This Thanksgiving 2011 Know EXACTLY How to Eat, Be Healthy, AND Maintain a Healthy Weight!!

Have Healthy Weight Loss Over The Holidays Instead of  Gaining the Mass of an Entire Turkey This Thanksgiving Day!!

Healthy families, or EVEN BETTER- families aiming to be healthy, need to be looking into 1.) what to eat and 2.) how to be healthy over the holidays.  Everyone talks about “HOLIDAY WEIGHT” as if it is a given…  As if the Turkey Fairy [oh my… that would be an awesome job], Pie-Godmother, and any other sort of festive-food-elf came over every American and sprinkled Holiday-Weight-Dust in our eyes every single year…  As if  we have no control over the matter!!  Well, I will retract all of my previous and future statements if I ever come across a Pie-Gotmother…  But until then, matters are FORTUNATELY in your own hands!!

Thanksgiving 2011 for Healthy Families [or for ASPIRING healthy families]

When it comes to “what to eat” that REALLY is up to you… There is just the matter of what goals do you have in mind.

For example: 

If you want to gain wait… Take on the “Average American” plate.  This is where the majority of your meal is junk to your body and since it is not in moderation, it will increasingly move towards your goal of gaining weight!!

If you want to experience healthy weight loss…  Take on the “Healthy Lifestyle” plate.  This plate will increasingly help you reach your goal of getting fit in a VERY HEALTHY mannor- no tricks, no gimmicks, just pure motivation & results!  The secret to healthy living is 60% nutrition and 40% fitness.  So really, this is the easy way out!! Instead of sweating bults, you just eat more veggies than anything else and you are set!  However, the balance is very important- so make sure you have your lean protein and legumes/grains for fiber!

And finally….

If you want to have a healthy and balanced Thanksgiving 2011 Meal…  Take on “YOUR Thanksgiving” plate!  This plate leaves a WIDE variety of choices for foods to fill each of those slots…  This way you can have your sweet potato pie and eat it too!!… just keep in mind that the percentage should fit the diagram here, so you should balance it out with your mama’s yummy cheesy cauliflower, green-bean casserole, and turkey!

A Final Tip to Promote Thanksgiving 2011 Healthy Weight:

…Eat something before the big meal!!  Don’t starve yourself all day in anticipation for the dinner…  That is when the bad decisions start to come out!!    One of the tricks to losing weight has always been to keep eating throughout the day so that you don’y overload all in one sitting- which is essentially what Thanksgiving dinner is ALL ABOUT!!  So, and hour before dinner- drink LOTS of water and snack on carrots and grapes… Or whatever you find helpful!!  Just make sure you are semi filled so you are not DIVING IN TO THE PIE :]

Joey’s “Thanksgiving Pants”… Believe Me- You Don’t Want This To Be You!!

Although hopefully it is a friend or someone because it is down right HILARIOUS!!!!