Christmas 2011 DIY Project: The Candy Cane Christmas Wreath

Christmas 2011 DIY Projects:

Candy Cane Christmas Wreath

Christmas Crafts:  Christmas wreaths are so festive!! Nothing says the HOLIDAY SEASON like Christmas wreaths!!  Well, Christmas trees potentially do… But this post is not about Christmas trees…  So CHRISTMAS WREATHS, hazah!!

I actually found this DIY wreath on another blog [Whipperberry] and I thought it was cute, clever, and cheap [p.s. apparently I’m all about alliteration today… and I’ve done it again…].  ANYHOW, when I went to JoAnn’s Fabric Store I found that getting the materials the blog suggested was really rather pricey…  My husband and I are newly weds, and we can’t even afford a Christmas tree this year, let alone $40-$60 on a Christmas wreath that I was going to make myself…  So I have restructured it so that the materials are cheaper!!

The Perfect Christmas Gift of 2011

The best gift are the ones that people put time and effort into- so this holiday season: reduce, reuse, and recycle by putting time and effort into MAKING your Christmas gifts in 2011!!  Start off with this Candy Cane Christmas Wreath:

DIY Christmas Decor

STEP 1:  Cut your muslin into 4″ widths and as long of pieces as you can :]  Then take your floral foam and start to wrap your muslin around the foam.  Keep taking pieces until the foam is fully wrapped!

STEP 2:  Take your white and red felt and cut both into 4″ x 4″ squares.  Make as many as you can- you definitely dont want to be stingy with your squares!!  Trust me- you want more fluff rather than a wilted looking wreath…

STEP 3:  Take a square and fold it in half- pretty easy, right?!

STEP 4:  Then take that half folded square, and fold it again so it is quartered.

STEP 5:  Use a floral pin and push it through the corner of the square.  Then place it on the outside of the foam.  You’re going to to make a line from the the outter point of the foam to the center.  One line of red, and then two line of white- that way the white is thicker :] thus creating a candy cane looking wreath!!  The perfect Christmas decor for 2011 and many many years to come!!

STEP 6:  Take whatever ribbon you prefer and tie a knot in the center.  Then pin the ends on either side of the foam :]


Joyeux Noël