To All my BusyBee’s, I Present to You: MAKEUPBEE “A Fun Way to Discover New Looks & Makeup Products”

Searching for New Makeup Inspiration, My Little Londoners?

Confessional:  Working full time in the wedding industry is phenomenal fun!  It is also phenomenal work!  So I do apologize for my lack-o-looks this past month.  Shame on myself, I know.  You know it’s bad when your husband says, “Love, when was the last time you did a makeup blog?”……  Oops!

So, I believe every apology should be accompanied by a GIFT!  And so without further ado…  Here is mine to you!!

Find London Moore on MakeupBee

MakeUpBee… What is it?  It is like Facebook for the “makeup-ly creative”.  This site is like a vault, filled to the brim with thousands of different looks, styles, personalities, products, and colorful amazing-ness; the code for the vault, you ask: join through Facebook as you are in!!  So, the next time I am pulled away from my blog to hand wedding-madness…. here is a “London-Approved” site that is not out to mail your e-mail address to everyone they know, or charge you to get inspiration!  They are purely for the joy of creativity in the form of makeup-art!

…and if you are looking for a makeup challenge….

MakeUpBee hosts (I believe…) monthly competitions with different themes, inspirations, and prizes!!  I just joined this months 2 minutes ago- the theme is “MARIE ANTOINETTE”, in celebration of Lime Crime’s new line “Palette D’Antoinette”.  I believe the prize is the palette as well- which, of course, anything Lime Crime or Sugar Pill I am dying to get my hands on!!  And I have no products of theirs- but people swear by them- so I want my readers to know weather I swear by them or not too ; ) !!

When in Need… Check MakeUpBee

The moral to this story my friends: (of course keep reading my blog, because I love your visits & comments, buuuut….) check MakeUpBee for new fun looks, artists, products, reviews, tutorials, etc… and let me know your thoughts!!  There are dozens of makeup communities out there- but MakeUpBee is my favourite and (for now) the only one I keep up to date with!!

NYX Matte Nail Polish Haul- Swatches & Review

NYX Matte Nail Polish Haul

I love NYX makeup and so I thought I’d give some of their polishes a shot!!  I chose to try out the “Matte” polish because it isn’t very common & I loved the colours NYX offered.  Sephora & OPI have some matte polishes, but they tend to be a bit more pricey- whereas NYX is usually always more affordable!!

Colour Swatches

NYX Matte Orange $4.00

NYX Matte White $4.00

NYX Matte Taupe $4.00

NYX Matte Black $4.00


NYX Matte nail polish comes in a 10 milliliter jar with a black pastic top.  I personally prefer this type of top because the brush on the inside is built into the plastic top.  It’s definitely a point knocker when the brush can be separated from the lid because eventually over time, the brush can and will just pop out…

The brush itself is pretty thick, but moves smoothly across the nail and the thickness doesn’t make doing your toes impossible!!  The bursh also has an angle to it- so you can flip it back and forth depending on where you need to create a curve or edge!!

The polish itself comes in gorgeous colours!! I chose Black, White, Orange, and Taupe- all of which can be viewed up top.  The polish is thick enough that you could be fine with 1 coat, but 2 really seals the deal.  The thing with this polish is that you don’t want to use a top coat!!  Top coats gives a sleek and glossy sheen to your nails and that is the whole point of a matte polish- to NOT have that gloss.  Therefore, without a top coat [like most matte polishes] the NYX Matte can also chip easier than polishes WITH top coats.

Another major bonus with NYX Matte polish is that they are affordable!!  All polishes are $4.00 and can be purchased HERE.  In the “order comments” box at the bottom of your check out, just let them know that LondonMooreBeauty sent ya!!

Overall… I am a big fan of NYX and their polishes.

Et c’est fin!!

London’s Christmas BH Cosmetics Haul: 120 Palettes & More

London’s Christmas BH Cosmetics Haul

For Christmas this year my grandmother-in-law gave me money to spend on whatever I wished…  Which was great because it’s been a really long time since I had money to BURN!!

So thanks to day-after Christmas sales I was able to get 2 things I have been wanting for a really long time!!

1.) Friends DVD Box Set- which I had in high school, but it was some rip off Japanese remake that I actually WORE OUT… Like they stopped playing because I had literally played them too many times.  So, now I have a legit copy!!


2.) A 120 palette!!

BH Cosmetics 120 Palette & More

Rumor has it [so don’t quote me on this… it’s just what my research on Google has showed me] that ANY 120 palettes are actually made from an outside manufacture that then sells the palettes to cosmetic companies like BH Cosmetics, Coastal Scents, Manly, ect…  People try and compare Company X’s palettes versus Company Y’s for a quality comparrison- but whenever you read the reviews, it’s pretty obvious that both palettes are pretty much the same quality… BECAUSE they all come from a manufacturer!!

So, if you’re pretty much getting the same product no matter where you go- then your purchase of these items is based off of whichever company you like more.  I based this decision off of PRICE!! Plus, I had heard of BH Cosmetics first, and so I had researched it longer… So I felt some sort of pull with them.

However, BH Cosmetics is also wonderful because they usually have SALES going on!!  Register with them online and they’ll send you notifications of when they sales are going on.  I waited a couple of months to watch sale prices and see what was a reasonable offer.  I ended up purchasing my AMAZING HAUL during their LAST OF THE YEAR Count Down- where select palettes were 50% OFF!!  It was spectacular!!

TOP Makeup Products: BH Cosmetics HAUL!!

It has ARRIVED!! Woot Woot!!

The 120 Palette’s:

I purchased palettes 1, 2, and 3.

This is the outside casing of the 120 Color Palettes- a nice glossy 9″x6″ hard case.

120 Palette 1st Edition


[no flash]

This palette [1st Edition] has an interesting spotted row on the right hand side.  The colours are brilliantly matched and create such an amazing effect.

120 Palette 2nd Edition

[NO flash]


120 Palette 3rd Edition


[no flash]

The palettes also feature a purple ribbon that is like a bookmark.  It sticks out from the bottom so that you can easily lift the plates out of the case.

The way the case works is that there are  TWO plates in there that are stacked on top of each other.    This is a wonderful feature because it makes it so that the case is 1/2 the size [taking up less of mine and your counter space], while we still get all the gorgeous colours!!

10 Colour Blush


[no flash]

6 Colour Contour & Blush Palette


[no flash]

I don’t have any sort of review for these palette yet because I obviously just got them.  However, I have done LOTS of research on the products and I highly suggest YOU going and taking a look at what BH Cosmetics has to offer!!  And check out the sales they have going on AND coming up.

.::très important::.

When you purchase a product of BH Cosmetics: Make sure to put in “Order Comments” that you found them off of LondonMooreBeauty!!

Et c’est fin!!

Chella “BROW BEAUTY TOOLS” a Brow Tool Kit like NONE OTHER!! 100% LM Recommended

Chella “BROW BEAUTY TOOLS” a Brow Tool Kit like NONE OTHER!!

Okay … because first off, on a completely irrelevant note… who doesn’t like to be greeted by the slogan: “hello beautiful”?!

Take Care of Your Brows Ladies…

So I was JUST thinking the other day how important it is to maintain your eyebrows & I was going to just mention it in one of the tutorials… BUT instead I’m going to you what I have grown to love and solely rely on for all my brow needs!!

Eyebrows are the frames to the beautiful pictures that are your eyes! A messy frame distracts from an otherwise beautiful picture…

Chella “Brow  Beauty Tools” is a brow tool kit that comes with the 3 items you see below:

Tweezers: but not just any tweezers…. I have about 4 sets of tweezers [the standard silver ones], and I always rotate between them because some have thicker ends [to get multipul hairs], others slimmer [to get specific hairs], and then some with “easy grips” because they’ll just slid right out of my fingers…  Four sets of tweezers is ridiculous– and that is why I was able to toss them all OUT when I started using my Chella tweezers!!

These tweezers have an angled tip [so you can flip it around to get either a patch of hairs or specific hairs] as well as the the oval hole, which is at a perfect gripping location.  The orange plastic (?… not sure what it is made of) is a softer material which your skin kind of adheres to- not in a sticky way, but just a non-slip type of material!

Razor w/ Brush & Comb: Okay, this MIRACLE WORKER is in total disguise….  I have always been one to question WHY it is that I need a particular product- for example, for a long time I didn’t see the point in investing in a Kabuki brush [for my Studio Fix coverup powder] when the Studio Fix came with a sponge!!  But as soon as I found out WHY that brush was so wonderful- it is now a staple of mine!!  This little tool here is the same deal!!

When I first saw it in the package I thought… well, yeah it’s got a brush & comb, which is cool, but really I already have a brush/comb tool in my makeup brush set.  So I kind of just cast it aside for a while…  But then one day when I was shaping my brows, I grabbed the tool and dropped it on the floor on accident.  I reached down to get it and found that the brush/comb plastic top had popped off and THERE WAS A RAZOR UNDERNEATH!!  Oh my gosh- I was so excited!! It was like an old toy was given a new life!!  It is perfect for creating straight lines- like towards the front of your brow, if you just want to create a curved edge [and not pluck individuals- which can sometimes be tricky because you can pluck too much] then this razor tool will be your savior!!

I absolutely LOVE this tool!!!

Scissors:  The scissors are more of an occasional use tool- but might handy when needed!!  They were created for the purpose of cutting longer hairs; a lot of the time when you are plucking a patch of hairs- some can pull up the roots [the ideal] and then others can break off right at the skin creating uneven hair growth.  So these scissors are a wonderful solution to those occasions- and they do crop up more than you’d think.

Impulse Item:  The “Beautiful Brow Stencil” kit looks AWESOME!! This product I do not personally own- so I cannot give testimony as to how it work or how effective it is.  However, it looks like an awesome product because I hear all the time from friends, clients, and subscribers that when they do take the time to do their eyebrows themselves, that things can get a little… out of hand… to say the least.

So, again, I do not own this product but hopefully I can purchase it to try it out and let you all know if it is worth you hard earned quid!!

Et c’est fin!!

London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special: And on the 2nd Day of Christmas- CHRISTMAS POPPERS [a POP of colour] Inspired Makeup Tutorial

London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special: And on the 2nd Day of Christmas- CHRISTMAS POPPERS [a POP of colour] Inspired Makeup Tutorial

London Moore’s 12 Days of Christmas Special:

…And on the 2nd Day of Christmas…

A special Christmas POPPER or otherwise known as CRACKER!!  I miss England… Not only because it FEELS like Christmas over there WAY more than it ever does in California- but also because they celebrate with crackers!!  Crackers are what is pictured below- you pull either side of the cracker & it makes a popping sound while splitting in 2 leaving the contents inside to fall out.  You get whatever little toys are inside.  It’s such a brilliant Christmas tradition!!

The Inspiration:

The Look:





On The 2nd Day of Christmas Tutorial:

Today’s look does not need a tutorial- it is more of a helpful tip or advice!  The holiday season can be so hectic and with all the errands that need to be done, presents that need to be wrapped, and holiday parties to attend- it can be really easy to cram too much into one day & not have enough time for ANYTHING much less the time for getting ready and putting makeup on…  So here is a HOLIDAY HELPING TIP: Makeup is not always about a FULL look.  You eyes don’t have to be completely done up, or have lipliner AND lipstick.  The next time you are in a rush but still want to look nice- try a POP OF COLOUR!!  Do your foundation or powder, eyeliner & mascara, a touch of blush, a dash of lipgloss, and then whatever colour looks good with your outfit [and is BOLD] pop it on UNDER your waterline!!

Et c’est fin!!

Products Used By London:

Magenta: NYX Trio Eyeshadow Palette PURPLES

Emerald: MAC’s Eyeshadow “STEAMY”

Gold: MAC’s Eyeshadow “GOLDENROD”

Brown: MAC’s Eyeshadow “EMBARK”