NYX Matte Nail Polish Haul- Swatches & Review

NYX Matte Nail Polish Haul

I love NYX makeup and so I thought I’d give some of their polishes a shot!!  I chose to try out the “Matte” polish because it isn’t very common & I loved the colours NYX offered.  Sephora & OPI have some matte polishes, but they tend to be a bit more pricey- whereas NYX is usually always more affordable!!

Colour Swatches

NYX Matte Orange $4.00

NYX Matte White $4.00

NYX Matte Taupe $4.00

NYX Matte Black $4.00


NYX Matte nail polish comes in a 10 milliliter jar with a black pastic top.  I personally prefer this type of top because the brush on the inside is built into the plastic top.  It’s definitely a point knocker when the brush can be separated from the lid because eventually over time, the brush can and will just pop out…

The brush itself is pretty thick, but moves smoothly across the nail and the thickness doesn’t make doing your toes impossible!!  The bursh also has an angle to it- so you can flip it back and forth depending on where you need to create a curve or edge!!

The polish itself comes in gorgeous colours!! I chose Black, White, Orange, and Taupe- all of which can be viewed up top.  The polish is thick enough that you could be fine with 1 coat, but 2 really seals the deal.  The thing with this polish is that you don’t want to use a top coat!!  Top coats gives a sleek and glossy sheen to your nails and that is the whole point of a matte polish- to NOT have that gloss.  Therefore, without a top coat [like most matte polishes] the NYX Matte can also chip easier than polishes WITH top coats.

Another major bonus with NYX Matte polish is that they are affordable!!  All polishes are $4.00 and can be purchased HERE.  In the “order comments” box at the bottom of your check out, just let them know that LondonMooreBeauty sent ya!!

Overall… I am a big fan of NYX and their polishes.

Et c’est fin!!

A Bazillion of Colours in Hair: to DYE or not to DYE?! And WHERE is There a Day Dye?!

Coloured Hair:

to dye or not to dye?!

I know people have been dying their hair for years now and it really isn’t out of the norm, but I just never hopped on that particular bandwagon…  See, I know dying your hair totally wrecks and damages your actual hair pieces [or what’s left of them…] so I wish I could just find a day use dye that looks legit!!

Some Temporary Hair Dye, PLEASE…

You know… Monday, I’m feeling all hippie & flower child- so I want to dye my hair pink and put a flower wreath in my hair!!  And on Tuesday, I’m thinking rocker/ biker chick look so black, blues, and purples!!  But most temporary hair dyes [for 1 day uses] usually look ridiculous- like your hair hardens up.  So you’re trying to style this piece of cardboardish-feeling hair.  So, I will be on the lookout for these “day-dyes”.  But in the meantime- GET INSPIRED!!

gosh… I just love the progression from FLAMING to pale pink!!

am sooooo in love with these GORGEOUS pastel colours!!  just in love!!

Et c’est fin!!




The Easy & Fast “Glow on the Go” Makeup Tutorial

Glow on the Go Look :]

This morning I woke up late for church and so rushed out of bed- threw on the outfit I wore last night to make sure things didn’t get complicated… and I definitely needed some simple makeup that was fast and easy!!

“Glow on the Go” is perfect for a quick fix makeup look that keeps your skin looking not only flawless, but also perfectly healthy and glowing throughout the entire day!!  I’ve been told I was “glowing” 3 times in my entire life… Once the day after my husband purposed to me, then when I looked out from my flat in London [although that could have been a fluke- I was wearing my Coconut Virgin Oil and looking out into the sunrise…], and lastly: today!! That is when I realized I needed to put this look into my makeup-look-repertoire :]

bah… I forgot to ad ELF Cosmetics Under-Eye Highlighter & Concealer

This look is FOOL PROOF because it only requires 8 SIMPLE steps!!  I was going to do a video tutorial… but it would be about 5 seconds long- I believe in you guys to get this on your frist attempt!!  Trust me :] it’s not hard!!

1.)  Put on your Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil- this moisturizer gives your skin such a healthy natural glow!!  Honestly if you only wore this moisturizer you’d get complimented purely based off of your skins glow.  Buuut we’re going to take it a couple steps further :]

2.)  Then put on your Studio Fix to help any blemishes and/or discolouration DISAPPEAR!!

3.)  Use your ELF Highlighter & Concealer, but ONLY USE your Highlighter [the White colour];  start at the corner of your eye [under it of course…] and sweep all the way to your hairline- and use your MAC 190 brush to blend it in.  And then set it down :] yeah… we’re not covering it with the concealer :] just make sure it is blended in enough so that it doesn’t LOOK white, but it is a nice highlighted shine :]

4.) Then you can put your NYX Mosaic Blush on the apples of your cheeks and brush it all the way up to your hairline again, but under the highlighter.

5.) Use your MAC 211 liner brush and tap it into your MAC Shadow “Goldenrod”.  Then just pop it under your waterline- easy peasy!!

6.)And lastly put on Vegas Volt lipstick from MAC.  This lipstick is a perfect bright peachy orange colour.  You can make it a soft peach colour or a brilliant orange!!  and then of course finish it up with eyeliner and mascara : ]

This look is beyond EASY and absolutely stunning!! 

You can pick whether you want a soft subtle lip colour or bright and brilliant!

Soft & Subtle:

Bright & Brilliant:

Keep this look in your makeup repertoire for the next time you need to rush out the door or do your makeup in your car [while you’re NOT driving of course… :D]

Fall Fashion 2011 Brings Back A Trend… Stock Up on Your SOCKS Ladies!!

The 80’s/ Spice Girls of 2011

Hello, hello, hello ladies!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  We are staring off our week with a ridiculously daring look!!  Really… you need confidence to pull this off [and confidence is just the flip of a switch- anyone can have it if they just say I AM!!].

The Ankle Socks & Knee Highs-  

Oh man… I look back at pictures of the 80’s and think…. what ON EARTH were they thinking?!  Maybe it was the neon, or the huge hair, or maybe it WAS the ankle socks that just made me think, as far are REAL STREET FASHION goes, those looks should STAY in the 80’s…  But oh, are they coming back with more force than EVER!! While I was living in London in Fall 2010, London’s Fashion Week was going on and the buzz of style was in the air!!  Now… I have always had a passion for knee high socks… In fact, my elementary school friends remember me walking in the first day of 4th grade [when I came to my new school] because I had on my knee highs!!  And while I was living in London, it was cold!! So, out came my knee high socks…  And as it happened, Fashion Weeks all over the world sported designers like Prada, Christian Dior and Armani that incorporated socks matched with heels in their runways!!  

Now to this day I have been searching for a picture that someone took of me while I was walking out of London University towards my tube stop.  This lady saw me and asked if she could take a picture of me for LONDON’S STREET FASHION Website; I was wearing my knee high socks and very Top Shop ankle boots.  So I said yes, and all she asked me was my name- and spotting my accent, where I was from… And till this day I cannot find that picture!! Damn internet… what with being so frickin’ huge and all…

Fall Fashion of 2011 Has Trends Coming Back a Vengeance

I suppose since I have always been impartial towards knee highs, you’ll just have to see for yourself…. However, I have always been opposed towards ankle socks!!  SO you can take my word on that one!!  In fact, a couple months ago I was out shopping with a friend [us both being broke newly weds… we probably shouldn’t have been, ha] and I told her I wanted to buy some socks.  She started handing me socks from a bin that had patterns and frills on them, and I said that I was looking for a very specific look… She of course asked me why, and I told her I wanted to wear them with my heels and boots.  Haha, she looked so skeptical!!

And maybe you are too… Hey, this look doesn’t have to be for everyone- I’m just sharing my insights with you!! Socks are and will on goingly be the hot commodity for Fall/Winter/ and even Spring of 2011, the new in style look.  So, if you are having trouble visualizing this new trend… check out the photos below, they should help inspire you no matter what your look is- there is a style for EVERY genre!!

Whimsical Preppy- Fall Fashion 2011

Boho Babydoll- Fall Fashion 2011

Trendy Hippy– Fall Fashion 2011

Nautical Romance– Fall Fashion 2011

Mother Earth Chic– Fall Fashion 2011

Punk Victorian– Fall Fashion 2011

Fairytale Gaga– Fall Fashion 2011

A Polo Tea– Fall Fashion 2011

Grandpa’s Little Girl– Fall Fashion 2011

University Chic– Fall Fashion 2011

Mod Twist- Fall Fashion 2011

Z. Deschanel Copy Cat– Fall Fashion 2011

Tres Chic Wood Nymph– Fall Fashion 2011

Mod Grunge – Fall Fashion 2011

Scottish Reverence- Fall Fashion 2011

Sweet Innocence- Fall Fashion 2011

Le Parisian Elegance- Fall Fashion 2011

Bohemian Sophistication- Fall Fashion 2011

Californian Prepster- Fall Fashion 2011

NYC Classic- Fall Fashion 2011

LONDON Chic– Fall Fashion of 2010

This is me in Britain in Fall of 2010 sporting the knee highs!! Not such great pictures of me… Ha, but give me a break!! I had been walking around the city all day AFTER school!!!

And this is me in Fall 2011… STILL sporting the knee highs!! IF you are daring enough- have the confidence to try out this look!! You might be the only one sporting the socks, but that just means the rest of the world HAS NOT CAUGHT UP WITH YOU YET!!