London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special: And on the 12th Day of Christmas- CRANBERRY & POPCORN Garland Inspired Makeup Tutorial

London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special:

….And on the 12th Day of Christmas…

Came the Cranberry & Popcorn Christmas tree garland makeup tutorial!!  Hey everyone, and Merry holiday season :]  for the last 12 days till Christmas I am putting up a makeup tutorial each and everyday that is inspired by this blessed holiday season!!  So, naturally today is our FIRST of the 12 day special & it is a makeup look comprised of gorgeous golds, cranberry-maroons & coppers, and nude tones.  This is a quick and easy tutorial [only 4 minutes long] and it really looks spectacular for this holiday season!!

The Inspiration:

I’ve never made a cranberry & popcorn garland before, but what  made me think of it was a Christmas episode of Gilmore Girls where they are sitting down together and making this festive garland!

Lorelai: [To Gigi] Very pretty, honey.

Rory: Hey, what a good job.

Lorelai: You know what I really like? Your cranberry-to-popcorn ratio — Rory’s more of a one-to-one kind of gal, but I’m like you, I like a lot of cranberry, a little popcorn thrown in for flair. [aside to Rory] Yours is pretty too.

Rory: Thank you.

Ha if you watch the show at all…. You know EXACTLY how to read that :] fast & with the right inflections!!

On the 12th Day of Christmas Tutorial:

Products Used By London:

-NYX Eyeshadow Base

-NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder “BLONDE” [not shown]

-NYX Spa Lipstick “SPIRIT”

-MAC Studio Fix “C4″


-MAC Eyeshadow “COPPERING”

-MAC Superslick Liquid Eyeliner “PURE SHOW”

-JESSE’S GIRL 9 Pan Colour Palette “TICKLED PINK” [4th from the right]

-COVERGIRL Eye Enhancer Shadow “CARMEL KISS”

-MAYBELLINE Liquid Liner