The Longly Anticipated CHEETAH/ LEOPARD Makeup Tutorial!!

Let me just start out by saying…. FOR THE BLOODY LOVE!!

I had so much fun creating this look… when I first did it FOUR DAYS AGO!!  And once I was done editing it, and cutting out big chunks because it was longer than 10 minutes [ha, COINING A NEW TERM: not a Chatty Cathy but a Loquacious London].  Anyhow…  I upload it to YouTube, and NOTHING!!  No sound whatsoever comes out of my speakers- so I think maybe it’s just MY computer, D’artagnan, because he is quite finicky.  So, I run to my hubby’s computer, and STILL no sound!!  So after 4 days of getting to know the boys at APPLE really well… D’art is up and running again!! Thank the freakin heavens!!


Some of the BEST Eye Makeup:

I love this look because it isn’t a face painting idea- which is making your face look decked out, but tends to be a lot of work, versus just some of the BEST MAKEUP- which means different things, but this particularly means it gives the face painting affect without all the hard work!!  This look took me 15-20 minutes tops & that was WITH cluing you all in for the video!!  It looks beautiful and intricate, but when I break it down, step-by-step you’ll see how simple this look can be!!


Makeup Tool Belt:

I broke down the “Supplies Needed” into two different categories…  You can do this look with the “NEEDED” list, but it would look INFINITELY BETTER to also use the “BOOST YOUR LOOK” list!!  So, use whatever you can, and if you decide to go out and get ONE item from the “Boost Your Look” list- I’d get the SUPER SLICK “PURE SHOW” LIQUID LINER!!  This stuff is awesome!!  With products like this [gold shiny liquid eyeliner….] you look at it and think “When will I EVER use this besides in this ONE look?!” And let me tell you friends… All the flippin time!!  Once you have it on- you’ll love it so much, that you’ll create excuses to wear it… I know I do!!  So, if you TREAT yourself- this item is no TRICK, it is the real deal!!

p.s. the above liquid liner is colour: BLACK!!

Check Out The LOOK:



And FINALLY… The Tutorial:


Neck Design:

The neck is very similar to what we did for our mask.  However since it is on a place where natural shadows are cast, we use a high-lighter colour to create the shadow!!  Therefore, go about doing the neck starting the same way:

-eyeshadow base [to hold the colour]

-brown/gold pigment covering the eyeshadow base

DIFFERENCE ALERT:  Then we are going to put a stripe of gold eyeshadow [I use MAC’s “Goldenrod”] on the front half of the collarbone to the end of your shoulder.  then blend it in- simple, huh?

-create spots with MAC’s “Embark”

-use black liquid eyeliner to outline parts of the spots

DIFFERENCE ALERT: And to give it some extra flair, on some of the spots take your Superslick liquid Eyeliner “Pure Show” [gold colour] and outline the INSIDE of the black eyeliner outlining the spots.

Est Voila!! C’est Fin!!


List of Products:

Superslick Liquid Liner “Pure Show”

Studio Fix Cover-Up

Eyeshadow “Embark”

Eyeshadow “Goldenrod”

NYX Eyeshadow Base

NYX 10 Colour Eyeshadow Palette “Smokey Eyes”


Maybelline Liquid Liner Black Waterproof

Bronzer “Golden”

Lipstick Glaze “Hue”- I believe this item was discontinued, but there are plenty of                                                     wonderful nude colour choices!!


Thanks to Jannelle, our wonderfully bubbly subscriber, who requested a Cheetah makeup look for Halloween this year!!  Make sure to post a picture Jannelle- and to all other readers, we are still taking Halloween Makeup Requests!! So get them in soon!!  1st subscribe, and then request!!