To All my BusyBee’s, I Present to You: MAKEUPBEE “A Fun Way to Discover New Looks & Makeup Products”

Searching for New Makeup Inspiration, My Little Londoners?

Confessional:  Working full time in the wedding industry is phenomenal fun!  It is also phenomenal work!  So I do apologize for my lack-o-looks this past month.  Shame on myself, I know.  You know it’s bad when your husband says, “Love, when was the last time you did a makeup blog?”……  Oops!

So, I believe every apology should be accompanied by a GIFT!  And so without further ado…  Here is mine to you!!

Find London Moore on MakeupBee

MakeUpBee… What is it?  It is like Facebook for the “makeup-ly creative”.  This site is like a vault, filled to the brim with thousands of different looks, styles, personalities, products, and colorful amazing-ness; the code for the vault, you ask: join through Facebook as you are in!!  So, the next time I am pulled away from my blog to hand wedding-madness…. here is a “London-Approved” site that is not out to mail your e-mail address to everyone they know, or charge you to get inspiration!  They are purely for the joy of creativity in the form of makeup-art!

…and if you are looking for a makeup challenge….

MakeUpBee hosts (I believe…) monthly competitions with different themes, inspirations, and prizes!!  I just joined this months 2 minutes ago- the theme is “MARIE ANTOINETTE”, in celebration of Lime Crime’s new line “Palette D’Antoinette”.  I believe the prize is the palette as well- which, of course, anything Lime Crime or Sugar Pill I am dying to get my hands on!!  And I have no products of theirs- but people swear by them- so I want my readers to know weather I swear by them or not too ; ) !!

When in Need… Check MakeUpBee

The moral to this story my friends: (of course keep reading my blog, because I love your visits & comments, buuuut….) check MakeUpBee for new fun looks, artists, products, reviews, tutorials, etc… and let me know your thoughts!!  There are dozens of makeup communities out there- but MakeUpBee is my favourite and (for now) the only one I keep up to date with!!

Rihanna’s Fiery Eye Makeup

There’s A Fire In Her Eyes!!

There is no doubt that imitation is the BIGGEST form of flattery!!  And makeup is the church of copycats!!  Rihanna’s GORGEOUS yellow, orange, red, and black makeup is beyond inspirational, and makeup artists around the world have either redone this look exactly OR done a spin off.  These colours together are beyond spectacular!!  Check out the work of the artists!!

Kassie from unique-desire

and Tanya from Rose-Shock

 est c’est fin

Mermaid Makeup: The BeShelled Femme or The Scaled Goddess

Mermaid Makeup: The BeShelled Femme or The Scaled Goddess

Mermaid makeup is PHENOMENAL fun because there are so many different ways to create the look.  There are sea mermaids, lagoon kind of mossy green mermaids, and endless colours and decor to choose from!!

This is brainstorm/mock up is actually for someone who contacted me and asked for me to do the makeup of 3 amazing ladies who are celebrating one of the sister’s birthday in March!!  They are having a wonderful “Under the Sea” theme and the 2 sisters are mermaid princesses and the birthday sister is the mermaid queen!!  I love this idea & not only have i come up with some different makeup looks, but I’ve also thought about tiara and crown ideas- all made from headbands, shells, starfish, and pearls!!  So, I did 2 different looks- one on either side of my face- that can be changed in colours, moved around in placement, and have ENDLESS options!!

Feminine Mermaid Makeup:

Scaled Mermaid Makeup:

NYX Colour Swatches: Jumbo Eye & Lip Pencils, Thin Lip Liners, Eye Liners, Liquid Liner & Lipsticks

NYX Colour Swatches: Jumbo Eye & Lip Pencils, Thin Lip Liners, Eye Liners, Liquid Liner & Lipsticks

I just decided to go through and show you some swatches of colours that I have had and use frequently.  I’m sure there are many of these products that you can spot on my tutorials, however I have never shown you exactly how they look with a flash and without.  Feel free to browse, check out, and see if they are up to your taste!!

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils:

These JEP are one of my favourites that NYX produces!! They come in an array of colours and you can use them as a spectacular base!!


[No Flash]

NYX Lip Liners, Eye Liners, Jumbo Lip Pencil, & Liquid Liner:

Lip Liners: Coral, Rose, Pinky, & Red Hot

Jumbo Lip Pencil: Hera

Eye Liners: Gold, Teal

Liquid Liner: Extreme Blue


[No Flash]

Eye Liners receive: 

Eyeliners come in many gorgeous colours, and work beautifully on the skin.  If you are putting them on your skin on your eyelid or under your waterline, they work perfectly!! However, if you wise to use them in your waterline- I would think twice. Although they perform well on skin, their ability to give pigment to your waterline is not that great.

Lip Liners receive:

Lip liners give great pigmentation and are of great quality!!

Jumbo Lip Pencil receives:

The JLP are just as the JEP!! They are great quality and come in an array of gorgeous colours!!

Liquid Liner receives:

NYX Lipstick:



[No Flash]

NYX Lipsticks come in ENDLESS colours and are beautiful.  Some have a nice sheen to them and other are a beautiful matte finish.  Some of MAC’s matte finishes are a little TOO matte because they can flake off…  But the NYX matte colours are the perfect balance of hydration and matte finish!!

Et c’est fin!!

Hard Candy Haul: The Metallic Eyeshadows, Cheek Tints, & Divine Smelling Lipstick!!

Hard Candy Haul: Colour Swatches

[No Flash]


So I got a SPECTACULAR haul of Hard Candy cosmetics and I am so excited to show you the colours swatches and possibilities!!  The colours are sensational and the quality of the products are well respected.  So go ahead & check them out!!

Hard Candy EYE DEF Metallic Eyeshadow:

To give a good understanding of what the colours look like when packed on with colour & when smoothed and blended out- I gave 2 swatches of each colour.  That way you can judge for yourself if you like how they blend out :]


[No Flash]

Hard Candy Duo Hide & Glow Cheek Tint:

The cheek tint works quite beautifully.  Although it is difficult to see in photograph- the colour is beautiful and blends quite nicely.  It is important to not have the colour of your blush POP too much… You’re not a China doll after all 😉


[No Flash]

Hard Candy Lipstick

Oh. My. Gosh.  This lipstick SMELLS divine!!  I had multiple people smell it to give feedback on what they smelled because it just smells so good to everyone- YET smells different to everyone as well.  Some people said ti smelled of  orange & brown sugar.  Others: vanilla and honey. The list goes on and on, but the consensus is that it smells FANTASTIC!!  It also puts a nice peachy sheen on your lips and hydrates them nicely!!


[No Flash]

All of these products can be found on Hard Candy as well as in stores as WalMart! If you order online- in the “order comments” box at the bottom of your check out, just let them know that LondonMooreBeauty sent ya!!

Et c’est fin!!