To All my BusyBee’s, I Present to You: MAKEUPBEE “A Fun Way to Discover New Looks & Makeup Products”

Searching for New Makeup Inspiration, My Little Londoners?

Confessional:  Working full time in the wedding industry is phenomenal fun!  It is also phenomenal work!  So I do apologize for my lack-o-looks this past month.  Shame on myself, I know.  You know it’s bad when your husband says, “Love, when was the last time you did a makeup blog?”……  Oops!

So, I believe every apology should be accompanied by a GIFT!  And so without further ado…  Here is mine to you!!

Find London Moore on MakeupBee

MakeUpBee… What is it?  It is like Facebook for the “makeup-ly creative”.  This site is like a vault, filled to the brim with thousands of different looks, styles, personalities, products, and colorful amazing-ness; the code for the vault, you ask: join through Facebook as you are in!!  So, the next time I am pulled away from my blog to hand wedding-madness…. here is a “London-Approved” site that is not out to mail your e-mail address to everyone they know, or charge you to get inspiration!  They are purely for the joy of creativity in the form of makeup-art!

…and if you are looking for a makeup challenge….

MakeUpBee hosts (I believe…) monthly competitions with different themes, inspirations, and prizes!!  I just joined this months 2 minutes ago- the theme is “MARIE ANTOINETTE”, in celebration of Lime Crime’s new line “Palette D’Antoinette”.  I believe the prize is the palette as well- which, of course, anything Lime Crime or Sugar Pill I am dying to get my hands on!!  And I have no products of theirs- but people swear by them- so I want my readers to know weather I swear by them or not too ; ) !!

When in Need… Check MakeUpBee

The moral to this story my friends: (of course keep reading my blog, because I love your visits & comments, buuuut….) check MakeUpBee for new fun looks, artists, products, reviews, tutorials, etc… and let me know your thoughts!!  There are dozens of makeup communities out there- but MakeUpBee is my favourite and (for now) the only one I keep up to date with!!

The Hunger Games Movie Makeup Inspired Series: White Liquor

Hunger Games White Liquor:

The Districts Demonic Hangover

Annnnd to FINISH our Hunger Games Movie Inspired Series: WHITE LIQUOR!  When making the list of all of the makeup looks I wanted to incorporate- I knew I wanted to do something slightly demonic, and it was either going to be based off of Nightlock or White Liquor.  I decided that I wanted to make the purples and blues look be wearable for a fun POP of colour, and so White Liquor would take the dramatic slot- and wow did it ever!

When I was reading Catching Fire and Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch all found out they were going back in for the Quarter Quells… 2 of the 3 turn to the White Liquor.  Obviously, with Haymitch being a drunk anyway- it was he and Katniss that toyed with the Districts dark poison… And they paid for it with haunting visions of their games and the possibilities of what is going to happen in the next round.  I wanted a look to capture what the White Liquor would look like had it been a person to come around and taunt our beloved trio.  And this is what I envisioned….

Products Used By London:

-MAC Studio Fix C4

-BH Cosmetics 120 Palette 2 Edition

-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil “MILK”

-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil “BLACK BEAN”

-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil “POTS AND PANS”

-MAYBELLINE Liquid Liner

-MAYBELLINE Falsies Volume Express Mascara

This is part TEN of the Hunger Games Series. Annnnnd… We are finished with this series!!

The Hunger Games Movie Makeup Inspired Series: Peeta’s Camo

 Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

And in honor of memorial day- I have tweaked the makeup look for today 🙂

Originally I was going to do “Peeta’s Cakes”.  I thought I would do blending of pinks, purples, and reds- classic cupcake colours, and perfect for our little baker’s makeup look.  But everything I tried just didn’t hit me right; it wasn’t  exactly what I was looking for.  So, walking around I saw this clock my mom had made of a sunset, and instead of numbers around the face, she spelled the numbers.  It made me think about:

Hunger Games: Catching Fire Book 2

The Hunger Game’s second book takes place on an island that is invisibly split into 12 different sections.  Each time the clock strikes an hour- it sets off whatever obstacle occurs within that hour range.  Peeta never had to disguise himself in this book, but in the first one he painted himself to blend in with the rocks, mud, and water.  So, in light of Peeta’s mad baker’s painting skills, and in honor of Memorial Day– I switched up our look for the day to be “PEETA’S CAMO”; a tropical island sunset mask.

Products Used By London:

-MAC Studio Fix C4

-BH Cosmetics 120 Palette #1

-BH Cosmetics 120 Palette #3

-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil “MILK”

-MAYBELLINE Liquid Liner

-MAYBELLINE Falsies Volume Express Mascara

This is part nine of the Hunger Games Series. Lastly…. White Liquor!

The Hunger Games Movie Makeup Inspired Series: Madge’s Pin

Hi guys! I am so sorry it has been so long since my last post.  The new job I have is wonderful!  But it is a non-stop job.  Anyway, I am hopefully back from my break & here to dive back in, the look for Madge’s Pin.  I tried a bunch of different ideas for this look- but ultimately I wanted grungy golds and Seam browns.  Although my image of Madge is a tad naive, more timid that bold, and still humble in her style, I decided to give her a rebel makeover.  So, here is my Madge’s Pin, with a twist!

Products Used By London:

-MAC Studio Fix C4

-MAC Lipstick “RUBY WOO”

-NYX Lipstick “BRUISED”

-NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder “BLONDE”

-MAC Pigment “MAROON”

-MAC Eyeshadow “EMBARK”

-MAC Pigment “OLD GOLD”

-MAC Pigment “NAKED”

-MAC Pigment “GOLD MODE”


-MAYBELLINE Liquid Liner

-MAYBELLINE Falsies Volume Express Mascara

This is part eight of the Hunger Games Series. Up next…. Peeta’s Cakes!

Nails, Nails, Nails…. Arizon Tea Nails, Heart Nails, Cheetah Nails!!

Nail Art for the Not So Talented….

Well practice, practice, practice makes perfect people!!  over the past couple of months I have been trying to do a new nail design every other Saturday in order to train my hands to be steady.  I will be the first to tell you how much I am really no good at fine detail or keeping a steady hand, especially when it comes to doing my right hand!  I am DEFINITELY NOT ambidextrous…  But after a couple of months of practice– there is definitely a noticeable difference in what I am capable of doing!  SO keep hope people, and just keep painting.

Classic Sweet-Heart Nail Design

Colorful Cheetah Nail Design (Free Hand!!)

Arizona Tea Nail Design (little blurry… but you get the idea!)

With the last two nail pictures- I created my own nail colours!!  For the colourful cheetah nails I wanted a soft baby orange & I only had a burnt orange colour.  So, it was time to get creative!  I mixed that orange with a white and yellow until I got the perfect colour I was searching for.  Then the Arizona Tea nails obviously is a very specific colour of seafoam green…  So I had to mix a teal colour with white and a tad bit of lime green.  When mixing the colours the polish doesn’t stay wet for a while- it gets tacky pretty quickly.  So, if you choose to do this- work fast!!  But it is a great way to get the colour you want without having to pay for a WHOLE BOTTLE of the stuff!!