NYX Colour Swatches: Jumbo Eye & Lip Pencils, Thin Lip Liners, Eye Liners, Liquid Liner & Lipsticks

NYX Colour Swatches: Jumbo Eye & Lip Pencils, Thin Lip Liners, Eye Liners, Liquid Liner & Lipsticks

I just decided to go through and show you some swatches of colours that I have had and use frequently.  I’m sure there are many of these products that you can spot on my tutorials, however I have never shown you exactly how they look with a flash and without.  Feel free to browse, check out, and see if they are up to your taste!!

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils:

These JEP are one of my favourites that NYX produces!! They come in an array of colours and you can use them as a spectacular base!!


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NYX Lip Liners, Eye Liners, Jumbo Lip Pencil, & Liquid Liner:

Lip Liners: Coral, Rose, Pinky, & Red Hot

Jumbo Lip Pencil: Hera

Eye Liners: Gold, Teal

Liquid Liner: Extreme Blue


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Eye Liners receive: 

Eyeliners come in many gorgeous colours, and work beautifully on the skin.  If you are putting them on your skin on your eyelid or under your waterline, they work perfectly!! However, if you wise to use them in your waterline- I would think twice. Although they perform well on skin, their ability to give pigment to your waterline is not that great.

Lip Liners receive:

Lip liners give great pigmentation and are of great quality!!

Jumbo Lip Pencil receives:

The JLP are just as the JEP!! They are great quality and come in an array of gorgeous colours!!

Liquid Liner receives:

NYX Lipstick:



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NYX Lipsticks come in ENDLESS colours and are beautiful.  Some have a nice sheen to them and other are a beautiful matte finish.  Some of MAC’s matte finishes are a little TOO matte because they can flake off…  But the NYX matte colours are the perfect balance of hydration and matte finish!!

Et c’est fin!!

Hard Candy Haul: The Metallic Eyeshadows, Cheek Tints, & Divine Smelling Lipstick!!

Hard Candy Haul: Colour Swatches

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So I got a SPECTACULAR haul of Hard Candy cosmetics and I am so excited to show you the colours swatches and possibilities!!  The colours are sensational and the quality of the products are well respected.  So go ahead & check them out!!

Hard Candy EYE DEF Metallic Eyeshadow:

To give a good understanding of what the colours look like when packed on with colour & when smoothed and blended out- I gave 2 swatches of each colour.  That way you can judge for yourself if you like how they blend out :]


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Hard Candy Duo Hide & Glow Cheek Tint:

The cheek tint works quite beautifully.  Although it is difficult to see in photograph- the colour is beautiful and blends quite nicely.  It is important to not have the colour of your blush POP too much… You’re not a China doll after all 😉


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Hard Candy Lipstick

Oh. My. Gosh.  This lipstick SMELLS divine!!  I had multiple people smell it to give feedback on what they smelled because it just smells so good to everyone- YET smells different to everyone as well.  Some people said ti smelled of  orange & brown sugar.  Others: vanilla and honey. The list goes on and on, but the consensus is that it smells FANTASTIC!!  It also puts a nice peachy sheen on your lips and hydrates them nicely!!


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All of these products can be found on Hard Candy as well as in stores as WalMart! If you order online- in the “order comments” box at the bottom of your check out, just let them know that LondonMooreBeauty sent ya!!

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Smokey Narrow Crease Cut Makeup Tutorial

The Crease Cut

There are a couple of handfuls of ways to do makeup!!  There are many eyeshadow shapes, blending methods, and colour schemes…  Everyone of course has their own favourite method, shape, and look- and one that I am quite fond of is the crease cut.

Although this look seems to be a bit more dramatic and/or formal, it can be toned down to wear during the daytime.  The way to do that is to NARROW the crease!!  So, this look is a daytime look, perfect for school or a lunch date with your mom :]. Now, the crease cut look is when you BOLDLY create a line of colour that separates the soft colour on your lid from the harsh contrasting colour that you’ve popped into your crease [where your eyelid folds when you look straight].  Crease cutting is a way to make your eyes seem longer and tilted.

Smokey Narrow Cut Crease Tutorial

My tools :]

Start off by padding on your NYX Eyeshadow Base all over you eyelid.

Pick out a shadow that is your skin tone colour [the colour above is what I used from BH Cosmetics 3rd Edition palette] and pad it in across your eyelid, but do not go above your crease!

The next colour you are going to use is one that is a medium brown colour.  You want it to be darker than the skin tone colour, but not the darkest brown…  You want the 2 browns to be able to blend nicely.  You can just use your finger for this- you are going to pad it into the outer v of your eye [the outer corner].

NEXT, take a small pencil brush [very small tip that makes intricate work easier] and a black eyeshadow [I used an unknown palette that has a nice matte black…]. You are going to create a wing shape that jets out from the corner of your eye, come down a bit, and then follows your crease in ALMOST to the inner v.

Now take the deepest brown you have [I used “EMBARK” from MAC] and a fluffy dome brush [or a tapering blending brush, that works too] and work that colour into the black and on top of it.  You want it to blend realllllly well so harsh lines disappear .  In fact, looking at my zoomed in pictures I could have done some more blending on the inner v area… But c’est la vie.

Once the deep brown is blended in, take a light brown colour [that is darker than the skin tone eyeshadow you used first], and pop it ABOVE.  This will help create a nice gradual flow of colour.

Take a NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil and draw a dot below your eyebrow bone and on the outside of your tear duct.  Then, smooth it out and blend it in.  Once that is done, use a nice cream-matte colour and fill in all the areas.  [See picture to really understand where the locations are- but it is right bellow the outer most part of your eyebrow & downward.  Just right outside your tear duct]

Now put on your eyeliner.  Make sure to wing it out on top [and follow the line already created], and pop some into your waterline on the top and bottom, if you can.  I know some people can only get their bottom waterline because otherwise they tear up… So just do what you can :]

Now use that small pencil brush again and pop all the colours you used UNDER your waterline.  Start at the outer v and go in this order: black, deep brow, light brown, cream colour.

Pop on your marcara or falsies!

And fill in your brows if you haven’t yet!!

For the rest of the face- I did contouring work because I wanted my bone structure to really POP!!  Now I don’t have phenomenal bone structure to begin with [thanks a lot genetics…] so I create it with BH Cosmetics contouring palette.  In the picture above I put on the darker brown colour and didn’t blend it in so you can see where I put it for this look.

You can put the darker brown right below the apples of your cheeks.  So when you make the “fish face”, instead of putting the colour above where you cheeks indent, you actually want to put the contouring brown IN the indent!!  You also want to put it below your chin, but where your chin and neck meet [so kind of a place naturally hidden because it faces downward].  And then lastly, put the darker brown colour along your hair line on your forehead.

NOW, you’ll use the lighter highlighter colour from the palette and put it in the center of your forehead, the apples of your cheeks, your chin, and the sides of your nose.


Lastly, for my lips I used NYX Lipliner “CORAL” and NYX Lipstick “PUMPKIN PIE”

The Look

Et c’est fin!!

Products Used By London:

-BH Cosmetics 3rd Edition Palette

-BH Cosmetics 6 Color Contouring Palette

-MAC Eyeshadow “EMBARK”

-MAC Studio Fix C4

-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil “MILK”

-NYX Lipliner “CORAL”


-NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder “BLONDE”

-MAYBELLINE Liquid Liner

-MAYBELLINE Falsies Volume Express Mascara

New Years Eve LONDON STYLE: A Big Ben Fireworks Inspired Makeup Tutorial

New Years Eve LONDON STYLE: A Big Ben Fireworks Inspired Makeup Tutorial

The Inspiration:

I lived in England during Fall and the beginning of Winter- I completely missed out on the New Year and seeing all the AMAZING fireworks at Westminster!!  So this New Year I am completely missing England and Big Ben :] so I decided to recreate the nights colours…

New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial:

As always folks… we’re using NYX Eyeshadow Base BUUUUT this time, as you can see, I’m not using a brush and that is because we’re concentrating the base on the lower half of the lid [all the way till your crease & then just blend it in…]

Using a loose glitter [with a purple/bluish tint- I used a loose glitter from Temptressgently press it to the NYX base; make sure it’s all over the bottom half of the lid. To help prevent the glitter from falling UNDER your eyes onto your cheeks just hold a piece of tissue on your cheek directly under your eye.

Now using any sort of creme-based eyeliner or eyeshadow that is black [I’m using the NYX Jumbo Pencil “BLACK BEAN”] as well as a thin eyeliner brush- and you are going to create a line from the outer corner of your eye ALMOST all the way over, but stop right before you start to curve downward.  From there, place a piece of tape like shown above & begin to blend out the black creme.  Make sure to only blend out the top of the line & keep the bottom a straight and perfect line.

From there take a black eyeshadow [mine is from JESSE’S GIRL 9 Pan Palette “BEHIND BLUE EYES“] and pop it right on top of the black line you’ve blended.  Then take a medium purple shade [I used NYX Trio Eyeshadow Palette PURPLE] and blend that colour into the top half of the black as well as above it!!  this will create a nice blended look.

Now using a white shimmer powder [I used a random one I bought in Camden Town…] pop it onto the inner corner of your eye, right by your tear-duct, as well as 1/4 of the way below your waterline.  You can also take your tape off now!!

Using a blue eyeliner [mine is NYX “SAPHIRE”] fill in your lower lash line.  Then using a purple eyeliner [mine is JESSE’S GIRL “BOURBON STREET” which is a phenomenal glitter liner!!!] pop it into your waterline.

Again, using the same purple eyeshadow you used up top, you’re going to pop it under your waterline on the remaining 3/4, until it meets the white shimmer.

Using the same white shimmer- pop it under your brow bone as a highlighter!

Grab your liquid liner [mine is MAYBELLINE‘s liquid liner or MAC’s Fluidline “BLACKTRACK” pot works wonderfully too] and pop on your top lids eyeliner.  Wing it out on the end as well- just follow the line where the tape was!

For the lips: I used NYX lipliner “ROSE” which is a gorgeous ballerina pink colour and then  I jumped straight into my lipgloss!!  I used LACOME’s Juicy Tubes which are really pigmented glosses- so in this case lipstick is really just an unnecessary layer…  This tube is called “TICKLED PINK“.

For the cheeks: I used MAC‘s blush “DAME” which is a gorgeous pink which more blue tones than red- so it is perfect for this look!!

Et c’est fin!!

Products Used by London:

-NYX Eyeshadow Base

-NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder “BLONDE”

-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil “BLACK BEAN”

-NYX Trio Palette “PUPLES”

-NYX Eyeliner “SAPHIRE”

-NYX Lipliner “ROSE”

-MAYBELLINE Liquid Liner

-MAC Studio Fix “C4″

-MAC Blush “DAME”




-Any white shimmer :]



Twilight Movie 2011: Kristen Stewart’s Twilight Breaking Dawn Movie Premiere Makeup Tutorial PLUS a Bonus K. Stew Look

Kristen Stewart’s Twilight’s Breaking Dawn Movie Premiere Makeup

All right guys… I am not a fan of Twilight :C I’m sorry!!! I know, I am practically 1 out of 1 million women who don’t treasure the modern rendition of Romeo & Juliet with the spin or eternal life at the end.  What can I say, I am not one for “love stories”.  I will say this though despite my lack of intrest in the plot line, I  do have a fascination with vocabulary- and I am impressed with Ms. Meyers’ lexicon in the written Twilight saga.

Well aside from all that…  The movie premiere was Monday night [Nov. 14] and despite my dislike of the awkwardness, Kristen Stewart’s overall look was pretty, and her makeup was beautiful!!  Now, she must have pre-gamed somewhere because in pictures where she is blinking and you can see her full lids, her makeup looks really worn…  So I decided to do the “Pre-PreGaming Makeup” that she was probably intending to show up in :]  Twilight’s Breaking Dawn PUBLIC premiere is to come out tomorrow night at the stoke of mid-night, I’m sure all you “Twihards” will be there… Just be on the lookout for teens so in love they’re crying, college girls decked out in their handmade “Team” whoever shirts, and moms pretending they are there for their kids but really they will claw anyone who blocks them from a front row seat…

Twilight Movie 2011 K. Stew’s Makeup:

Twilight Breaking Dawn Makeup Tutorial:

Breaking Dawn Trailer

[Just in case you missed it in the past 10 months…]

For Subscribers Eyes ONLY…

So as stated in the tutorial…  Although I am not  K. Stew fan I did LOVE her shoot with W Magazine where they stylized her in a 60’s Mod look!!  It was absolutely brilliant!!  So, in hopes of not having to post another entry in honor of her- I am doing this look for my subscribers.  It is so amazing is completely beautiful…  I may not like her awkwardness or that she SEEMS like a not nice person [don’t know her so can’t judge for sure….], the girl can take a mean photograph!!  I mean, I know it is airbrushed like CRAZY, but still…  Props to her.  Here is her look and I will post the link for my subscribers that has the tutorial on it!!

Kristen Stewart’s W Magazine 60’s Mod Makeover:

Tutorial Link:

All my dear SUBSCRIBERS click HERE for the tutorial of Kristen Stewarts’ 60’s/Mod Makeup Tutorial