Make a WISH this 2012: A New Years Dandelion Nail Design

MAKE A WISH: Dandelion Nail Design

The Inspiration & The Look:

Dandelion Nail Art Tutorial:

Start by painting your fingers whatever background colour you want!! I used JESSE’S GIRL nail polish from the JulieG collection called “GIRLS NIGHT OUT“.  It’s a gorgeous blue that you’ll never get tired of!!  Plus, this colour allowed the nail polish colours of the dandelion to really POP!!

From there take a green nail polish [a lighter green preferably] & start from the corner of your nail & create a curved line upwards.  Then draw a small rounded-edge-triangle on top [see picture for reiteration].

Now for the dandelion’s white fly-away pieces- you can use a toothpick, pencil tip, or the best product for this task: Migi Nail Art pens [which is what I use]!!  All you have to do is create dashes coming from the green triangle you drew!  The messier it looks the better… so don’t worry- you can’t screw it up :]

Then create the little dashes throughout the rest of your fingernails.  You can either recreate this on your other hand OR just do only dashes.  Make it so that some nails have fewer dashes and other nails have clusters of them!!

This look is really simple & darling!! Good luck and let me know how it goes 😀

Et c’est fin!!

Products Used By London:

-JESSE’S GIRL Julie G Collection Nail Polish “GIRLS NIGHT OUT”


-REVLON Nail Polish “TOP COAT”

Fall Fashion 2011: The New “Non-Cliche” Holiday Nail Polish Colours & Katy Perry’s OPI Nail Polish Collection

The New “Non-Cliche” Holiday Colours…

Hey everyone!!  Well, Happy Saturday!!  It is getting closer and closer to the holidays: Thanksgiving, Hanukkkah, Christmas, and Boxing Day… PLUS whatever else you celebrate!!  So I decided that while BLACK FRIDAY looms closer and closer, I’d just put up some festive holiday nail polish colours that maybe you can swipe for a better price on the day after Thanksgiving.  Now usually everyone sticks to the greens & reds over the holiday season– and I have never been one for the cliche [unless it is meant to be… like a Tacky Christmas Sweater Party], so I have put up new inspiration for holiday colours. You want to think up a clever name for which ever you choose so that if anyone asks about your colour you can say, “oh I just love Black nails, and plus this is inspiration from Santa’s Soot!” or “Reindeer fur!” for the chocolate browns and taupes!  Ha, just have fun with it… of course I picked out some great “cliche colours”, so have at it if that is your choice!!


-Dior “Black Sequins” $19

-Deborah Lippmann “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” $16

-ME ME ME “Black Steel” $3

-Sonia Kashuk “Starry Night” $4.99


-China Glaze “Platinum Silver” $5.99

-Chanel “Kaleidoscope” $25

-Illamasqua “Spartan”

-Chanel “Graphite” $25

Chocolates [Milk & Dark]:

-Zoya “Angelina” $6.15

-Nubar “Swiss Chocolate” $12

-Shades “Misbehaving Mistress”

-Jesse’s Girl “Stilleto” $3.99

Shades of Red:

-Ginger+Liz “Show Off” $12

-Sephora by OPI “High Maintenance” $9.50

-NARS “Jungle Red” $16

-Laushine Diamond “Dark Red” $6.30

Shades of Green:

-MAC “Peppermint Patti”

-OPI  “Damone Roberts 1968”

-Konad “Shinning Green” $5.99

-Shades “Date Night”


Katy Perry’s OPI Nail Lacquer- Also PERFECT Holiday Colours!!

Annnd she did it… This girl does amazingness wherever she goes!!  Katy Perry is not just a triple-threat…  Now adding her nail polish collection from OPI to the list, she must be a hundreds-threat…  Well, anyhow…  The Katy Perry OPI Collection has five gorgeous nail colours- and any polish by OPI will of course be wonderful quality and worth any shinny penny!!  This is also introducing the OPI Shatter or Crackle Nail Polish that Katy introduced as “Black Shatter”… Not terribly creative with that name- HOWEVER, every other polish is a title of a hit song of hers.  Now I would most certainly say that all of these colours would be wonderful holiday nail polish choices- depending on the look you are going for!!  I would say the best being “The One That Got Away”- it’s a cranberry colour, and what more says non-cliche holidays like CRANBERRIES!!

Cheers everyone!