NYX Colour Swatches: Jumbo Eye & Lip Pencils, Thin Lip Liners, Eye Liners, Liquid Liner & Lipsticks

NYX Colour Swatches: Jumbo Eye & Lip Pencils, Thin Lip Liners, Eye Liners, Liquid Liner & Lipsticks

I just decided to go through and show you some swatches of colours that I have had and use frequently.  I’m sure there are many of these products that you can spot on my tutorials, however I have never shown you exactly how they look with a flash and without.  Feel free to browse, check out, and see if they are up to your taste!!

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils:

These JEP are one of my favourites that NYX produces!! They come in an array of colours and you can use them as a spectacular base!!


[No Flash]

NYX Lip Liners, Eye Liners, Jumbo Lip Pencil, & Liquid Liner:

Lip Liners: Coral, Rose, Pinky, & Red Hot

Jumbo Lip Pencil: Hera

Eye Liners: Gold, Teal

Liquid Liner: Extreme Blue


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Eye Liners receive: 

Eyeliners come in many gorgeous colours, and work beautifully on the skin.  If you are putting them on your skin on your eyelid or under your waterline, they work perfectly!! However, if you wise to use them in your waterline- I would think twice. Although they perform well on skin, their ability to give pigment to your waterline is not that great.

Lip Liners receive:

Lip liners give great pigmentation and are of great quality!!

Jumbo Lip Pencil receives:

The JLP are just as the JEP!! They are great quality and come in an array of gorgeous colours!!

Liquid Liner receives:

NYX Lipstick:



[No Flash]

NYX Lipsticks come in ENDLESS colours and are beautiful.  Some have a nice sheen to them and other are a beautiful matte finish.  Some of MAC’s matte finishes are a little TOO matte because they can flake off…  But the NYX matte colours are the perfect balance of hydration and matte finish!!

Et c’est fin!!

London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special: And on the 6th Day of Christmas- COAL [Metallic Grays & Charcoal] Inspired Makeup Tutorial

London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special: And on the 6th Day of Christmas- COAL [Metallic Grays & Charcoal] Inspired Makeup Tutorial

London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special:

…And on the 6th Day of Christmas…

I was completely horrible and therefore received COAL…. dun, dun, dun!! There is not much more to say about this look other than I did a DUO-SLAM… which I hardly ever do.  But I did “coal” inspired eyes with a NYX “pinky” lip.

The Inspiration:


On The 6th Day of Christmas [Picture] Tutorial:

Use NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Milk on 3/4 of the lid & Black Bean on the last outer 1/4

Using a blending brush- blend the colours to mesh & fade out

Using NYX Smokey Eyes Palette- use their brightest white [bottom right] on the inner corner of your eye.  Pop it right onto the Milk eye pencil.   Also bring the colour all the way out to the left and down under your waterline as well.

Then do the same with the granit/charcoal colour [top right] & pop it onto the Black Bean eye pencil area.  Then blend it down under your waterline as well.

Now using the lightest gray colour in the palette [2nd from the right] pop it in the center where you have yet to put any shadow.  Then again, in the center under your waterline.

Now go through and so some SERIOUS blending!! Make it so that one colour just FADES into the next…  Also repeat this on the bottom [under your waterline].

Now to highlight under your brow-bone, use the champaign colour [top left] and just pop it right under your eyebrow- then blending this colour with all the rest- very subtly!!

Now put black eyeliner 1/2 the way ON your waterline & using the Milk jumbo eye pencil- do the other 1/2.  Where they meet- overlap some, it’ll naturally make the area gray.

Now using your liquid liner- do your eyeliner on top- and wing it out [but slightly]

Now using whatever sort of glitter eyeliner you have- trace it across your black liner.  We want glitter flecks here- not a solid line.

Now dab your liner onto a surface [I used my wrist] and using my 239 brush I am swirling the glitter around in hopes of only catching the glitter flecks and drying up all the liquid… I am then dabbing the glitter from the brush onto my lid.  Make the glitter even!! Don’t clump it all up…


For my lips- I wanted them to be a bit bigger and bolder, so with my lipliner I traced JUST OUTSIDE of my natural lip line… And then used NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil “Chaos” to fill in.

As for cheeks- I used the products listed below… But I’m using a palette I cannot for the life of me remember where it is from… But anyhow, the colour is a soft pink hue with some golden/peachy tones.  And then I put MAC’s iridescent powder all over it!

Products Used by London:

-NYX Smokey Eye Palette

-NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder “BLONDE”

-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils “MILK” & “BLACK BEAN”

-NYX Lipliner “PINKY”

-NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil “CHAOS”

-MAC Studio Fix “C4″

Unknown Palette Pinky-Peach Blush

-MAC Iridescent Powder

-MAYBELLINE Liquid Liner

-Random glitter liquid liner… Anything you’ve got will work!!