To All my BusyBee’s, I Present to You: MAKEUPBEE “A Fun Way to Discover New Looks & Makeup Products”

Searching for New Makeup Inspiration, My Little Londoners?

Confessional:  Working full time in the wedding industry is phenomenal fun!  It is also phenomenal work!  So I do apologize for my lack-o-looks this past month.  Shame on myself, I know.  You know it’s bad when your husband says, “Love, when was the last time you did a makeup blog?”……  Oops!

So, I believe every apology should be accompanied by a GIFT!  And so without further ado…  Here is mine to you!!

Find London Moore on MakeupBee

MakeUpBee… What is it?  It is like Facebook for the “makeup-ly creative”.  This site is like a vault, filled to the brim with thousands of different looks, styles, personalities, products, and colorful amazing-ness; the code for the vault, you ask: join through Facebook as you are in!!  So, the next time I am pulled away from my blog to hand wedding-madness…. here is a “London-Approved” site that is not out to mail your e-mail address to everyone they know, or charge you to get inspiration!  They are purely for the joy of creativity in the form of makeup-art!

…and if you are looking for a makeup challenge….

MakeUpBee hosts (I believe…) monthly competitions with different themes, inspirations, and prizes!!  I just joined this months 2 minutes ago- the theme is “MARIE ANTOINETTE”, in celebration of Lime Crime’s new line “Palette D’Antoinette”.  I believe the prize is the palette as well- which, of course, anything Lime Crime or Sugar Pill I am dying to get my hands on!!  And I have no products of theirs- but people swear by them- so I want my readers to know weather I swear by them or not too ; ) !!

When in Need… Check MakeUpBee

The moral to this story my friends: (of course keep reading my blog, because I love your visits & comments, buuuut….) check MakeUpBee for new fun looks, artists, products, reviews, tutorials, etc… and let me know your thoughts!!  There are dozens of makeup communities out there- but MakeUpBee is my favourite and (for now) the only one I keep up to date with!!

Mermaid Makeup: The BeShelled Femme or The Scaled Goddess

Mermaid Makeup: The BeShelled Femme or The Scaled Goddess

Mermaid makeup is PHENOMENAL fun because there are so many different ways to create the look.  There are sea mermaids, lagoon kind of mossy green mermaids, and endless colours and decor to choose from!!

This is brainstorm/mock up is actually for someone who contacted me and asked for me to do the makeup of 3 amazing ladies who are celebrating one of the sister’s birthday in March!!  They are having a wonderful “Under the Sea” theme and the 2 sisters are mermaid princesses and the birthday sister is the mermaid queen!!  I love this idea & not only have i come up with some different makeup looks, but I’ve also thought about tiara and crown ideas- all made from headbands, shells, starfish, and pearls!!  So, I did 2 different looks- one on either side of my face- that can be changed in colours, moved around in placement, and have ENDLESS options!!

Feminine Mermaid Makeup:

Scaled Mermaid Makeup:

New Years Eve LONDON STYLE: A Big Ben Fireworks Inspired Makeup Tutorial

New Years Eve LONDON STYLE: A Big Ben Fireworks Inspired Makeup Tutorial

The Inspiration:

I lived in England during Fall and the beginning of Winter- I completely missed out on the New Year and seeing all the AMAZING fireworks at Westminster!!  So this New Year I am completely missing England and Big Ben :] so I decided to recreate the nights colours…

New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial:

As always folks… we’re using NYX Eyeshadow Base BUUUUT this time, as you can see, I’m not using a brush and that is because we’re concentrating the base on the lower half of the lid [all the way till your crease & then just blend it in…]

Using a loose glitter [with a purple/bluish tint- I used a loose glitter from Temptressgently press it to the NYX base; make sure it’s all over the bottom half of the lid. To help prevent the glitter from falling UNDER your eyes onto your cheeks just hold a piece of tissue on your cheek directly under your eye.

Now using any sort of creme-based eyeliner or eyeshadow that is black [I’m using the NYX Jumbo Pencil “BLACK BEAN”] as well as a thin eyeliner brush- and you are going to create a line from the outer corner of your eye ALMOST all the way over, but stop right before you start to curve downward.  From there, place a piece of tape like shown above & begin to blend out the black creme.  Make sure to only blend out the top of the line & keep the bottom a straight and perfect line.

From there take a black eyeshadow [mine is from JESSE’S GIRL 9 Pan Palette “BEHIND BLUE EYES“] and pop it right on top of the black line you’ve blended.  Then take a medium purple shade [I used NYX Trio Eyeshadow Palette PURPLE] and blend that colour into the top half of the black as well as above it!!  this will create a nice blended look.

Now using a white shimmer powder [I used a random one I bought in Camden Town…] pop it onto the inner corner of your eye, right by your tear-duct, as well as 1/4 of the way below your waterline.  You can also take your tape off now!!

Using a blue eyeliner [mine is NYX “SAPHIRE”] fill in your lower lash line.  Then using a purple eyeliner [mine is JESSE’S GIRL “BOURBON STREET” which is a phenomenal glitter liner!!!] pop it into your waterline.

Again, using the same purple eyeshadow you used up top, you’re going to pop it under your waterline on the remaining 3/4, until it meets the white shimmer.

Using the same white shimmer- pop it under your brow bone as a highlighter!

Grab your liquid liner [mine is MAYBELLINE‘s liquid liner or MAC’s Fluidline “BLACKTRACK” pot works wonderfully too] and pop on your top lids eyeliner.  Wing it out on the end as well- just follow the line where the tape was!

For the lips: I used NYX lipliner “ROSE” which is a gorgeous ballerina pink colour and then  I jumped straight into my lipgloss!!  I used LACOME’s Juicy Tubes which are really pigmented glosses- so in this case lipstick is really just an unnecessary layer…  This tube is called “TICKLED PINK“.

For the cheeks: I used MAC‘s blush “DAME” which is a gorgeous pink which more blue tones than red- so it is perfect for this look!!

Et c’est fin!!

Products Used by London:

-NYX Eyeshadow Base

-NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder “BLONDE”

-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil “BLACK BEAN”

-NYX Trio Palette “PUPLES”

-NYX Eyeliner “SAPHIRE”

-NYX Lipliner “ROSE”

-MAYBELLINE Liquid Liner

-MAC Studio Fix “C4″

-MAC Blush “DAME”




-Any white shimmer :]



London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special: And on the 2nd Day of Christmas- CHRISTMAS POPPERS [a POP of colour] Inspired Makeup Tutorial

London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special: And on the 2nd Day of Christmas- CHRISTMAS POPPERS [a POP of colour] Inspired Makeup Tutorial

London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special:

…And on the 2nd Day of Christmas…

A special Christmas POPPER or otherwise known as CRACKER!!  I miss England… Not only because it FEELS like Christmas over there WAY more than it ever does in California- but also because they celebrate with crackers!!  Crackers are what is pictured below- you pull either side of the cracker & it makes a popping sound while splitting in 2 leaving the contents inside to fall out.  You get whatever little toys are inside.  It’s such a brilliant Christmas tradition!!

The Inspiration:

The Look:





On The 2nd Day of Christmas Tutorial:

Today’s look does not need a tutorial- it is more of a helpful tip or advice!  The holiday season can be so hectic and with all the errands that need to be done, presents that need to be wrapped, and holiday parties to attend- it can be really easy to cram too much into one day & not have enough time for ANYTHING much less the time for getting ready and putting makeup on…  So here is a HOLIDAY HELPING TIP: Makeup is not always about a FULL look.  You eyes don’t have to be completely done up, or have lipliner AND lipstick.  The next time you are in a rush but still want to look nice- try a POP OF COLOUR!!  Do your foundation or powder, eyeliner & mascara, a touch of blush, a dash of lipgloss, and then whatever colour looks good with your outfit [and is BOLD] pop it on UNDER your waterline!!

Et c’est fin!!

Products Used By London:

Magenta: NYX Trio Eyeshadow Palette PURPLES

Emerald: MAC’s Eyeshadow “STEAMY”

Gold: MAC’s Eyeshadow “GOLDENROD”

Brown: MAC’s Eyeshadow “EMBARK”

London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special: And on the 4th Day of Christmas- AN OPEN FIRE [Yellow, Oranges, Brown, & Red] Inspired Makeup Tutorial

London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special: And on the 4th Day of Christmas- AN OPEN FIRE [Yellow, Oranges, Brown, & Red] Inspired Makeup Tutorial

London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special:

…And on the 4th Day of Christmas…

Chestnut roasted on an OPEN FIRE!  My hubby was singing that song out last night, and I thought colours of a nice Christmas fire place would be perfect for my tutorial today.  I love this look because although it is very bold and brilliant- it is also wearable if paired with the right outfit.  A nice red cocktail dress for a party, or jean and a white wife-beater [i hate that name…] tank.  Dress it up or down, but you’ll always be complimented on it!!

The Inspiration:

The Look:

On The 4th Day of Christmas [Picture] Tutorial:

Cover your lid in NYX Eyeshadow base [as usual].  If you are new to LMB- the reason why we use this product in our daily makeup is because the base not only holds eyeshadow on your lid longer but it makes your eyeshadow colours pop.  This is will be very evident in our look today!!

Use the matte yellow colour from ELF’s 144 palette and start in the inner corner of your eye- then keep padding it out 3/4 of the way across your lid.  Then repeat this with MAC’s GOLDENROD- just popping it right on top on the matte yellow.  Keep he colour UNDER your crease line.  We’re doing a rainbow technique, which means we’re building UP rather than out.

Now, using your GOLDEN ORANGE from NYX, build your rainbow technique on top of the yellow colours.

Take NYX eyeshadow AFRICA and start on the outter corner of your eye [on the side] and blend the red up and out around the orange.

Now in a small triangle [where the blended yellows & orange meet the red] pop in MAC’s COPPERING eyeshadow- then blend.

it is difficult to see in this shot- buuuut take MAC’s EMBARK and from the end of your outer eye [where you would wing your eyeliner] make a small wing of the deep brown eyeshadow- lightly.

Then blend it seamlessly into the red & copper colour.

Now working bellow your waterline- start from the inner corner of your eye and put on the colours in this order:  GOLDENROD, GOLDEN ORANGE, AFRICA [red], and lastly EMBARK [deep brown].  Just do little lines and then blend them all together.

Then pop in “VANILLA SHIMMER” as your brow bone highlighter.


The lips have COLORESCIENCE PRO as the lipliner in “NUDE”, NYX lipstick in yummi “PUMPKIN PIE”, and on the center of your lips [for some extra pout] use LANCOMES juicy tube “SIMMER”.

Est c’est fin!

Products Used by London:

-ELF Cosmetics 144 Palette- Matte Yellow 

[5th yellow from the top]

-NYX Eyeshadow Base

-NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder “BLONDE”



-NYX Mosaic Powder “DARE”


-LANCOME Juiccy Tubes Lipgloss “SIMMER”

-MAYBELLINE Liquid Liner

-MAC Prolongwear Lip Creme “OVERTIME”

-MAC Studio Fix “C4″