Mermaid Makeup: The BeShelled Femme or The Scaled Goddess

Mermaid Makeup: The BeShelled Femme or The Scaled Goddess

Mermaid makeup is PHENOMENAL fun because there are so many different ways to create the look.  There are sea mermaids, lagoon kind of mossy green mermaids, and endless colours and decor to choose from!!

This is brainstorm/mock up is actually for someone who contacted me and asked for me to do the makeup of 3 amazing ladies who are celebrating one of the sister’s birthday in March!!  They are having a wonderful “Under the Sea” theme and the 2 sisters are mermaid princesses and the birthday sister is the mermaid queen!!  I love this idea & not only have i come up with some different makeup looks, but I’ve also thought about tiara and crown ideas- all made from headbands, shells, starfish, and pearls!!  So, I did 2 different looks- one on either side of my face- that can be changed in colours, moved around in placement, and have ENDLESS options!!

Feminine Mermaid Makeup:

Scaled Mermaid Makeup:

“Marie Antoinette” Makeup Tutorial- Halloween 2011




Halloween 2011 *Marie Antoinette* Makeup Tutorial

Well, my FAVOURITE time of the “makeup year” is HERE!! All Hallows Eve!!  Usually people procrastinate on their costumes until they have an event, party, OR the day before Halloween…  So, for all of you procrastinators ;D Here is my version of Marie [pre-guillotine…] & it is very simple, yet very “late French 1700’s”.  So, if you still don’t know what to be… Consider this lovely woman- all you have to do is make your hair huge on top [unnaturally so], layer on pearls or some sort, wear some lacey dress, and carry a cupcake around….

Voilà! Très belle et facile.

[Which, for those of you who did not take 3 years of high school french…  That means “Here it is! Very beautiful and easy.”  And technically voilà means veiled… See mother!! I certainly retained some French trivia!!]

So, here is the look I was inspired from, the 2006 [I think…] movie with Kristen Dunst as the French Queen:


Now since I was not headed out to a Masquerade or Royal Ball… I only whitened my  face & partially my neck- If you would like to go FULL BLOWN costume, then whiten AANY skin that will be showing.  However, be warned: this can be a real time consuming task!!  So, maybe just hairline, face, neck, and shoulders would.  OR you don’t have to whiten your face at all….  Your costume is what you make it :]



haha… I am allergic to gluten & therefore don’t just have cakes and pastries and what not laying around… So I grabbed my Sugar Baby candy & cake recipe book for a shot with a lavish Marie-worthy cake :]



I decided to add a beauty mark- even though Marie Antoinette doesn’t show one…



I don’t go over how to whiten your face in the video, so IF you choose to do so- here are some simple directions:


Products I Used:

Stargazers Neon Colour Face Paint [White] *I bought this in England… so use whatever you have or can find!!

NYX Caribbean Collection “I Dream of St. Kitt” * use the matte white


How To:

-Start off by putting on your primer [if you wish to use one…] & then take your Liquid Creamy based face paint and spread it EVENY on all areas you wish to cover

*uneven skin tones- make sure to cover those darker spots with more white

*you just want a light layer of white- it it looks cakey, you’ve gone too far!!

take your mister and lightly spray where it looks caked on- it’ll fix itself.

-Then take a Kabuki brush [or whatever larger brush you have- but do not sure a sponge or pad- it’ll take off the bottom layer…] and dab it in your white matte eyeshadow.

-Evenly pad [not swipe!!] on your white eyeshadow all throughout the areas you wish to cover.  Make sure you truly  have covered everything evenly.  The best way to tell is to take a picture of yourself & check in the image to see if any skin tones are showing in patches between the white.

Et vous êtes fin!!

[And you’re done!!]


Have fun with the tutorial & please comment, follow, or subscribe!! Let me know if you tried it, like it, didn’t like it- whatever you please :]


ANNNNND—- I will also be taking requests!!  If you are wanting to be a mermaid, butterfly, specific character, or just whatever… and you want me to create a look for you- let me know!!  I have an appointment tomorrow for a cute 2nd grade teacher who wants to be a cuter version of a witch!! She picked out a picture she wants me to replicate, and it looks as if I’m going to need to hide her true eyebrows in order to create new ones.  So, if she goes that route I’ll make a mini tutorial on how to hide your eyebrows!! Comes very much in handy for shocking amounts of costumes- you wouldn’t even guess!!