London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special: And on the 4th Day of Christmas- AN OPEN FIRE [Yellow, Oranges, Brown, & Red] Inspired Makeup Tutorial

London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special: And on the 4th Day of Christmas- AN OPEN FIRE [Yellow, Oranges, Brown, & Red] Inspired Makeup Tutorial

London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special:

…And on the 4th Day of Christmas…

Chestnut roasted on an OPEN FIRE!  My hubby was singing that song out last night, and I thought colours of a nice Christmas fire place would be perfect for my tutorial today.  I love this look because although it is very bold and brilliant- it is also wearable if paired with the right outfit.  A nice red cocktail dress for a party, or jean and a white wife-beater [i hate that name…] tank.  Dress it up or down, but you’ll always be complimented on it!!

The Inspiration:

The Look:

On The 4th Day of Christmas [Picture] Tutorial:

Cover your lid in NYX Eyeshadow base [as usual].  If you are new to LMB- the reason why we use this product in our daily makeup is because the base not only holds eyeshadow on your lid longer but it makes your eyeshadow colours pop.  This is will be very evident in our look today!!

Use the matte yellow colour from ELF’s 144 palette and start in the inner corner of your eye- then keep padding it out 3/4 of the way across your lid.  Then repeat this with MAC’s GOLDENROD- just popping it right on top on the matte yellow.  Keep he colour UNDER your crease line.  We’re doing a rainbow technique, which means we’re building UP rather than out.

Now, using your GOLDEN ORANGE from NYX, build your rainbow technique on top of the yellow colours.

Take NYX eyeshadow AFRICA and start on the outter corner of your eye [on the side] and blend the red up and out around the orange.

Now in a small triangle [where the blended yellows & orange meet the red] pop in MAC’s COPPERING eyeshadow- then blend.

it is difficult to see in this shot- buuuut take MAC’s EMBARK and from the end of your outer eye [where you would wing your eyeliner] make a small wing of the deep brown eyeshadow- lightly.

Then blend it seamlessly into the red & copper colour.

Now working bellow your waterline- start from the inner corner of your eye and put on the colours in this order:  GOLDENROD, GOLDEN ORANGE, AFRICA [red], and lastly EMBARK [deep brown].  Just do little lines and then blend them all together.

Then pop in “VANILLA SHIMMER” as your brow bone highlighter.


The lips have COLORESCIENCE PRO as the lipliner in “NUDE”, NYX lipstick in yummi “PUMPKIN PIE”, and on the center of your lips [for some extra pout] use LANCOMES juicy tube “SIMMER”.

Est c’est fin!

Products Used by London:

-ELF Cosmetics 144 Palette- Matte Yellow 

[5th yellow from the top]

-NYX Eyeshadow Base

-NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder “BLONDE”



-NYX Mosaic Powder “DARE”


-LANCOME Juiccy Tubes Lipgloss “SIMMER”

-MAYBELLINE Liquid Liner

-MAC Prolongwear Lip Creme “OVERTIME”

-MAC Studio Fix “C4″