Product Favourites of London

I am fortunate to have started my collection since I was young, but there are new products and note worthy companies popping up all the time.  These products listed as my choice favourites are all products I own and adore.  Some I have used for years and others I have recently purchased or been sent.  Every single item on this page is a 5 flag product!  What I love most about receiving a new product to try is obviously the quality of the item.  However, my 2nd favourite (almost equally important to me) is the packaging in which it is given.  The outward look of the product is generally what people will be drawn to- you have to hook an audience before you can win them over with a stellar item!  The texture of the casing, design of the tube/box/ or palette, and the colors that comprise the outside of the item are major factors in it’s appeal.

But most importantly of course is the quality of the item itself.  In which case, every item here is worthy of it’s placing in London’s favourites!

-Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

-Chella Beauty Brow Kit Tweasers

-MAC Lip Conditioner

-NYX Mosaic Powder “DARE”

-Jesse’s Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dust “SPARKLE GOLD”

-MAC Studio Fix Powder

-NYX Concealer in a Jar GREEN

-MAC Eyeshadow “EMBARK”

-NYX 5 Pan Palette “I DREAM OF ST. KITT”

-BH Cosmetics 10 Color Blush Palette

-MAC Eyeshadow “GOLDEN ROD”

-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil “MILK”

-MAC Lipstick “VEGAS VOLT”

-BH Cosmetics Contouring Palette

-MAC Superslick Liquid Liner “PURE SHOW”

**If you wish to have a product submitted for review and use- go to the Submit to London page

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