London’s Christmas BH Cosmetics Haul: 120 Palettes & More

London’s Christmas BH Cosmetics Haul

For Christmas this year my grandmother-in-law gave me money to spend on whatever I wished…  Which was great because it’s been a really long time since I had money to BURN!!

So thanks to day-after Christmas sales I was able to get 2 things I have been wanting for a really long time!!

1.) Friends DVD Box Set- which I had in high school, but it was some rip off Japanese remake that I actually WORE OUT… Like they stopped playing because I had literally played them too many times.  So, now I have a legit copy!!


2.) A 120 palette!!

BH Cosmetics 120 Palette & More

Rumor has it [so don’t quote me on this… it’s just what my research on Google has showed me] that ANY 120 palettes are actually made from an outside manufacture that then sells the palettes to cosmetic companies like BH Cosmetics, Coastal Scents, Manly, ect…  People try and compare Company X’s palettes versus Company Y’s for a quality comparrison- but whenever you read the reviews, it’s pretty obvious that both palettes are pretty much the same quality… BECAUSE they all come from a manufacturer!!

So, if you’re pretty much getting the same product no matter where you go- then your purchase of these items is based off of whichever company you like more.  I based this decision off of PRICE!! Plus, I had heard of BH Cosmetics first, and so I had researched it longer… So I felt some sort of pull with them.

However, BH Cosmetics is also wonderful because they usually have SALES going on!!  Register with them online and they’ll send you notifications of when they sales are going on.  I waited a couple of months to watch sale prices and see what was a reasonable offer.  I ended up purchasing my AMAZING HAUL during their LAST OF THE YEAR Count Down- where select palettes were 50% OFF!!  It was spectacular!!

TOP Makeup Products: BH Cosmetics HAUL!!

It has ARRIVED!! Woot Woot!!

The 120 Palette’s:

I purchased palettes 1, 2, and 3.

This is the outside casing of the 120 Color Palettes- a nice glossy 9″x6″ hard case.

120 Palette 1st Edition


[no flash]

This palette [1st Edition] has an interesting spotted row on the right hand side.  The colours are brilliantly matched and create such an amazing effect.

120 Palette 2nd Edition

[NO flash]


120 Palette 3rd Edition


[no flash]

The palettes also feature a purple ribbon that is like a bookmark.  It sticks out from the bottom so that you can easily lift the plates out of the case.

The way the case works is that there are  TWO plates in there that are stacked on top of each other.    This is a wonderful feature because it makes it so that the case is 1/2 the size [taking up less of mine and your counter space], while we still get all the gorgeous colours!!

10 Colour Blush


[no flash]

6 Colour Contour & Blush Palette


[no flash]

I don’t have any sort of review for these palette yet because I obviously just got them.  However, I have done LOTS of research on the products and I highly suggest YOU going and taking a look at what BH Cosmetics has to offer!!  And check out the sales they have going on AND coming up.

.::très important::.

When you purchase a product of BH Cosmetics: Make sure to put in “Order Comments” that you found them off of LondonMooreBeauty!!

Et c’est fin!!

QC Makeup Academy Contest: HELP & VOTE for London Moore’s Entry “Alice in LondonLand” Look

QC Makeup Academy “All That Glitters” Contest of 2011

Hi everyone- well, AS PICTURED BELOW, I have entered the QC Makeup competition to win a MAC Giftcard, which I in turn can get more supplies to review and use here on London Moore Beauty!!  BUUUUUUUT in order for me to win this competition- I NEED VOTES!!  So :] I am humbly coming to my wonderful readers to see if 1.) you like my look and 2.) you will support me and our website by voting for my picture!!


[you can vote once EVERY 24 hours until Dec 21st- and I would appreciate ALL the votes possible if you please!!]

So…. check out the look and see what you think!!

The ONE photo I entered:

and the rest are just for you :] to gain the overall idea

“Alice in LondonLand” Concept

For years now it has been a common joke with my friends and husband that I do not entirely live in reality…  That is to say, I am very practical, but I tend to view the world through my imagination rather than what it really appears to be.  Many times talking with my best friends, we’ll go on chatting for hours about scenarios that couldn’t exist in reality.  And of course there is “My World” as Andrew calls it…  I tend to see life through a camera lens that is always at a different angle than I am.  When I am in a dance performance I hardly ever look out and see the crowd- I see my self or group on stage as if I am in the audience.  That being said… I also prefer [not entirely sure what exactly my whole world looks like…], but I wish for things to be more whimsical or extreme.  For instance, it is now my husbands goal to find “glimpses” of the world that I have created in my head- and he has picked out “Avatar” and “Alice in Wonderland” [Tim Burton film] as these snap shots of what things may look like- and I have to say he is quite right!!

I am a product of a childhood where we had 3 channels to watch until I was 8, and therefore my imagination ran wild- and not much has changed since then.

So when I was trying to think of what to create for the “All That GLITTERS” contest [where the only criteria is to use glitter in a makeup look], I went through a bunch of ideas [all theatrical of course… I didn’t want to do just a regular look that could be worn out to a family dinner]…  I knew I wanted to create the criss-cross marks you can see on my forehead, I wanted to use Jesse’s Girl eye dust called “MARDI GRAS”, MAC’s Superslick Liquid Liner “PURE SHOW” which is phenomenally glittery, and I wanted to look like a creature from “mo world”.  I decided “LondonLand” was catchy and seeing that Alice is a normal girl fallen into a world of whimsical chaos, I thought Alice in LondonLand seemed to be the perfect fit!!

I cut a feather butterfly in half and put dots of MAC’s liquid gold liner around it to make it blend cohesively with my look, and grabbed tulle that I had left over from making my niece a tutu for her birthday.  With these two extra items I formed the basis of my look, which morphed into something like the White Witch from Narnia & a sea nymph… ha :]

A Look At The Competition:

[and if you find you like someone else’s more- than certainly vote for them!! just make sure to vote because either way we will all appreciate it!!]

Again, to VOTE: CLICK HERE!!

[you can vote once EVERY 24 hours until Dec 21st- and I would appreciate ALL the votes possible if you please!!]