSE to rain, I get so excited because it is “London Weather”.

I was actually just talking with a sweet couple tonight that were asking me what I wanted to do, career-wise.  I told them that ever since I was young I wanted to be a high school counselor, which is still true…. But while I am talking with my Juniors and Seniors about which colleges they want to go to- I’m also going to use my “authoritative persuasiveness” to get them thinking what other countries and cultures they would want to experience!!  … I think a big problem with recent parenting fads is that parents try and protect their kids and caudal them so much that they never go out and experience things…  And then parents wonder why their kids can’t make it in the “real world”.  Or kids grow up think America is the best place in the world [not dissing on our country or anything…..] BUT they have no clue what other countries, other cultures think of “AMERICA”…

All I am saying is… GET SOME CULTURE!! GET SOME LIFE!! 


Broken-Down Doll Look Makeup Tutorial

All Hallows Eve, eve:

Happy All Hallows Eve, eve!!  The night before Halloween is NOW, and if you don’t have a costume planned yet… 1.) shame on you!! Halloween is a sacred time of year, special to the hearts of all those who love dress up, and 2.) you are the MASTER of procrastination, and for that I tip my hat towards you.  Not all can pull it off…

Makeup Tutorial Request:

One of our lovely subscribers Krystal requested a Doll makeup look for Halloween, and I was so excited to create DOLL EYES!!  I love challenges, and it is always a challenge when you need to alter your features for a look…  I wanted to create BIGGER eyes and PUFFY/ POUTY lips- so check out my tutorial to see how I did this!!

How to Cover Your EYEBROWS:

This look does require that you cover your eyebrows!!  In order to make your feature look bigger, your eye brow is raised about half an inch- and unless surgery is involved, the easiest way is to cover with so easy-to-find house hold items!!  SEE HOW TO DO THIS IN MY VIDEO; this video is a perk for subscribers only– if you wish to subscribe, then do so and you will receive the password for this video :]
Click HERE for video and plug in the password :]

Here are some shots of what the FINISHED look is like…

And here is the tutorial::

Thank you Krystal for the request!!

Visit London Without Connecting Flights!!

Hey everyone!! BIG NEWS!!  I have been getting a really positive response from reader in all FOUR of my blogs!!  Didn’t know I had four blogs?  Well, I most certainly do…

1.) Beauty and More

2.) Fitness and More

3.) Weddings and More

and finally…

4.) DIY and More


Well, this Miss Moore is COMBINING ALL of her blogs INTO ONE!!  Tracking who visits where- I saw lots of people starting out in DIY and hoping over to Beauty and then tracing back to Fitness, and so on…  And while that is great for me [so glad you all enjoy my posts!], and great for you [so glad you come back for MORE!]; I want to make it less of a hassle for my readers.  I have a couple readers who subscribed to multiple blogs- and that is just a lot of e-mail to get every time a new blog has a new post!!


So, no need to hope all over the place connecting from one blog to the next just trying to get to the London page that you like…  ALL blogs will be incorporated on

London Moore: Beauty and More!!

While being a makeup artist is one of my biggest passions- beauty can extend so far from just cosmetics!  Creating a body that you feel beautiful in; finding secrets and inspiration to make a beautiful day out of tying the knot; and putting together do-it-yourself projects that you can be proud of for making your life beautiful on your own terms!!


So, I am going to be leaving these blogs behind [perhaps not forever- but indefinitely], and you can find all of your London Moore interests on:

Check out the blog, and although it may be JUST beauty now- it is going to start evolving into all the areas of interest!!

By subscribing to the blog- the first thing you’ll receive is my “For Subscribers Eyes ONLY: TOP 10 Beauty Tips from London & Back“.  You’ll learn tips to keep you at your most beautiful self long term, and short term quick fixes for the beauty “to-go” orders.  It pays off to be a subscriber!!



Perfect Complexion in 1 Minute!!

All through bloody high school I needed a makeup fix that would hide any blemishes I had, or take care of the redness that took over my face after PE…  Of course, now is when I find the number one cover up that literally makes ANYTHING disappear in moments… Now that I have it- I use it all the time and don’t ever leave the house without it!!

Trust me- any woman of any age can become addicted to this cover up.  I have tried zillions of products, but no other cosmetic cover up [foundation, powder, or a combination of both] can do what this MAC Studio Fix does!!

The gorgeous MAC Studio Fix!

If you head to MAC they will match you to your perfect shade!!

I obviously use mine all the time…

It comes with a sponge inside, however I recomend using a brush

because if you use the sponge- the oil on your face transfers onto the powder

creating a hard surface on the powder… Always better to BRUSH!!

The brush I use to put on my Studio Fix is from Bobbi Brown Face Brush-

it is perfect for pressed powders, like the Studio Fix

This is me before I used the Studio Fix- I have no makeup on whatsoever!!

haha, if it wasn’t completely apparent …

This is me WITH my Studio Fix!!  Has evened out my skin tone- got rid of the redness on my chest and face, and covered the blemishes on the sides of my cheeks!! 

oOOh ooh IT’S MAAAAGIC– you knoooow!!

Here is my challenge for you!! Go and get matched at your local MAC store and just see how you like it when the artists does a preview for you!! If you like it- you will be addicted for life & if you don’t… comment and let me know what your thoughts are about it!! Looooove London!!