Easy & Quick Prep Cinnamon Ornaments to Make Your Home This Christmas 2011 Smell DIVINE!! Great for Families!!

Christmas Crafts That Bring the SMELL of Christmas:

STEP 1:  Turn oven on to 200 F and mix in a bowl:

  • 1 cup ground cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon ground nutmeg
  • 3/4 cup applesauce
  • 2 tablespoons glue [IF needed… if your mixture isn’t hard enough]

It SHOULD look like my dough [pictured above]

STEP 2:  Take your dough out and roll it over with a rolling pin

STEP 3: Then proceed to cookie-cutter pieces out OR if your are on the thriftier side as I am– then cutting them out free hand is always an option, and in my opinion it gives them more character.

STEP 4: After you’ve cut them out and laid them on your parchment paper [on your cookie sheet] then use a straw to get a hole in them- this is SUPER important because after they are dry it will be IMPOSSIBLE…

STEP 5: Lay all of your pieces out [with holes poked through them] and put them in the oven for 2.5 hours.

Once they are out they hold EXTREMELY well and can be used for future Christmas’ as well!!

STEP 6:  Put a string or ribbon through the hole/holes and voila, c’est fin!!

I love this because when I walk into my home now it smells deliciously of pine [tree], peppermint [candy-cane advent calendar], and NOW cinnamon :] all WONDERFUL holiday scents!!

The Christmas 2011 DIY Advent Calendar [FREE Printables] & MY Christmas Miracle!!

Tis the Season :]

This year is Andrew and I’s first year of being married and as I’ve said many times before- funds are low!! It’s rare to see a newly wed couple who has all the income they need streaming in, and we of course are no exception.  SO, we had talked about it and and agreed that we weren’t going to be able to spend extra money on a Christmas tree and Holiday cards…

I knew it HAD to be done this way, but I am a decorator!! I’m imaginative!! I need outlets, and the holidays are perfect for just that!! So I Photoshopped us a holiday card and being eco friendly, just posted it on facebook & here.  One down.  Then I was at Trader Joe’s a week ago and saw these mini little Rosemary bushes that had been cut into Christmas tree shapes!! I picked up one of those for $6!! The house still didn’t seem very Christmasy… So I decided to make Cinnamon ornaments [TUTORIAL FOR THESE WILL BE OUT SOON!!] for our little Rosemary trees, and the house now smells AMAZINGLY like Christmas!! I then also thought that we could use an Advent Calendar, and so I DIYed that as well [TUTORIAL FOR THIS WILL BE OUT SOON!!].

Our little flat was coing along nicely when… my Dad decided that he and my mom were going to buy us a Christmas Tree!!!  He took me to Home-Depot and I picked out a 3 foot tree that is PERFECT for our little flat!!  ANNND I had completely forgot that Andrew’s family last year pulled out all of their Christmas decor that they weren’t using anymore [about a million homes worth] and all the kids got to riffle through it for whatever they wanted!!  We went to their parents home to pick up whatever we had previously picked out- and we have 5 boxes worth!!

Thank the Lord we have family who have made this holiday come to our home!!

Us in Morocco

Us after Andrew’s grandpa passed away & we were

recreating a picture of his grandparents in front of their car.

Our wedding day

Andrew in Europe for the first time- and in London no less!

Our first New Years Eve together and he had to work.

So when he came over around 11:30 I had decorated my room with

bunches of x-mas lights all around my room & I covered

a cherry-ball with them to be the NYC Ball :]

Our tree colour theme this year is comprised of golds, cremes, whites, and cranberry reds.

We’re so thankful for our Christmasy home!!

The DIY Cheap & Easy Advent Calendar

Apparently my husband had never heard of Advent calendars….  And so when he came home and I showed him- he had not a clue why I had strung up candy canes…

So for all of you unfamiliar with this Christmas tradition:

Advent Calendar:  a large card with a brightly coloured sometimes tinselled design on it that contains small numbered doors for children to open on each of the days of Advent, revealing pictures beneath them

And usually in the US we have chocolates behind the doors…  but and Advent Calendar is just a fun wat to count down the days of Christmas!!  So I decided a cheap way to do it, that is way more festive and decorative than a large card :]


This is so easy- you really don’t need a step by step picture… So:

-Buy a box of candycanes

-have a piece of ribbon on hand, or I had 2 pieces of twine and 1 piece of bakers string [black and white] which I braided

-nail the ribbon or twine to the wall [not too tight because you want to create a dip]

-print out the mini cards on each candy cane [PRINTABLE & PRINTABLE]

-write out the remaining number of days till christmas [one day per card]

-hot glue the card to a candy cane & then hang the candy canes on the ribbon or braided twine!

-and print out the “ADVENT CALENDAR SIGN” [PRINTABLE] and print the sign below as well.

-Hot glue or double stick tape those signs to the wall & c’est fin!! Very easy, festive, and cost effective!!

Christmas 2011 DIY Project: The Candy Cane Christmas Wreath

Christmas 2011 DIY Projects:

Candy Cane Christmas Wreath

Christmas Crafts:  Christmas wreaths are so festive!! Nothing says the HOLIDAY SEASON like Christmas wreaths!!  Well, Christmas trees potentially do… But this post is not about Christmas trees…  So CHRISTMAS WREATHS, hazah!!

I actually found this DIY wreath on another blog [Whipperberry] and I thought it was cute, clever, and cheap [p.s. apparently I’m all about alliteration today… and I’ve done it again…].  ANYHOW, when I went to JoAnn’s Fabric Store I found that getting the materials the blog suggested was really rather pricey…  My husband and I are newly weds, and we can’t even afford a Christmas tree this year, let alone $40-$60 on a Christmas wreath that I was going to make myself…  So I have restructured it so that the materials are cheaper!!

The Perfect Christmas Gift of 2011

The best gift are the ones that people put time and effort into- so this holiday season: reduce, reuse, and recycle by putting time and effort into MAKING your Christmas gifts in 2011!!  Start off with this Candy Cane Christmas Wreath:

DIY Christmas Decor

STEP 1:  Cut your muslin into 4″ widths and as long of pieces as you can :]  Then take your floral foam and start to wrap your muslin around the foam.  Keep taking pieces until the foam is fully wrapped!

STEP 2:  Take your white and red felt and cut both into 4″ x 4″ squares.  Make as many as you can- you definitely dont want to be stingy with your squares!!  Trust me- you want more fluff rather than a wilted looking wreath…

STEP 3:  Take a square and fold it in half- pretty easy, right?!

STEP 4:  Then take that half folded square, and fold it again so it is quartered.

STEP 5:  Use a floral pin and push it through the corner of the square.  Then place it on the outside of the foam.  You’re going to to make a line from the the outter point of the foam to the center.  One line of red, and then two line of white- that way the white is thicker :] thus creating a candy cane looking wreath!!  The perfect Christmas decor for 2011 and many many years to come!!

STEP 6:  Take whatever ribbon you prefer and tie a knot in the center.  Then pin the ends on either side of the foam :]


Joyeux Noël