Thanksgiving Day 2011 Fashion Update- What Did YOU Wear?!

Inspired by “PARADE” & “FESTIVITIES”

Searching through my wardrobe this morning I was thinking back to my inspiration boards [Holiday Outfit Inspirations] and I was COMPLETELY inspired by “Parade” & “Festivities”!!  So…. Job well done inspiration boards!!  You worked perfectly.  As I said, my fam is casual on Thanksgiving and so dressy skirts & dresses don’t exactly make the cut on Turkey Day… So inspired by “Parades” casual/cosy pictures mixed with “Festivities” fun and playful Fall colours I decided upon this outfit….. :]

Ensemble Pieces:

1.) Mustard yellow coat with 4″ ruffle bottom [Burlington Coat Factory]

2.) Skinny Jeans [Charlotte’s Russe]

3.) Taupe Ankle Boots [Pink Zone]

4.) White 3/4 length mid-button-up top [Forever 21]

5.) Peach & burnt orange 3 layered floral top [Pink Zone]

6.) Shades of Gray Scarf [unknown… sorry!]

Products Use:

MAC Eyeshadow “Coppering”

MAC Eyeshadow “Golden Rod”

MAC Eyeshadow “Embark”

MAC Prolong-wear “To The Future” 

MAC Superslick Liquid Eyeliner “Pure Show”

NYX Eyeshadow “Golden Orange”

NYX Mosaic Powder Blush “Dare”

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder “Blonde”


And this is my makeup- which lasted throughout the long day of celebrations at two different households!!  We started at 12:00pm and this picture was taken when we got home around 7:00pm!!  Talk about long lasting…  Not exactly in it’s prime, but just as good as any other 4 hour wear makeup- except this lasted LONGER!!

The Rest of Turkey Day!!

and my hubby with his beautiful mama… and his “are we done yet, love?” smile.

Last, LAST Minute DIY Thanksgiving Day/Fall Vegetable Centerpieces… I Promise!!

DIY Project for Thanksgiving 2011 That is INCREDIBLY Last, LAST Minute

Hey everyone, so it is houuuurs before Thanksgiving 2011 dinner is about to beging and I have one last DIY project for you all if you need something else last minute & decided the citrus candles were going to take too long… Here is something much more simple & quick.

Squash Vases

White Pumpkin Vase

Bell Pepper Vase

DIY Thanksgiving Day/Fall Vegetable Centerpieces


The Before…

And the After…

Last Minute DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece: Dried Citrus Candle

The Dried Citrus Candle

All little last minute inspiration for your Thanksgiving Day meal centerpiece :]

Turn oven to 250

Supplies you’ll need

End result of the dried fruit :] continue on in the steps laid out by the tutorial video!!

Thanksgiving Day 2011 Holiday Outfit Inspiration Boards- 5 Noteworthy Genres of Ensembles

Thanksgiving 2011 Dress Code Ideas

I love dressing for the holidays, especially Thanksgiving day and Christmas!!  Those holidays are the FALL holidays and I can wear coats, scarves, boots, and whatever else SCREAMS United Kingdom weather-wear!!  As I am residing in California… the opportunity for those kinds of outfits are slim… to none.  However, a lady can dream- and so I have dreamt up Thanksgiving Day genres and filled them with adorable outfits!! COME!! Get inspiration from the cutest “Thanksgiving-y” ensembles.


Inspired by the sweet and innocent colours of cream, taupe, champagne, and ivory.  Although history has been seriously mislead to our younger generations [thinking that Puritans and Natives all sat down from an innocent Thanksgiving together where they all said grace and ate turkey], when in all actuality Small Pox blankets were involved as well as cannibalism… This look is in lieu of how blissful innocence can be… :] ha.


This board was put together with the serious love all of the different colours of jeans.  Thanksgiving 2011 will be marked by the denim that had a loud splash of colour!!  I am seeing these jeans sold everywhere, and I have to say that the burnt orange ones have to be one of my favourites!!  However all colours represent Fall and the gorgeous colours of harvest.


“Parade” was inspired by the casual Thanksgiving-er.  I have certainly attended Thanksgiving dinners where everyone is required to be dressed in formal wear, but that is not the case in my family.  We like to be cosy & casual as we sit and watch the Parade!!


Well you can hardly go wrong with DARKS, especially Black & Navy!!  Wether it be dressy or casual, blacks and navy’s hold a certain “strength” in their colour and so of course these shades never go out of style…  Simplicity has always been part of tradition and therefore- so has “the DARKS”.  Ha, think modern Pilgram if you will….


Browns, oranges, and whatever hues fall in between always give me the feeling of Thanksgiving time!!  Especially if they have patterns on them, like the floor length skirt in the lower LEFT hand corner…  All of these outfits in “Festivities” remind me of outfits for Thanksgiving carnivals or primary school plays where everything Thanksgiving-y is taken so literally: turkey’s everywhere… kids dressed up as “Indians”…  and corn, squash, and cornucopias are hanging everywhere.  It’s more the cheesy side of the holiday- but that is why you can put a “FASHION SPIN” on it and make it look chic!!

Gilmore Girl’s Thoughts on What To Be Thankful For…

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