First: CHEETAH, Then: DOLL

Hey all!! ¬†Later today I’m posting a makeup tutorial for a Doll look ūüėÄ I’ve been, very unwisely, ¬†spending my time watching America’s Next Top Model- and one of the girls inspired me to create a Doll Makeup Look!! ¬†So, this will be perfect for ANYONE who is… obviously being some sort of doll for Halloween tomorrow!! ¬†But really quickly I wanted to share a photo that one of our AWESOME subscribers sent in!!

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This is the gorgeous Jannelle, who has a fun and spunky personality- made perfectly clear in her Halloween costume!!  Jannelle requested the cheetah make-up tutorial and so here is a picture of her wearing the look spectacularly!!


Thanks to all of our subscribes for staying tuned in, and requesting awesome looks!! ¬†Krystal’s request for Doll makeup will be coming up today!!

The Longly Anticipated CHEETAH/ LEOPARD Makeup Tutorial!!

Let me just start out by saying…. FOR THE BLOODY LOVE!!

I had so much fun¬†creating this look… when I first did it FOUR DAYS AGO!! ¬†And once I was done editing it, and cutting out big chunks because it was longer than 10 minutes [ha, COINING A NEW TERM: not a Chatty Cathy but a¬†Loquacious¬†London]. ¬†Anyhow… ¬†I upload it to YouTube, and NOTHING!! ¬†No sound whatsoever comes out of my speakers- so I think maybe it’s just MY computer, D’artagnan, because he is quite¬†finicky. ¬†So, I run to my hubby’s computer, and STILL no sound!! ¬†So after 4 days of getting to know the boys at APPLE really well… D’art¬†is up and running again!! Thank the freakin heavens!!


Some of the BEST Eye Makeup:

I love this look because it isn’t a face painting idea- which is making your face look decked out, but tends to be a lot of work, versus just some of the BEST MAKEUP- which means different things, but this particularly means it gives the face painting affect without all the hard work!! ¬†This look took me 15-20 minutes tops & that was WITH cluing you all in for the video!! ¬†It looks beautiful and intricate, but when I break it down, step-by-step you’ll see how simple this look can be!!


Makeup Tool Belt:

I broke down the “Supplies Needed” into two different categories… ¬†You can do this look with the “NEEDED” list, but it would look¬†INFINITELY¬†BETTER to also use the “BOOST YOUR LOOK” list!! ¬†So, use whatever you can, and if you decide to go out and get ONE item from the “Boost Your Look” list- I’d get the SUPER SLICK “PURE SHOW” LIQUID LINER!! ¬†This stuff is awesome!! ¬†With products like this [gold shiny liquid eyeliner….] you look at it and think “When will I EVER use this besides in this ONE look?!” And let me tell you friends… All the flippin time!! ¬†Once you have it on- you’ll love it so much, that you’ll create excuses to wear it… I know I do!! ¬†So, if you TREAT yourself- this item is no TRICK, it is the real deal!!

p.s. the above liquid liner is colour: BLACK!!

Check Out The LOOK:



And FINALLY… The Tutorial:


Neck Design:

The neck is very similar to what we did for our mask.  However since it is on a place where natural shadows are cast, we use a high-lighter colour to create the shadow!!  Therefore, go about doing the neck starting the same way:

-eyeshadow base [to hold the colour]

-brown/gold pigment covering the eyeshadow base

DIFFERENCE ALERT: ¬†Then we are going to put a stripe of gold eyeshadow [I use MAC’s “Goldenrod”] on the front half of the collarbone to the end of your shoulder. ¬†then blend it in- simple, huh?

-create spots with MAC’s “Embark”

-use black liquid eyeliner to outline parts of the spots

DIFFERENCE ALERT: And to give it some extra flair, on some¬†of the spots take your Superslick liquid Eyeliner “Pure Show” [gold colour] and outline the INSIDE of the black eyeliner outlining the spots.

Est Voila!! C’est Fin!!


List of Products:

Superslick Liquid Liner “Pure Show”

Studio Fix Cover-Up

Eyeshadow “Embark”

Eyeshadow “Goldenrod”

NYX Eyeshadow Base

NYX 10 Colour Eyeshadow¬†Palette¬†“Smokey Eyes”


Maybelline Liquid Liner Black Waterproof

Bronzer “Golden”

Lipstick Glaze “Hue”- I believe this item was discontinued, but there are plenty of ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† wonderful nude colour choices!!


Thanks to Jannelle, our wonderfully bubbly subscriber, who requested a Cheetah makeup look for Halloween this year!!  Make sure to post a picture Jannelle- and to all other readers, we are still taking Halloween Makeup Requests!! So get them in soon!!  1st subscribe, and then request!!



“Marie Antoinette” Makeup Tutorial- Halloween 2011




Halloween 2011 *Marie Antoinette* Makeup Tutorial

Well, my FAVOURITE time of the “makeup year” is HERE!! All Hallows Eve!! ¬†Usually people procrastinate on their costumes until they have an event, party, OR the day before Halloween… ¬†So, for all of you procrastinators ;D Here is my version of Marie [pre-guillotine…] & it is very simple, yet very “late French 1700’s”. ¬†So, if you still don’t know what to be… Consider this lovely woman- all you have to do is make your hair huge on top [unnaturally¬†so], layer on pearls or some sort, wear some lacey dress, and carry a cupcake around….

Voilà! Très belle et facile.

[Which, for those of you who did not¬†take 3 years of high school french… ¬†That means “Here it is! Very beautiful and easy.” ¬†And¬†technically voil√† means veiled… See mother!! I certainly retained some French trivia!!]

So, here is the look I was inspired from, the 2006 [I think…] movie with Kristen Dunst as the French Queen:


Now since I was not headed out to a¬†Masquerade¬†or Royal Ball… I only whitened my ¬†face & partially my neck- If you would like to go FULL BLOWN costume, then whiten AANY skin that will be showing. ¬†However, be warned: this can be a real time consuming task!! ¬†So, maybe just hairline, face, neck, and shoulders would. ¬†OR you don’t have to whiten your face at all…. ¬†Your costume is what you make it :]



haha… I am allergic to gluten & therefore don’t just have cakes and pastries and what not laying around… So I grabbed my Sugar Baby¬†candy & cake recipe book for a shot with a lavish Marie-worthy cake :]



I decided to add a beauty mark- even though Marie Antoinette doesn’t show one…



I don’t go over how to whiten your face in the video, so IF you choose to do so- here are some simple directions:


Products I Used:

Stargazers Neon Colour Face Paint [White] *I bought this in England… so use whatever you have or can find!!

NYX¬†Caribbean¬†Collection “I Dream of St. Kitt” * use the matte¬†white


How To:

-Start off by putting on your primer [if you wish to use one…] & then take your Liquid Creamy based face paint and spread it EVENY on all areas you wish to cover

*uneven skin tones- make sure to cover those darker spots with more white

*you just want a light¬†layer of white- it it looks cakey, you’ve gone too far!!

take your mister and lightly spray where it looks caked on- it’ll fix itself.

-Then take a Kabuki brush [or whatever larger brush you have- but do not sure a¬†sponge¬†or pad- it’ll take off the bottom layer…] and dab it in your white matte eyeshadow.

-Evenly pad [not swipe!!] on your white eyeshadow all throughout the areas you wish to cover.  Make sure you truly  have covered everything evenly.  The best way to tell is to take a picture of yourself & check in the image to see if any skin tones are showing in patches between the white.

Et vous êtes fin!!

[And you’re done!!]


Have fun¬†with the tutorial & please comment, follow, or subscribe!! Let me know if you tried it, like it, didn’t like it- whatever you please :]


ANNNNND—- I will also be taking requests!! ¬†If you are wanting to be a mermaid, butterfly, specific character, or just whatever…¬†and you want me to create a look for you- let me know!! ¬†I have an appointment tomorrow for a cute 2nd grade teacher who wants to be a cuter version of a witch!! She picked out a picture she wants me to replicate, and it looks as if I’m going to need to hide her true¬†eyebrows in order to create new ones. ¬†So, if she goes that route I’ll make a mini tutorial on how to hide your eyebrows!! Comes very much in handy for shocking amounts¬†of costumes- you wouldn’t even guess!!